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this latest posting by electronic intifadeh

highlights a common tactic to smear and accuse Israel of depriving Palestinian children of a future. a clever ploy to reach into the hearts and minds of the liberal classes brainwashed in thinking there’s no future for Gazan’s children unless the nasty Israelis pack their bags and leave their country.

apparently the US has decided to flow of funding to the UNRWA., um damn right i say. time after time we hear of intimidation by Hamas jihadist types  promote “western values”. but here the hypecrotyical palestinians are crying because, guess what, countires like the US want some kind of vindication and payback for giving aid to UNRWA. The irony is palpable.

this whole idea of spoiling tactics by the US and Israel depriving Gazan children of fun strikes a cord like I said at the beginning, with Western Liberal types. The photo of children on a infltable toy and the fact previous shows of fun have obviously happened before and very recent proves Gazan is not as wartorn as the Guardian would portray. again we have a massive blindspot in the eyes of journalists and decent sane people.



The best form of flattery is imitation they say. The anti-West, Jew-obsessed, Israel hating, freedom abusing agenda is never more advertised better than this guys assertion ” Israel is more dangerous than Iran.”

He sets up the argument by saying:

On my behalf and the behalf of some friends, I say that all of Israel is an illegal settlement on Palestinian land. Israel will never be deemed legitimate by any authority in the world. To be sure, the only side that can grant it this legitimacy is the Palestinians, only after their independent state is established alongside Israel

then lovingly uses the recent attack on danish activist as final proof of israels nazism.

Haaretz itself said that Lt. Col Shalom Eisner, who assaulted a Danish peace activist named Andreas Las when he hit him with his rifle butt in the face, represents the image of the Israeli society of today. Despite this, there are those amongst us who do not want to see this image.

He concludes in all too convenient style having a massive blindspot for Iranian breaches of human rights, hangings, stonings, forced confessions, antisemitic propoganda, god well do we begin.

I do not exonerate the Iranian regime at all from the occupation of three islands that belong to the UAE, and I support the liberation of these islands by all possible means – bar military ones so that Muslims do not fight among themselves. I also accuse the regime in Tehran of promoting Persian nationalism, even when it was us who had guided them to Islam.

But Iran is nothing compared to Israel and its crimes. Recently, Israel’s fascist government banned an Israeli book, even though it was approved for the school curriculum by the Ministry of Education, because it recounts how the Palestinians were displaced from their lands in 1948, and how lands were confiscated to build settlements in the seventies. Today, the criminal government of Israel is preventing the Palestinians from accessing their farm lands in the West Bank, according to Human Rights Watch. Settlement is expanding every day, homes are being seized in Jerusalem, and all is left for us is to one day hear that Al-Aqsa has fallen in their hands, while we are obsessing with a nonexistent threat from Iran, and perhaps tomorrow from Bhutan.

utter  crap one-dimensional article. he’s one stupid c*nt and simply doesn’t deserve a voice.

So the great march to Jerusalem turned into a great standstill. the likes of Ben White who write vigoriously for the Guardians and other fashionista publications spoke about the beginning of waves of Palestinian non-violent protest entering the public lexicon making it impossible for Israel to maintain its status quo. Well we know that’s all hype and bullshit and guess what, the lack of Arabs participating is evident of the real big secret of the Middle East. When push comes to shove, the Arabs care more about getting rid of their own corrupt leaders than being told to march to bloody al quds and beyond. And what about those hundreds of thousands of international activists where were they? well unless the hard-core one’s based in Ramallah or Gaza were readily available, the amazing Israeli security dealt them exactly what any sane / sensible nation should do quickly dispatch them from the airport. (no this is isn’t  about infringing human rights dear reader its bloody sanity)plus just how many of them in first place willing to go..? also how ironic those thickskulls Neteuri Karta Rabbis were attacked by rabid Arabs on the borders in Jordan, just goes to show no-matter how much anti-zionist jews want to join the party, Arab resentment and anti-Semitism will always prevail. sweet justice for those prats.`

The announcement of something special in next few days is more triumphalism and smoke / mirrors tactics from Ahmadinejad.

Whatever he says wont be verified until Western intelligence confirms in one form or another. The interesting thing is the reaction on Press TV. Read the comments, whether these people are paid to comment positively like Putin’s Russia, I believe in this case we can safely say if it’s people think they’re working on the bomb , then they probably are.

Far better would be spelling out the Iranian people’s economic and social achievements???
(I’ve cut and pasted here)
Ali B
Feb 11, 2012 8:50 PM
IT’S NOT A NUCLEAR BOMB. IT’S ANOTHER STEP TOWARDS NUCLEAR SELF SUFFICIENCY,I believe the Grand Ayatollah when he says it’s an indiscriminate weapon and totally HARAM to use against anyone. Sometimes, the standards are so low that it really takes a few to stand up and say, “That is wrong.”
Feb 11, 2012 8:3 PM
I really hope that Iran has developed the nuclear bomb, just like Pakistan did. This will maybe create peace in the world since the most evil state in the world: Israel will be neutralized.
Iranianin reply to billal
2/11/2012 8:48:16 PM
But the fact is Iran NEVER builds Nukes. Iran’s view is: having (let alone Using) such weapons which kills lots of innocent people is Haram(Forbidden) and NO COUNTRY have the right to have them. And be Sure Israel will be annihilated soon. And be Sure Iran is always the winner without having Nukes. Iran deosn’t need them…
Feb 11, 2012 6:30 PM
We love you Iran.I am an American and also a Veteran from the Army and I can say there are many of us here that want Iran to achieve greatness.We love you Iran…..keep on doing the great work in peace that you do.
Mattin reply to mike
2/11/2012 9:41:50 PM
“at least we shove impressions of our culture to every corner of the earth.”This is a good thing? Lets shove our culture and the way we think the world should be ruled down everybody’s throat. If America didn’t put it’s nose in every countries business on this planet maybe they wouldn’t be hated as much.
Iranian: To Johnin reply to mike
2/11/2012 8:52:14 PM
Iranians (and the whole world) HATE the US GOVERNMENT, NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Any wise person (even in America) hates the US Government’s wrong policies and agrees with Iran….
Johnin reply to mike
2/11/2012 8:44:44 PM
What kind of American are you? You love Iran? What do you know about Iran? People everywhere hate America but at least we shove impressions of our culture to every corner of the earth. This is… You’re no American and no vet of the Armed Forces is going to just plainly say they want Iran to succeed. Oil prices will rocket and our already frail economy will surely crash.
Feb 11, 2012 5:42 PM
I hope this “major nuclear accomplishments” is a couple hundred supper advance nuclear war heads with 5,000 or more Miles of outreach range.
Feb 11, 2012 5:17 PM
I was there, in Azadi Square. President’s speech was excellent and very impressive, people participation in the ceremony also was excellent & I cannot describe it, I just want to say Long Live Iran.
Feb 11, 2012 5:7 PM
A great day for the President and the people to celebrate the Islamic Revolution ……William Hague , President Obama and Hillary Clinton Iran is like a nation of steel they will never give in to your demands ever! Get used to it Paul wolfowitz your pathetic goverment is sunk , dead and buried , the whole world knows about your plan for a new American century , the people united can never be defeated , shout it long and loud ….God bless Iran
Feb 11, 2012 4:37 PM
Iran needs to be able to defend its people, heritage, and resources from continuous threats. It is time Iran focused on the next defense tools such as EM, high altitude and software based technologies that can demobilize its enemies’ economic system instantaneously with no loss of lives.
Feb 11, 2012 3:44 PM
Allah akkabar masha-allah Iam so proud I cry of strong oure beloved iran allah is with you the world is withe you.And don’t stop withe one or two make 20.000 and we will experience freedom like them ho don’t whant uss free.
Feb 11, 2012 2:30 PM
Congratulation..Our hearts beat for your, because you are the only hope of oppressed in the world,Allah is with you.Go ahead. our best wishes are for you.
An Iranian citizen
Feb 11, 2012 2:15 PM
Test our first nuclear or H-bomb then bullies and those stupids who say “Nuke Iran” will close their mouth and crawl back under their rocks , after all of these threats , assassinations and sanctions we need a nuclear-armed government that can protect Iran’s borders
From Pakistan
Feb 11, 2012 2:12 PM
MashaAllah ! Iran is beacon of light for all struggling nations and people.
Howin reply to From Pakistan
2/11/2012 3:49:02 PM
how did you figure that out?
Feb 11, 2012 2:5 PM
Viva Iran – Go! Go! Go!
Salaam – Iran!
Feb 11, 2012 2:1 PM
“He has the courage to stand up to America and Israel. What other leader in the world is doing that?”
EndofTheWestin reply to Salaam – Iran!
2/11/2012 2:39:10 PM
I agree with you. The other leader that is doing that is Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. The Zionist of Israel, Europe and America worst fear is Farrakhan. President Ahmadinejad and Minister Farrakhan are two great minds that Satan(Israel and America) can’t defeat.
Islam forEver
Feb 11, 2012 1:57 PM
May Allah s.w.t. bless and protect the Iranian President… I wish we had such a President instead of these Luciferian/ Zionist/ corrupt/ and coward “kings” and ‘khalifah’s”
Abadani from England
Feb 11, 2012 1:56 PM
Mr. President, first of ALL allow me on behalf of ALL Iranian patriates here to CONGRADULATE Iran and Iranians for 33rd Aniversary of our REVOLUTION and second PLEASE do not let our ENEMIES know what we are capable of in any field of technology.
mein reply to Abadani from England
2/11/2012 7:07:16 PM
There is nothing to be worried about since Iran will never reveal all its cards to the enemy. Actually, it is Iran’s smart move with its psychological warfare campaign with no other than just to keep those warmongering states of Zionist/US right at bay. As we all with the knowledge of Iran is a peace and quiet loving nation.
arc2000in reply to Abadani from England
2/11/2012 6:51:12 PM
Massive second strike capability is the only answer to the impending threats faced by Iran. Conventional superiority of Iran will never deter Israel and its slaves in North America and Europe attacking Iran.

Iran wants to ban Samsung.  Iranians like Muslims haven’t progressed to satirical humor, pretty much sums it all up really.

This will be the new template for future Israeli/Jewish news services. I m not going to evoke usual cliche comparisons with Al Jazeera as AJ is extension of Qatars over-priced ego and its sister Arabic station still produces borderline anti-semitic stories. JN1 is welcomed and hopefully Jewish professionals within the media and investors can now imagine in realtime what happens when proper funding is funnelled into something truly global..

This excellent summary of all the shit my borough is going throughout lst few years post Galloway’s evil tenure. Though a tad too left its quite biting about honor politics playing out in the labours own back yard and my home, the eastend of london. for constant scrutiny about Eastend politics go to Ted Jeory’s blog :

Honour and shame in Tower Hamlets

by Dan McCurry

We used to be proud of spreading our ideas around the world. Now we are confused about how we explain our identity to the people who have settled here.

The problem is that we need to understand their culture and identity, before we can explain to them our own. With 3,000 honour crime complaints to the police last year, maybe this is the issue that we’re failing to comprehend.

It would help to understand what happened in Tower Hamlets last year, when the Labour party collapsed in on itself over the selection of Lutfur Rahman as candidate for mayor.

It started out as a conversation about secularism. But we didn’t know it was about secularism, because in school we learn everything there is to know about Martin Luther King, but nothing about Martin Luther. We know about the rights of minorities, but not about the separation of church and state.

This was in the days when Muslims were considered to be either moderates or extremists, with nothing in between. This perception was encouraged by the fact that the extremists got more airtime, but also due to the taboos about race and religion that suppressed debate about community, but allowed debate about terror.

The row was mostly, but not exclusively, between Cllr Helal Abbas and Cllr Lutfur Rahman. Abbas was not devoutly religious, but Lutfur apparently was, and this is where Lutfur’s increasing clout in the community came from. Including all places of prayer, there are about 40 mosques in Tower Hamlets and most of them see Lutfur as their man.

When Lutfur was first elected as a councillor, he was the apprentice of Abbas. Abbas didn’t complain that Lutfur brought the mosques’ vote with him, but when Lutfur struck out on his own, Abbas was furious. He denounced Lutfur’s religious connections, speaking of the global reaching tentacles of the Islamic forum for Europe, an organisation based at the east London mosque, and supportive of Lutfur.

In east London, all politicians of all parties, seek to tap into faith organisations. When the doors of one are shut, they go knocking on another. Those who condemn these organisations tend to be the ones who have run out of doors to knock on.

The scrutiny of Lutfur’s connections to the east London mosque began when a journalist called Ted Jeory arrived at the local paper. For years councillors had complained that they could never get anyone from the East London Advertiser to cover town hall meetings. Now they were complaining about this guy who kept turning up.

Rather like the way that Arab dictators began by condemning Al-Jazeera, Tower Hamlets councillors quickly switched from condemning, to briefing, Ted Jeory. According to Ted, the briefings came from anyone who was ambitious, and included every candidate who would later stand in the mayoral selection. Others, such as the MP, Jim Fitzpatrick, were fearful that Lutfur could muster enough Labour votes to replace an incumbent.

The fact is that Lutfur was on good terms with religious people across a spectrum of opinion, but he wasn’t a conduit for evil. He just didn’t realise that Labour people consider Islam to be authoritive, and not sharing the same values as us. In the fine line that a Muslim politician must walk, in a British political career, Lutfur was too far on the Bangladeshi side. However, this needs to be put into perspective. It’s not as if he was hanging out with suicide bombers.

The rumours about extremist connections continued and reached a high point when Ted’s reports were picked up by Andrew Gilligan and broadcast in a C4 Dispatches film, where Jim Fitzpatrick took the controversy to a new height by alleging a plot to infiltrate the Labour party with Muslim extremists, “rather like militant infiltrated Labour in the 70s and 80s”.

It sounds like a ridiculous now, but at the time the country was paranoid following the 7/7 bombings and ready to believe anything. Meanwhile, Labour head office was becoming increasingly nervous about what was happening in Tower Hamlets. The persistency of the rumours began to turn even rational minds.

In May 2010, Tower Hamlets had a referendum for a directly elected mayor, resulting in a mandatory six month time-frame for an election. Seeing an opportunity to bypass his isolation within the party, Lutfur ran in the open Labour party selection for mayoral candidate, and easily won, but a report attacking Lutfur, from Abbas, and also one from Cllr Bill Turner, was presented to the NEC and, without committee members having time to read them, a vote was taken to rule Lutfur out as candidate.

Although John Biggs came second in the selection vote, the NEC gave the slot to third place Abbas. They may have feared that they would have been labelled as racist, if they gave the candidacy to a white man.

In response, Lutfur tore up his Labour membership card and announced his intention to run as an independent against Abbas. The two old friends were now sworn enemies and it would be for the electorate to decide who would win. Lutfur did.

In Bangladeshi village society there is little in the way of transparent rule of law. The community is governed by honour and shame. As a system, it seems to work in Bangladesh, but when transferred to the UK, we see both the good and the bad.

We see a low crime rate, juxtaposed against a high perversion of the course of justice, as victims are pressured to drop charges. We see strong family life, juxtaposed with school girls disappearing from the roster, without notice or explanation. We see a moralistic society, where alcohol is shunned. Yet when youths gather in groups on street corners to drink alcohol, as an act of rebellion, they will eventually face severe and violent retribution, from the “community”.

The lack of transparency undermines the justice done by creating other injustices. This is brutally demonstrated when false rumours are spread against individuals who have displeased someone in the community. I first saw this phenomenon when Oona King backed the Iraq war and the community turned on her with the most astonishing slander. She was alleged to be a Mossad spy, who wanted to criminalise the veil and remove halal food from school menus.

The fact that such rumours are unbelievable is beside the point. This kind of attack is a referendum against an individual. If the rumours catch on, then the community consensus has turned against that person. If the rumours fail, then the individual has the respect of the community. However, the attack on Oona was less to do with Iraq and more to do with a consensus in the community that it was time for a Bangladeshi to be MP, and that the MP should be a man.

The allegations against Lutfur are different to the rumours about Oona, in that the target audience was the white community. The Labour party had unwittingly become a part of the system of honour and shame, and had no understanding of the issue to help them cope. The result was division and misery.

Today, Tower Hamlets politics is deeply divided. Every time the two sides of the council meet to agree on working together, the agreement is then sabotaged by Labour people who want to see Lutfur kept permanently out of the party. The bitterness amongst Lutfur’s people is plain and highly visible. They now attack the Labour councillors in return.

So deep are these divisions that Lutfur refuses to sit on the committee that will hire the new chief executive for the local authority. The Labour group has a majority on this committee, but no chief executive is going to take the job without the cooperation of the mayor. Catch 22.

Meanwhile, in the party, with Lutfur gone, there is a lack of good Bangladeshi activists who can make future councillors. It is unrealistic that any of the current Labour councillors would win against Lutfur at a future mayor election. The Bangladeshis see him as a victim, while the white people continue to see him as the Labour bloke.

The situation is bogged down and tragic. If Lutfur was to reapply to join the Labour party, it is likely that he would be readmitted, but he point blank refused to. As far as he’s concerned, he is a victim in all of this. Meanwhile, Ed Miliband has washed his hands of the situation with no explanation as to why.

Shakespeare described the battle scene in Macbeth: “As two spent swimmers that do cling together and choke their art.”

The image of both sides drowning is apt.

According to Radio Free Europe;

The value of Iran’s currency, the rial, has dropped again against the U.S. dollar. One U.S. dollar was being traded on the open market at up to 17,000 rials, according to reports by official Iranian news agencies.

Last week, the rial fell to its lowest value against the dollar in the past two decades, with a dollar being sold by money traders for 18,000 rials. (The official rate fluctuates around 11,000-12,000.)

And as for the nuclear issue

The United Nations nuclear watchdog has confirmed that Iran has started enriching uranium at an underground site and said all atomic material there was under its surveillance.
Diplomats in Vienna, home of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), earlier said Iran had begun refining
uranium to a fissile purity of 20 percent at Fordow near the Shi’ite Muslim holy city of Qom.   In Washington, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland called Iran’s uranium enrichment work at the new site a “further escalation” in the nuclear showdown with the international community.

Lastly Internet crackdown : Please google transalte it .I have done it for u but came out like this when published…

It seems like finally the world’s compass is pointing towards Iran….

Ultimatum to the police Kafyntdaran
پليس فتا: Police feta:
20 دستورالعمل براي كافينتها اعلام شد 20 instructions were for cafes
كافينتها اطلاعات هويتي كاربران را ثبت كنند Internet cafes are required to record information about the user identity

سرويس: اجتماعي – حوادث Service: Community – Events
1390/10/13 10/13/1390
01-03-2012 01-03-2012
11:40:46 11:40:46
9010-08007 : كد خبر 9010-08007: News

Photo: Archive خبرگزاري دانشجويان ايران – تهران Iranian Students News Agency – Tehran
سرويس: اجتماعي – حوادث Service: Community – Events

معاونت اجتماعي پليس فتاي ناجا در اطلاعيهاي 20 دستورالعمل درمورد افزايش ضريب امنيت اطلاعات كاربران صادر و اعلام كرد كه مديران دفاتر خدمات اينترنت (کافينتها) موظفند حداکثر ظرف مدت 15 روز از تاريخ ابلاغ اين اطلاعيه نسبت به اجراي مفاد اعلام شده، اقدام كنند وگرنه اقدامات لازم انتظامي و معرفي متخلفان به مراجعقضايي صورت خواهد گرفت. Deputy Police Ftay social security coefficient of NAJA Members in the notice issued 20 guidelines on directors’ offices and announced that Internet services (cafes), obliged within 15 days of notification to the provisions stated in this notice, take action if necessary Violators will be referred to the Police Mrajqzayy.

به گزارش سرويس «حوادث» خبرگزاري دانشجويان ايران (ايسنا)، معاونت اجتماعي و الكترونيك پليس فضاي توليد و تبادل اطلاعات ناجا (فتا) در اطلاعيهاي اعلام كرد كه با توجه به نگرانيهاي پيشآمده براي شهروندان ناشي از سرقت اطلاعات و حسابهاي شخصي و ديگر اطلاعات آنان و عدم ساماندهي دفاتر خدمات اينترنتي، پليس فضاي توليد تبادل اطلاعات ناجا با هدف تامين امنيت کاربران و استفادهکنندگان از سرويسهاي دفاتر خدمات اينترنت (کافي نتها) و به منظور شفافسازي عملکرد، ساماندهيدفاتر، کاهش مخاطرات و آسيبها و حمايت از فعاليت قانوني مديران و صاحبان کسب و کار اين دفاتر، نکات ذيل را براي آگاهي و اجراي سريع از سوي مديران دفاتر، اعلام ميكند. The service “incidents” Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), the police department and social space of production and exchange e-Naja (feta), the notice stated that the concerns of citizens Pyshamdh to steal personal account information and other information and their and lack of organization offices, Internet services, police, the security environment of information exchange NAJA Members and users of Internet services offices (short notes) and the transparency of performance, Samandhydfatr, reduce risks and damages, and legal support of business managers and owners and work of this office, for the following knowledge and rapid implementation of the management offices, announces.

براساس اين دستورالعمل مديران دفاتر خدمات اينترنت (کافينتها) موظفند حداکثر ظرف مدت 15 روز از تاريخ ابلاغ اين اطلاعيه نسبت به اجراي مفاد اعلام شده، اقدام كنند. The Internet Service managers instructions (cafes), obliged within 15 days of notification to the provisions stated in this notice, take action. در غير اين صورت پس از طي مدت قانوني اعلام شده، کارشناسان پليس فتا نسبت به بازرسي تمامي دفاتر خدمات اينترنت در سرتاسر کشور اقدام کرده و در صورت مشاهدهي هرگونه تخلف و عدم اجراي مفاد اين اطلاعيه، طبق تبصرههاي 1 تا 3 ماده 7 آييننامه دفاتر خدمات اينترنت (کافينت) و نيز ساير قوانين و دستورالعملهاي مرتبط در صورت مشاهده هرگونه تخلف ديگر، اقدامات لازم انتظامي و معرفي متخلفان به مراجعقضايي را صورت خواهد داد. Otherwise, after the legal period stated, feta police experts to inspect all Internet service offices throughout the country and if any violation of the provisions of this notice, in accordance with Article 7 of the law offices Tbsrhhay 1 to 3 Internet (Internet cafes) and other relevant laws and guidelines as any other offense, and disciplinary measures will be introduced for offenders to Mrajqzayy.

براساس اين دستورالعمل تنها دفاتري به عنوان دفاتر خدمات اينترنت شناخته ميشوند که داراي مجوزهاي لازم و تاييديههاي قانوني از مراکز ذيربط باشند. The instructions only offices are known as Internet service offices with necessary permits and legal Tayydyhhay centers are concerned.

به گزارش ايسنا، کليه مراکز و صنوفي که مجوز ارائه خدمات دسترسي ندارند (مثل دفاترفني، بازيسراها و ….)، مجاز به ارائه خدمات اينترنت نيستند و در صورت مشاهده اين گونه از مراکز و اصناف که به صورت غيرمجاز نسبت به ارائه خدمات دسترسي اقدام ميكنند، برخورد انتظامي و قضايي با آنان صورت خواهد گرفت. According to ISNA, in all malls and classrooms that do not have permission to access services (such Dfatrfny, Bazysraha and ….), not authorized to provide Internet services and if such centers and that the illicit trade in services to take action, the police and justice will be done with them.

دفاتر خدمات اينترنت موظفند نکات ذيل را منطبق با آييننامه دفاتر خدمات اينترنت (کافينت)، ابلاغيهها و بخشنامههاي اتحاديه صنف رايانه، داده ورزي و ماشينهاي اداري را رعايت كنند: Internet services are required to comply with law offices in the following offices of Internet services (cafes), Communications and Computer classes Bkhshnamhhay Union, the tillage and office machines that comply with:

1- دفاتر خدمات اينترنت (کافينت) موظفند مدرک مجوز خود را در محل مناسب و در معرض ديد مشتريان قرار دهند و همچنين محل اين دفاتر در معرض ديد و نظارت عمومي بوده و کليه ضوابط اماکن عمومي را رعايت كنند. 1 – Internet Service (cafes), obliged to permit a degree in the appropriate place and in view of their customers and also to see the location of these offices and the general supervision of all public places to observe the criteria.

تامين پهناي باند از ارائهدهندگان غيرمجاز از طريق ماهواره ممنوع است Provision of broadband satellite providers are prohibited from unauthorized

ارائه هرگونه خدمات غيرحضوري از طريق کافينتها ممنوع است Distance from cafes provide services prohibited

2- دفاتر خدمات اينترنت (کافينت) موظفند پهناي باند مورد نياز خود را الزاماً از طريق شرکتهاي داراي پروانه ارائهکنندگان خدمات اينترنتي (ISP) تامين كنند. 2 – Internet Service (cafes), obliged the required bandwidth needed by companies licensed Internet service providers (ISP) can provide. بنابراين تامين پهناي باند از ارائه دهندگان غير مجاز از طريق ماهواره مطابق قانون ممنوعيت استفاده از تجهيزات دريافت از ماهواره، اکيدا ممنوع است. The bandwidth provided by satellite providers other than authorized by law to ban the use of satellite receiving equipment, is strictly prohibited.

3- مديران دفاتر و دارندگان مجوز فعاليت اينگونه از دفاتر ملزم به رعايت مفاد شرايط عمومي، موضوع مادهي سه آييننامه دفاتر خدمات اينترنت هستند. 3 – The managers of these offices and licensees required to comply with the provisions of the general condition of the offices, law offices, Internet services are subject Tuesday.

4- مديران دفاتر خدمات اينترنت موظفند مدارک لازم در مورد تامين پهناي باند و رعايت شرايط عمومي را حسب مورد در اختيار بازرسان پليس فتا قرار دهند. 4 – Internet Service managers are required to provide the bandwidth necessary documents in respect of the general case the police inspectors make feta.

5- ارائه هرگونه خدمات غيرحضوري از طريق دفاتر خدمات اينترنت ممنوع است. 5 – Provide any distance services through the Internet Services is prohibited.

6- ارائهي هرگونه خدمات، غير از ارائه خدمات اينترنت به صورت حضوري، (مثل فروش نرمافزار، تايپ و پرينت، راهاندازي سيستمهاي بازي رايانهاي و …) ممنوع است. 6 – provide services to a person other than the Internet service provider (such as selling software, typing and printing, launch systems, computer games, etc.) is prohibited.

7- صاحبان مجوز دفاتر خدمات اينترنت موظفند براي تصدي مسئوليت اجرايي از افرادي استفاده كنند که حائز شرايط متعهد و مجرب، حسن شهرت و عدمدارا بودن سوء سابقه کيفري و قضايي و متاهل با حداقل 25 سال سن باشند. 7 – owners of required permits Internet Service office responsible for implementation of those eligible to use the dedicated and experienced, and the reputation of being abused Dmdara and judicial criminal record and are married with at least 25 years of age.

كافينتها اطلاعات هويتي كاربران را ثبت كنند Internet cafes are required to record information about the user identity

نصب فيلترشكن وVPN بر روي سيستمهاي رايانهاي دفاتر خدمات اينترنت ممنوع است Unblock VPN installed on computer systems and Internet Services is prohibited

8- دفاتر خدمات اينترنت موظفند که اطلاعات هويتي کاربران را با دريافت مدارک شناسايي معتبر (ترجيحا” کارت ملي) ثبت كنند و از ارائه خدمات به مراجعهکنندگاني که مدارک شناسايي ارائه نميکنند خودداري كنند. 8 – Internet Service required that the user identity with valid identification documents (preferably “national card) and their records do not provide services to avoid detection Mrajhknndgany documents.

9- اطلاعات هويتي که بايد مورد ثبت دقيق قرار گيرند عبارتند از: نام و نام خانوادگي، نام پدر، کد ملي، کدپستي و شماره تلفن تماس است. 9 – Information about identity that must be accurately recorded include: name and surname, father’s name, national code, Zipcode and telephone contact.

10- دفاتر خدمات اينترنت موظفند علاوه بر اطلاعات هويتي کاربران، ساير اطلاعات کاربري شامل روز و ساعت استفاده، IP اختصاص يافته و فايللاگ، وبسايتها و صفحات رويت شده را ثبت و حداقل تا شش ماه نگهداري كنند. 10 – In addition to their Internet Service user identity information, user information including days and hours, IP and dedicated Fayllag, websites and pages that’s been recorded and kept for at least six months.

11- صورت حساب چاپي زمان و هزينه استفاده بايد به کاربران تحويل داده شود. 11 – The printed bills and costs must be delivered to users.

12- استفاده و در اختيار گذاشتن هر گونه ابزار دسترسي به سايتهاي فيلترشده، مثل انواع فيلترشکنهاي قابل نصب بر روي رايانه يا معرفي سايتهاي فيلترشکن و خدماتگيرندگان يا استفاده از هرگونهVPN بر روي سيستمهاي رايانهاي دفاتر خدمات اينترنت ممنوع است. 12 – The use and share any device to access filtered sites, such types can be installed on the computer or introduced Fyltrshknhay Unblock sites and use of any VPN Khdmatgyrndgan or on office computer systems, Internet Services is prohibited.

13- مديران دفاتر خدمات دسترسي موظفند شرايطي را فراهم كنند که اطلاعات کاربر قبلي (شامل سايتها ، صفحات ديده شده، فعاليتها،ID ها، آدرسهاي ايميل و ……) به محض قطع استفاده کاربر، از بين رفته و براي کاربران بعدي که از آن رايانه استفاده ميکنند، قابل بازيابي نباشد. 13 – Management Services provided the conditions required to access the previous user data (including sites, pages visited, activities, ID, and email addresses and user ……) upon discontinuation, and for missing members The next use of the computer, can not be retrieved.

14- رايانههاي استفاده شده در مراکز خدمات اينترنت (کافينت) بايد الزاما در حالت کاربر محدود ( LIMITE I USER) در اختيار کاربران قرار گرافته و درگاههاي ورودي سيستم رايانهاي شامل درگاههاي USB، کارت خوانها و ساير درگاههايي که امکان اتصال حافظههاي جانبي به آنها وجود دارد، به صورت نرم افزاري مسدود شود. 14 – used computers at Internet service providers (cafes) should be necessarily limited in user mode (LIMITE I USER) and ports Grafth the users computer system includes input ports USB, memory card readers and other peripherals connected to them that there Drgahhayy Yes, the software is blocked.

15- در صورت نياز کاربر به استفاده يا ارسال فايل رايانهاي بايد انتقال از طريق متصدي اجرايي دفتر خدمات اينترنت و از طريق شبکه داخلي دفتر بر روي سيستم رايانهاي کاربر و پس از اطمينان از سلامت و عدمآلودگي فايل رايانهاي به بدافزارها، تروجانها و ويروسها صورت بگيرد. 15 – If the user needs to use a computer or file transfer through the Executive Office of operator services through the Internet and internal networks on the office computer system user and the computer to ensure the health and malware Dmalvdgy file, if Trojans, and viruses, take .

نصب دوربين مدار بسته الزامي شد CCTV cameras should be installed

16- مديران دفاتر خدمات اينترنت موظفند هر روز در پايان ساعت کاري کافينت نسبت به وارسي سيستمهاي رايانههاي براي عدم نصب نرم افزارهاي KEY LOGGER، آلودگي به ويروسها و بدافزارها و امحاء اطلاعات باقي مانده کاربران اقدام كنند. 16 – Management of working hours in offices, Internet cafes are required every day to check computer systems for the software installation KEY LOGGER, viruses and malware infection and elimination of the remaining information to the users.

17- نصب دوربين مدار بسته داخلي با قابليت ضبط تماموقت، نگهداري تصاوير و امکان بازبيني تا 6 ماه الزامي است. 17 – The installation of internal CCTV cameras with recording capability, full-time, to review recorded images and up to 6 months is required.

18- مديران دفاتر خدمات اينترنت بايد نسبت به برقراري امکان فني ارسال پيام بر روي سيستمهاي رايانهاي دفتر در مورد اعلام زمان استفاده و هشدارهاي کاربري اقدام كنند. 18 – Internet Service managers need to establish the possibility of sending messages on the office computer systems and alerts the user when to take action.

19- مديران دفاتر خدمات اينترنت موظفند به نحو مقتضي نسبت به نصب و نمايش مفاد قانون جرايم رايانهاي و فهرست مصاديق محتواي مجرمانه در ديد کاربران اقدام كنند. 19 – Internet Service managers are required to install and display the appropriate provisions of law and computer crime listed in instances of criminal content to the user’s perspective.

20- مديران و متصديان اجرايي دفاتر موظفند از استفاده بيش از يک نفر از هر دستگاه رايانهاي متصل به اينترنت جزء در مواردي که کاربر ناآشنا قصد استفاده از خدمات عمومي را داشته باشد و از يکي از نزديکان و آشنايان خود براي کمک و تسهيل امور خود استفاده ميكند، جلوگيري كنند. 20- مديران و متصديان اجرايي دفاتر موظفند از استفاده بيش از يک نفر از هر دستگاه رايانهاي متصل به اينترنت جزء در مواردي که کاربر ناآشنا قصد استفاده از خدمات عمومي را داشته باشد و از يکي از نزديکان و آشنايان خود براي کمک و تسهيل امور خود استفاده will prevent.

انتهاي پيام End of massage

كد خبر: 9010-08007 News Code: 9010-08007

Radio Free Europe has produced a superb documentary series about modern Iranian Rock music . In the interview the band “Yellow Dogs” states about cultural confusion and how some of their compartriots play up the political noise of their art to get into festivals and exhibitions. It’s really fascinating stuff. he band now live in Brooklyn…

You could possibly say the same about Israelis filmmakers who are coerced or feel it necessary to make nice liberal and antagonists films about Israel, its government, its people just to be rewarded by European Film funding, regardless if they want to make films about the “situation” or not. Cultural and economic blackmail.. Got to EP.5 for interview and also check the others in the series…

There isn’t room for any doubt about “The Independent’s” obsession with the Palestinian narrative and how driven they are to portray the conflict through their limited lens. The owners son, Evgeny-Lebedev confirms all our fears by choosing his first interview subject with none other than “The Prime Minister of Gaza”. So any thoughts of feeling slightly apprehensive when using his formal diplomatic title despite Hamas’s appalling human rights record, and without seemingly looking as if they’re championing him in the court public opinion are completely out of question. As the Independent is a card carrying member of every aspect Palestinian cause no matter how brutal and morally corrupt he so-called resistance is.

There’s no mention of  Hamas being a theocratic dictatorship who stone women on public beaches and throw political opponents off rooftops regardless being bed-ridden in hospitals. Perhaps its too   much detail for our Evgeny and his excitement in having access to controversial figures wont allow him to cast a critical eye.

Little Evengy  thanks to Daddy has much wealth but no class and imagination and  the interview is full of the party line where in the end you wonder why Hamas weren’t given the noble peace prize years ago.

The fact the owner of The Independent makes his first formal appointment with the “Prime Minister of Gaza” is all you need to know him and the politics of the Independent newspaper. Absolutely  no mention of Hamas racist charter calling for Israels elimination (Which guys is still fucking important to include) Plus the indiscriminate acts of mass killings on women and children inside Israel well  the list goes on and on and on….

So here’s the bullshit interview in full view and photos of the cuddly Haniyeh.

History will not judge the Independent newspaper favorably and when Russian oligarchs tire of losing money and not needing trophy assets such as running a British newspaper, these journalists who act as usefuls will have a lot of time perhaps to regret how allowing murderers and abuses of women, human rights were portrayed so positive and easily so.

Most seasoned observers both left and right recognize Christians have a hard time to express themselves openly within Islamic countries. The quite brilliant Tom Gross gives countless examples on his site. But this fact-on-the-ground doesn’t bold well for Arabist and Palestinian apologists who find any means to curtail and discourage negative reports from Palestinian territories about the growing threats to Palestinian Christians living here. Stuart Littlewood who writes for Redress explained that he was so dissatisfied with the Guardians report on Hamas crackdown on Christmas, he felt it was hurting the Palestinian cause so contacted her directly. Now correct me if I m wrong most if not all Israel activists wouldn’t use that moralizing tone despite angry retorts by Pro-Israel feelings, its if “how dare the Guardian ever suggest the wonderful Palestinians could possibility think of such a thing”.. Guardian article here:

Littlewood says, “Is Hamas being beastly to Gaza’s Christians? Has Phoebe Greenwood got her story straight? I wrote to her at the Guardian, pointing out that revelations of this kind in the popular British press undo the hard work activists put in to help the Palestinian cause. Could she please throw more light onto it? I’ve had no reply. I’m in England and unable to contact Hamas. Phoebe Greenwood is on the spot. Shouldn’t someone from Haniyeh’s office be given a chance to comment?”

Look it’s this sanctimonious moralistic conviction crap of “always being in the right” and bloody ignorant of  facts-on-the-ground which has always fascinated me about the Pro-Palestinian cause. Their agenda is so-fanatically hatred towards Israel that they will change day into night to suit how and how others should see the conflict.

Critically,  this is the main difference between  (supporters of Israel) and  how they  see it.  Within in the Jewish world we have the capacity of debate and self inquiry – sometimes to our detriment.  Again the proof is so overly abundant in our culture its very obvious for every one to see, if not read the bloody JC letter page for the past  ten years and YOU’LL see  for differing opinions (do it I dare ya Stuart!!).  I do think in the end ,  fanatics like Stuart will always lose because the very people they’re trying to win over and hoodwink will eventually bore and suss them out. The fact he says Greenwood didn’t bite to his charges of “unfairness” is indicative of a growing trend i notice since the beeb finally admitted coverage of being too keen of taking the Palestinian view and slap down for well respected Jeremy Bowen – a very unusual admission indeed.  BBC and middle east shtick

For links on Palestinian Christians and yes even-handed accounts look here: Yes there’s even criticism of Israel as it should be when talking about democracies.

But really do you own research as I genuine believe  people should find out the  truth for themselves, something the likes of Stuart Littlewood cannot ever comprehend! Stuart likes to write moralistic  blackmailing letters because like all supporters of Palestinian cause it has become very personal and a sick obsession. He cannot see dark from light and will never allow himself to create a space for criticism despite the overwhelming evidence.

If it wasn’t for the unusual occurrence this wouldn’t be so newsworthy, the fact Al Arabiya English posted this sums up what we didn’t need to hear. coz we know already…

IF indeed true WHY has it taken so long for a person of Arabic heritage to be part of thousands if not tens of thousands of human beings from all around the globe to have completed this challenge. Usually may I say for charity – um be very interesting to see whether this guy has done in the same spirit?

If we really break it down it goes like this; celebrities, disabled people , even bloody animals have all done this but because i suspect doing something of an endurance nature, bettering yourself, showing curiosity for the wonders of the World, is not exactly an Arabic trait. Look, I have spoken to many Arabs over  the years and one of the reoccurring themes they always tell me in no-matter how much money and privilege Arabic wealth has in the world, the fact they choose to spend endless petrol dollars selfishly combined with inability to stop in-fighting between themselves makes them weak. So not exactly surprising is it to us seasoned observers of Arabic culture that  ‘Arab’s have never walked this part of Earth – not really on their radar is it??

So a belated welcome my Semitic brothers to the North Pole and stepping out of your comfort zone , don’t let the fact its taken you this long despite a population  of lets say 500+ million…I just  thank you for being curious about the world.

now stop acting greedy and change the world for good!!!

To understand what Ken Livingstone really thinks about his autobiography tally up keywords like “Jew” , “Zionism” etc

Here’s a tally of selected keywords (mentions in text only, excluding index):

Jew/ Jews/ Jewish 80

Israel/ Israeli 64

Racism/ racist 43

Wadley [Veronica Wadley, former editor of the Evening Standard] 33

Zionist/ Zionists/ Zionism  32

Transport for London/ TfL 30

Nazi/ Nazis/ Nazism 23

NHS/ National Health Service 17

Hitler 16

Lee Jasper 16

Routemaster 16

Sorry 7

Socialist Action 1

Bendy bus 0

if you listen to this clip with the always excellent Nigel Farage of UKIP debating the Burqa with “Lord Haw Haw” himself George Galloway the thought occurred to me… Galloway as ever – like useful idiots such as Lauren Booth – will disingenuously use the freedom argument and say the wearing of the full Burqa is expression of freedom so surely this is what British values is all about. Well no,  its more or less the same as Holocaust deniers claiming the interest in downgrading the horrors of the Holocaust to just a few thousand in the name of freedom of speech and expression.  (note how this site uses free dom of speech)

One of the best arguments against came ironically enough on Russia Today News channel on the hideous Peter Lavelle show Crossfire. Just watch the French woman completely destroy the English woman claiming and moaning about her human rights being eroded by the possibility of a Europe wide  ban.

You got to hand to the Iranians they come up with all sorts of ideas to distinguish the flames from the West. This attempt to again, unify the Muslim world around them by advocating for a single Islamic Press Union is quite unique, but obviously it will fail faster than you can say ‘Arab spring’.. check out the lame photo Fars Agency use. The camera looks to be top-of-the range maybe in the 1960s..

The Beeb ran a story highlighting the increase of private security firms in Lebanon.

The report claims the country’s instability caused since the 2005 assassinations, bombings & mass protests has led to MP’s, Businessman, celebrities paying for their services. Another factor also mentioned is the general perception that Syria have pulled all their troops from the country leaving vulnerable or exposed. This obviously is a lazy conclusion you only have to read Lebanon’s Daily Star to find Syria has not quite left this particular arena, certainly their intelligence arm is still operating at high levels. But  is the BBC somehow suggesting life was perhaps better off with the Syrians there? and now with them go anarchy reins.. oh dear oh dear. Can somebody  re-train these monkeys who report for them ?

I m pretty sure it’s all a fad and fashion necessity for the élite of Beirut. I’ve spent enough time with them over here in London  and Europe to realize the Lebanese are very materialistic in the extreme and hate to miss out on something, but hey how should I know when the Beeb refuses to believe the obvious and paint a picture of calm Lebanon when the Syrians are in control.

If nothing else, at least the Lebanese will have a little hint of what Israelis and Jews have to suffer daily when going about their business., as security is indeed paramount. t

Gilad Atzmon has written a book, I wont bother now to mention it, and if you want to have a quick introduction into the obsessive psychotics who follow the Palestinian cause as a drug and refuse to accept any hint of sanity please look at the first three minutes of this clip to see Gilad trying to defuse negativity about his book from pro-Palestinians.

In the first three minutes we  see an inquisitive Arabic looking woman trying to Fisk Gilad (The term fisking is blogosphere slang describing a point-by-point criticism that highlights perceived errors, or disputes the analysis in a statement, article, or essay.[1]F

She along with others challenges him  for not using the right words when accusing Israel , in this case she believes Gilad somehow excuses them by not calling them  a typical colonizer state – Gilad obviously has other more nasty words for Israel – but regardless of his attempt to reassure her he still has to quieten them down by reaffirming his Palestinian supporting credentials. Watching this extraordinary piece of footage , well,   I didn’t  know whether to laugh or cry but at the same time its very revealing.

Like I ve always said about Islamists and their obsession  over Israel and Jews, whilst they cannot face the awful truth about their own prejudices and hatred,  by spouting out lies and growing in confidence will all  eventually collide and  overlap to confront itself to the very  people supporting them. And I see exactly the same thing going on here… for the biggest supplier of Antisemitism and Holocaust revision this side of the Atlantic to be called a Zionist stooge makes me believe this could be the beginning of the end for the Palestinian movement..?

Okay I admit we tend to be a bit resigned at the thought of anti-zionism  activities in the UK but I for one honestly believe their over confidence will destroy them,  ironically in the same way Atzmon’s loves to purport abut Zionism for the Jews . The ebullience and belligerency in the way pro-Palestinian movements in the UK act without impunity ; to  disrupt Israel Orchestras; to walk free from court  after smashing up Israeli businesses; to carry out racial attacks on campus; to spoil products in Tescos or Waitrose in broad daylight has began to intoxicate them to excess and like I mentioned before, they will simply  implode. Tony Greensteins on-going campaign is tantamount to this.

They have become so confident and s-o open about winning the public relation wars, now they want everything, they want to change even their own unbelievable narratives and more perniciously  completely close down any hint, any small humanizing feel for the Israelis . I m afraid in the area of freedom of speech this comes with a price.

To protest against Gilad Atzmon, the leading exponent of the most dangerous Antisemitism in the UK and Europe (his latest book “The wandering Jew” is described)

Alan Dershowitz argues that the book depicts Jews as being evil and a menace to humanity, since the book states “[T]o be a Jew is a deep commitment that goes far beyond any legal or moral order” (p.20) and this commitment “pulls more and more Jews into an obscure, dangerous and unethical fellowship” (p.21) and that “If Iran and Israel fight a nuclear war that kills tens of millions of people, “some may be bold enough to argue that ‘Hitler might have been right after all'” (p.179). The book also states that “The history of Jewish persecution is a myth, and if there was any persecution the Jews brought it on themselves.” (p.175, 182)[82

This really is ultimateproof  of their growing cultish actions and Mafioso branding tactics which in the end will win them with no friends and fragment the left-pally world …

conspiracy theories often take shape after the event,  one of which has been doing the rounds since Gaddifi’s death is the idea of Wag The Dog. The war was simply manufactured to make it look like a war. For instance, images of rebel gunman shooting into endless vistas are evidence according to a whole string of youtube videos dedicated to show the truth. Here’s one example.

What is it with Cartoons that Arabs and those who wave pointy fingers at Israel cannot take. Its bad enough Israel and Jews have to tolerate a daily diet of insults and abuses, stereotypes, evil Auschwitz comparisons like this:

Or endangering Jewish people’s lives by claiming Jewish control of the US

So when an Israeli newspaper – just every free newspaper is allowed and should do – makes a satirical point using a cartoon this is the inevitable  result..

Fars reports:

The UN’s Paris-based cultural arm called in Israel’s ambassador, Nimrod Barkan, on Wednesday and handed him a protest note saying the cartoon “endangers the lives of unarmed diplomats”.

The note came from the organization’s director-general, Irina Bokova.

The cartoon was published last week in the Zionist daily Haaretz. It depicts Zionist regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his defense minister briefing pilots before a hypothetical attack on Iran, telling them to target UNESCO’s office in the West Bank on their way back. in today’s ha’atez

Ambassador Nimrod Barkan was stunned to be handed a copy of this cartoon and an official letter of protest from UNESCO’s director general, Irina Bokova. Falt told Barkan the cartoon constituted incitement.

“A cartoon like this endangers the lives of unarmed diplomats, and you have an obligation to protect them,” Falt said, according to an Israeli source. “We understand that there is freedom of the press in Israel, but the government must prevent attacks on UNESCO.”

The Ambassador wonderfully replied:

Barkan pointed out that the government has no control over editorial cartoons printed in the papers. “Ask yourselves what you did to make a moderate paper with a deeply internationalist bent publish such a cartoon,” he suggested. “Perhaps the problem is with you.

The problem is with you the UN who put Israel on trial in front of the world daily. Shame. (And Ha’aretz a Zionist paper if only!!)

Iran’s Fars News Agency propagandist machine is running overtime. Its quite fun to see how they respond to the civilized world about their clandestine nuclear A-Bomb plans.. The leader says;

“Iran is not a nation to sit still and just observe threats from fragile materialist powers which are being eaten by worms from inside,” Ayatollah Khamenei told students at a Tehran military college on Thursday

I m sure he’ll be sounding more like him when push comes to shove…

Those of us still horrified by the way Gaddifi  was seemingly sodomized moments before his execution and aghast by the timing and sheer openness of doing it, I found this Howard Stern clip..

It may seem innocuous and off-topic  but watch closely. i DO THINK it has some genuine insight into this particular piece of Arabic tribal custom where one can sodomize the enemy without any hint of homo-eroticism.

In the interview Howard Stern does his best to wind up former wrestler “the iron sheik” by baiting him about hulk hogan which leads the iron sheik into expressing sexually explicit descriptions abut how he will “fuck hulk hogan in the ass” . it all gets very personal and he repeats the fact he’s Shiite Muslim so its not a sexual thing which he reiterate time and again to Robin Givers, Howard Sterns co-host.

Whether you believe I can possibly use this seemingly piece of Schlock TV as somewhat evidence of a cultural norm I will say it again, I believe there’s some small truth displayed here especially about Arabic honor and tribal paybacks exposing something usually hidden from view in the Western world. The fact Gaddifi was so shockingly sodomized in full view of the world before his death is a reminder of the horrific nature of desert justice(regardless of what you may think about Gaddifi) and more to the point, how doing business with the new state of Libya will be very very difficult road if traditions like this are tolerated.

Images of Gaddifi sodomized are here. But very disturbing.

Jewish Activist’s Harrowing Yom Kippur and Escape from Tripoli


Please watch.

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Let’s click  one of their projects: Seems like they are well in with the occupy wall streets.

I m starting to come around to the idea maybe it’s really better to do business with Hamas than the duplicitous Fateh Movement who I believe their time is running out.

Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a senior advisor to PA President Mahmoud Abbas, warned that if Israel does not stop settlement construction and if the Quartet is unable to restart the peace process, the Palestinian Authority will take a decision that “will change the face of the region and the entire Middle East,” Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported, citing an interview with BBC radio.Abu Rudeineh did not expand on what steps the PA would implement but called them “serious and substantial,” according to the report.
Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a senior advisor to PA President Mahmoud Abbas, warned that if Israel does not stop settlement construction and if the Quartet is unable to restart the peace process, the Palestinian Authority will take a decision that “will change the face of the region and the entire Middle East,” Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported, citing an interview with BBC radio.Abu Rudeineh did not expand on what steps the PA would implement but called them “serious and substantial,” according to the report.

For too long they say one thing in Arabic and say another in English and now trying to blackmail Israel into a corner. Time for this old man of hatred to retire anyway. I smelt something fishy happening a few days ago which I posted and today’s threat is a continuation of this. Abbas (Abu Mazen) I think knows Netanyahu’s power and convictions is far too strong for Abbas’s UN posturing and with almost every Arab country repositioning themselves through the sandstorms of the Arab-Spring Abu Mazen has once again failed to deliver to his people and the reality on the ground, regardless of his UN declaration for statehood, is truly awful. Salam Fayyad almost ‘third way’  programme of how to deal with the Israelis pragmatically and from a business has created an economic boom in Ramalla.


In the end money talks and bullshiters like Mazen walk.

Marwan Muasher, former foreign minister and deputy president of Jordan, and  vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace writes in NYT

The West wants to pretend that Islamist parties don’t really exist. This won’t work. Political Islam will not go away because the West ignores it; Islamist parties will, however, become more moderate if they are included in government.

Iran joins a long list of extreme right and left in supporting the occupy movement. Zombie excellent summary as follows..

The 99%: Official list of Occupy Wall Street’s supporters, sponsors and sympathizers

Communist Party USA


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American Nazi Party


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Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran


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The government of North Korea


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Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam


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David Duke


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Joe Biden


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For more on Iran’s  propagandist attempt look here

It’s supposedly a solidarity website by the Basijs volunteer group or Party but seems more the work of the Iranian State funded which obviously it is. Just exactly what the useful idiots on the occupiers movement feel about attracted every far right and far left is anyone’s guess.


Tunisia issues arrest warrant against Yasser Arafat’s widow

What will happen to Zuha Arafat now, the daughter of Yasser? um a reality show perhaps?

Trying to decipher and make sense of this ahem, intellectual and apparent darling of #occupywallstreet Mr Slavoj Zizek  talk is very much  like watching Gaddifi on stage at the Arab League when on one-hand you think, blimey IS HE actually praising the Jews by mentioning how many wars Israel has won and how we as Arabs, never unifying anything like the Jews??

So The same vibe resonates when listening to him he makes startling simplifications ( about 14minutes in) saying how much  he’s frightened for American Jews and world Jewry because their Israeli Jewish tribal leaders have paradoxical made a pact with the devil with the likes of Glen Beck and the Christian Zionists and its bad. As they hold two opposing ideas about the Jewish race,  one is purely anti-Semitic and the other admiration for the power over the Arab-Muslims by the Israelis.Slavoj completes his cycle of simplistic thought by equating  Norway’s recent massacre by  Anders Behring Breivik as an agent of stealth Zionism, and hereby finding new ways to de-legitimize the Israeli State. You can find similar attitudes all over the web:

This sort of equation is the next step to Gilad Atzmon’s usual a-z of Zionist biblical Masscre school for dummies like this clip shows:

Sadly such assertions are a sly way to demonize and create a climate of intolerance towards Israel. For Slavoj its a simple black and white case Israel are the new Nazis committing evils unlike other evils in the world,  stealing the conscience and morality from good Jews around the world.  Slavoj fails to mention any background to Israels plight, no attempt to understand her fears and losses, but rather intellectualize in front of an Al Jazeera English audience everything that is wrong about Israel. I would love to ask  Saljoy if he ever been to Israel, rather than trying to embed himself with Jewish intellectuals in NYC… More on this delusional creep later.

What happens when Palestinian’s politicians give interviews only for Israeli TV, well they tend to speak more succinct and less with the bullshit knowing there’s no place to hide and certainly no softballs questions from eager Western journalists who rejoice in their sufferance. Maan Agency reports:

JERUSALEM (Reuters) — Arabs made a “mistake” by rejecting a 1947 UN proposal that would have created a Palestinian state alongside the nascent Israel, President Mahmoud Abbas said in an interview aired Friday.

Palestinian leaders have always insisted that General Assembly Resolution 181, which paved the way for Israel in parts of then British-ruled Palestine, must be resisted by Arabs who went to war over it.

Decades of regional fighting have hinged on challenges to Israel’s existence and expansion. By describing historical fault on the Arab side, Abbas appeared to be offering Israel an olive branch while promoting his own bid to sidestep stalled peace talks by winning UN recognition for a sovereign Palestine.

“At that time, 1947, there was Resolution 181, the partition plan, Palestine and Israel. Israel existed. Palestine diminished. Why?” he told Israel’s top-rated Channel Two television, speaking in English.

When the interviewer suggested the reason was Jewish leaders’ acceptance of the plan and its rejection by the Arabs, Abbas said: “I know, I know. It was our mistake. It was our mistake. It was an Arab mistake as a whole. But do they punish us for this mistake (for) 64 years?”

This clear cut admission by Abu Mazen is surprising not as historical fact or coming from a Palestinian leader because its the type of things us Israelis & Jewish people around the world hear from Palestinians and Arabs all the time after all shouting is done. They whisper it quietly in our ears, yes we should have taken the UN offer back then..

But Netanyahu’s sleight of hand by negotiating with Hamas for Gilad Shalit, and now noisily promoting the quartet of sorts, has completely nullified Mazen back into his usual position of political paralysis in  front of his own supporters  – who probably now more than ever – liken him to  the Arab strongman era who probably should go now.

In short something interesting is about to happen I reckon not in terms of the middle east agreement but the status of Abu Mazen and the old PLO.

For further proof a society deceiving the world about their inhumane conditions when if fact its far from it, according to YNET, “Gaza stores, markets offer latest trend – plaid shirt Gilad Shalit wore during handover to Israel – for NIS 60″,7340,L-4137569,00.html

This proves two things, firstly if Israel was the most important thing in each of the Gazan population heart and mind, and so oppressed by the Israeli blockade / apartheid policies, then how does the recent shift in the ‘Gilad Shirt’ sales explain this? Surely a shirt so representative of the Israeli soldier would be out of bounds for the Gazans? They even started a facebook group about his shirt.You would not find Jewish victims of Holocaust buying clothes worn or associated with from the Nazi party I think? For a real response to a hated regime and all the symbols which goes with it , is masterly featured in a Tunisian viral where Ben Ali’s photo is draped on the side of a building only to anger the public who act and tear it down, to reveal a message they should vote in order not to allow this to happen again.

This response is indicative of a people really struggling and ‘honestly’ fighting the occupation of hearts and minds. Not like the Gazan’s who when not thinking about the evils of Israel, can think about such things as “oh I would like Gilad’s shirt”

This leaves me to the second most obvious question, the shirt apparent costs $16 YNET:

Merchants in the Strip are now offering “The Shalit shirt” in a wide range of colors, for NIS 60 ($16.5). The demand, it seems, is very high.

מימין: שליט בראיון לטלוויזיה המצרית. משמאל: החולצות למכירה (צילום: EPA)

Right: Shalit interviewed by Egyptian TV. Left: Shirts on sale in Gaza

 Evidence of the new fashion trend can be found on Facebook where at least 10 pages have been created in the last few days devoted to “Gilad Shalit’s shirt.” Thousands of web surfers have become fans.

Unless the whole of Gaza is having a right dose of the Stockholm syndrome , albeit in reverse, political commentators, journalists, activists, should all contemplate this compelling piece of evidence which again shows why we are right in our assertions there’s  no starvation, malnutrition, torturous conditions of Gazan’s and more principally Israel is only really used to further political goals when in fact the day-to-day reality is much different. The plight and the anger of Gaza like the Palestinian cause in general  is just a construct of the West through newspapers to politicians to activists. The sooner we have a grown up discussion that incorporates these realities expressed by people like myself on behalf of the Israel-Jewish narrative the sooner we can come to compromise.

just found this clip.. Its a fascinating Michael Moore to camera schtick appealing to the Syrian government to give up. This was shot back in May. Needless to say he begins by apologizing for the Bush Administration and the West involvement meddling in the Middle East,  when he finally gets down asking Assad to stop the killing, one still has the impression he doesn’t quite go far enough. The fact the man sees himself as someone of importance is grating enough but for him to seriously think his words in appealing for Assad  to go in the same manner as Botha’s South African is again,  – to avoid the cliche –  making more moral equivalence, a symptom of the Left.

Let there be no doubt, Assad is brutally murdering people in full view of the world and the UN, exactly where are the likes of Mssrs Moore and others protesting on the streets and world condemnation. Where is Chomsky?

For those keeping scores Turkey has invaded Northern Iraq and continues to bomb parts of Kurdish controlled areas..and guess what, hardly nothing from the media and certainly no street protests or UN resolutions passed as per-usual.

To get a better overall view on Turkish ambitions there’s a telling interview with Professor İbrahim Kaboğlu, who visited Tunisia three times after the Jasmine Revolution. He describes the scene just before PM Erdogan’s visit to Tunisia …

“..the Turkish demand to send posters of the prime minister ahead of the visit in order for them to be hung on the street – all of this seems to have created resentment. And the fact that it was within the framework of his tour of the Middle East, it led to questions as to whether Ottomanism was being revived and whether Turkey had some imperial inclinations about spreading its influence to the region in an effort to dominate it.”

As the ArabSpring really unravels  and we now focus exclusively on Syria which throws into question Iran and its position as lead sponsor of terror and spoiler of stability, Turkish jockeying to be Arab’s answer to a perfect society will come into the spotlight. The views of the Professor, talking to a Turkish Newspaper, highlighting the growing threat of ‘ottomanism’ is a relief for those of us who feel nervous of  a confident Turkey and its ability to criticized itself. What he has mentioned if you read the piece is the bullish nature of Erdogan administration and the confusion of its ambition to an Arab world still sore from revolutions.

Qaddafi famously spoke about America allowing the people to hang Saddam. Here’s Qaddifi in perhaps his most truthful speech ever made. fascinating theatre all for the wrong reasons. look how they all smurk when he mentions “you could be next’

S-oo  much has happened over the last 48 hours.. one of the most interesting footnotes to  Qaddafi’s bloody end is Venezuela’s own nutter saying

“They assassinated him. It is another outrage,” the Venezuelan leader told reporters in the town of La Grita.We shall remember Qaddafi our whole lives as a great fighter, a revolutionary and a martyr,” he said.


The so called Arab Spring has brought about new and strange equations and realities on the ground, as well as changing the political relationships of former alliances, Chavez remarks like Iran’s with the increasingly embarrassed situation of their own man Assad, has meant they may be on the wrong side of history and maybe more curiously, the Arab street….

Jpost reports a man has been charged in the US for collecting names and addresses of Anti- Syrian Regime activists. A few months ago I went to the Syrian Embassy protest in Hyde Park Corner to find out myself the full-scale of anger against Assad. I was surprised to learn by one activist all people present were being filmed by o mysterious Embassy officials and other odd characters lurking around. one man  also told me the rival but smaller pro-Assad protest next door to them were mainly made up of Syrian students studying in the Uk and told by party officials to turn up. Blackmail of course.!

What’s more alarming unlike our American cousins we still allow Syrian surveillance and intelligence  to work overtime right in the front of the Police.  If the Americans can do it then it’s about bloody time the British cops pul their finger out.

Palestinians and their supporters want everything, we know this to be true, study the official maps and symbols of their respected Government institutions and UN-sponsored UNRWA , you can see the whole country filled in with the flag of Palestine. They want it all, we now this, every Israeli knows this, Knesset members all this, the diplomatic community knows this, journalist deep down knows and so do Arab Politicians, but we continue the game of the ‘peace process’ as if no-body knows this. Melaine Phillips in her excellent cause célèbre on the Western myth-making of Mahmoud Abbas, (I personally like to call him by his proper name Abu Mazen / Mahmoud Abbas seems too user friendly) Says:

To Western eyes Abbas, the Fatah-backed President of the Palestinian Authority, is a moderate. It is, however, simply astounding that he should be viewed in this way. It is even more astounding that Western liberals should endorse him and give him a free pass for his behaviour.

Both he and the Palestinian establishment he controls repeatedly say they will never accept Israel as a Jewish state. So his aim remains the destruction of Israel. He and his people repeatedly say that not one Jew would be allowed to live in Palestine. Such a state would therefore be a racist entity ethnically cleansed of Jews.

Crucially she remind us about his doublespeak:

Once again, he speaks out of both sides of his mouth in English and Arabic. In a recent interview with Israeli TV, he condemned the Palestinians’ naming of a square after Dalal Mughrabi, the terrorist who perpetrated an atrocity in 1978 when nearly 40 Israeli civilians were burned alive in a hijacked bus.

However, when speaking to Palestinians in 2010, Abbas said: “Of course we want to name a square after her…We carried out a military action. Can I then later renounce all that we have done?”

Its easy for Abu Mazen to operate in world which chooses to turn a blind eye to facts on the ground, however when it goes against especially by the forces who should be sympathetic they tend to go ballistic as if how dare you even question our version of reality. The Jewish Chronicle reports: The broadcast regulator, Ofcom, has rejected a complaint of unfairness made by chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat against the Al Jazeera news channel.

Saed Erekat can’t  handle the truth, and when exposed by one of their own supposedly friendlier broadcasters gives the story even more semblance of truth. The main crux of his ‘broiges’ is a comment he made by the release by Wikileaks of the now dead news story revolving around the  Palestine Papers, which probably portrayed the duplicity and double speak of Palestine diplomacy than looking for holes in the Israeli camp.

“Dr Erekat said a comment allegedly made by him during the negotiations, which referred to an offer to the Israelis of “the biggest Yerushalem [sic] in history”, had been “inaccurately attributed to him” and that Al Jazeera had not verified the quote prior to broadcasting it.”

I always LOVE seeing the old PLO guard backtrack and have to resort to meaningless empty  fighting talk.

OH Boo ho Dr Erekat it’s not fair he cries. only because your not-fair answer to everything will overlap with  the truth eventually  – so gotcha!!!!

Eyes on the ground in East Jerusalem is an Israeli activist blog, the writers describe the blog as:

East Jerusalem has become a no man’s land, visited only by its residents (mostly Palestinian), diplomats, and ideologically motivated Israeli settlers.  I have been recognized as Israel’s foremost expert on West Bank and East Jerusalem settlements, and am is responsible for monitoring, scrutinizing and analyzing of Israeli construction and planning of settlements in the West Bank.

Blah blah blah. Now before I do any more research on this blog I feel confident enough to test the waters after reading a comment by a Japanese Journalist apparently requesting the bloggers to show her around East Jerusalem back in April 2010:

Yoji Hanaokasays:

hi! I’m a journalist working for one of the major newspapers of Japan, The Mainichi Newspapers. I’ve been posted to Jerusalem this April. I’m looking forward to receiving all your information and meeting you in the near future.

Seems all very nice and helpful

So over the next few days I will invite readers to try and  find any articles written by Yoji Hanaoka for Mainchi Newspapers and see if they are negative right from the beginning? I will also post anything I find. Ideally it’ll be interesting to find all Yoji’s articles when he/she was given the assignement. Why do this ,  well its a perfect opportunity to find out whether meeting activists from the off has any effect on the stories you may write.

Please use google translate if you don’t read Japanese 😉

it’s fun to point fingers and act all piously and think you’re somehow untouchable knowing the world will never challenge nor question the sincerity or honesty because they’re be impressed by who you are and what you represent. Jihad El-Khazen is one such person, he is an established Arab journalist  columnist and editor emeritus for the rival pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat, The type of Arab commentator Western outlets would listen to if something bothered him and give him the license to express himself. In his latest diatribe he mouths off about Israel by concluding that the world has had enough of it and how even in America, (after spotting a banner on TV) during the Wall Street protest saying “stop giving aid to Israel, he concludes America is beginning to wake up and smell the coffee about Israel. oh yes he does.

He says :

No one likes Israel. In truth, Israeli newspapers write each day about Israel’s isolation around the world. Nevertheless, the fascist government of Israel continues its policy of settlement, killing and demolition for the reason that it enjoys full American protection at the expense of U.S. interests themselves. Every day, there is news about how the world hates Israel and what it represents.

Then he lists Sweden and Belgium as examples of countries who through government intuitions are leading the world in showing it how to make Israel feel isolated. (Um shame no one bothered to tell Jihad that not many countries be totally surprised by the likes of Sweden and ahem, Belgium  cheer leading for Palestine..

The big question is not so much how hysterical he sounds but  he mentions:

As I sat in the seats of the General Assembly of the United Nations with Abu Mazen delivering Palestine’s speech, and as more than half of the members were interrupting him with applause, standing ovations and even cheers sometimes, I estimated that half of the members were with Palestine, while the other half was against Israel.

So was he part of the Abbas band wagon to the UN? Does he double up as  a PA Statesman, in an advisory role?

If you read his blog ( a place where he can unleashed all his fantasies) he suggest the actual blood libel is more about Jews perpetuating  it against Arabs.

The campaign of Egypt’s Culture Minister Farouk Hosni to head UNESCO is encountering racist anti-Arab and anti-Muslim opposition on the level of the blood libel and from (mostly) Jewish sources that have always complained of anti-Semitism while practising what they preach against.
For Arab readers, the blood libel goes back centuries and refers to an egregious lie that Jews use the blood of Christian children in baking a cake, or matzoh, for some of their religious practices.

Doublespeak or using legitimate terms based on historical facts given to sum up (or try to) horrific events in Jewish history like the Holocaust  or ethnic cleansing and trying to  apply them to Palestinians suffering is devious shameful & totally dishonest.  But alas in a world where the likes of  Jihad collects Western awards for Journalism  yes believe or not he does

 The Main International Media Council Prize: Jihad al Khazen, Editor at Large, Al Hayat, for his significant contributions to informed and enlightened debate in the Arab media throughout a long and distinguished career.

I m afraid the career of Jihad the journalist will flourish as long as he snipes at Israel and writes politically correct articles for Al Arabiya English etc etc And like so many Arabs respected for their opinions on the conflict his real intent and hateful worlds will fall on deafen ears by a journalistic community who just want to be his friend, that’s right my best friend is Jihad….


I thought I would speak about something closer to home namely Luftur Rahman, our East End Mayor of Tower Hamlets , the borough that will host the London Olympics. He is a paid up member of Galloway’s fascist respect party and unfortunately for everyone living here was voted with little more than 20percent of the vote, which speaks volumes about the public outrage inside trendy Tower Hamlets home of the hipster scene, Bricklane, Spitalfiends market etc etc..

Last week  he took part in 75th anniversary of the Cable Street Marches and hasn’t stopped having his photo or  articles  published by  a gullible press who see him as something of a Anti-Fascist hero. his twitter feed is full of it. safe ground methinks..!/mayorlutfur

This recent clip on Bengali TV,

yes its the same station who helped him win local support by smearing opponents with allegations of wife beating , as he  cultivates his new pubic persona  standing up like the Jews against Mosely and the blackshirts. The only issue here he’s also a fascist and a very nasty one.

Andrew Gilligan one of the few brave journalists whom has taken up the challenge and the status quo writes endlessly to expose him and his cronies.

The naive and foolish Guardian have given this hypocritical man a platform to blur fact and fiction.

What will it take before the Guardian Newspaper stops promoting this vile create, sadly in the run-up to the Olympics we shall all suffer more pubic displays of fakery.

Just before Yom Kippur it seems a group of Jews defaced and sprayed graffiti on Muslim and christian graves.  This is wrong of course.

However if you scroll down the report by CNN right at the end it says on Wednesday a Jewish Religious site ” Joseph’s Tomb ” was also defaced.  in fact swastikas and graffiti sprayed on the walls.
CNN says “It is unclear when the graffiti was left there. The site is under Palestinian Authority rule, and Jews visit every couple of months to pray.”

This disclaimer by CNN saying its unclear is bullshit; as everyone knows in Israel this is a scared spot and regularly visited daily. It is highly likely VERY DAMN LIKELY any Swastika’s would have been alerted immediately to the police so therefore must have happened on  Wednesday , Tuesday the earliest at best. So how come CNN didn’t lead the story with this fact? surely a holy Jewish tomb spray painted with Nazi slogans by Palestinians is the equivalent and more dare I say don’t you think? unfortunately not when in the context of middle east reporting by the usual bunch of moronic middle-class and guardian influenced-types journalists who will always lead with the Palestinian narrative. this guys is the only story in town i m afraid..

The irony of ironies for us sane people who moan about this daily is that we still have to listen to all those nutjobs Anti-Zonists who continually protest the BBC and other broadcasters, who also write stupid letters to the Guardian and  accuse everyone and everybody for carrying the official Israel government line. Oh if only that was the case, if only. now grow up and smell the damn coffee.

CNN’s decision to lead with Palestinian gravestone s and not a Jewish Holy relic is perfect example of how and why you are completely wrong!

The story like soo many others since the 2nd Intifadeh exposes how foreign journalists (intoxicated with their unlimited access and movements  in a complex ongoing and intractable conflict) continue to frame and tell the story from the Palestinian side.  It  has all the elements; Zionist racists; police who want investigate attacks on the poor Palestinians; Zero respect for Arab population. All the issues eager journalists based in Israel want to portray and oppose especially when trained and educated in liberal institution who gear them to despise the mechanics of the State of Israel as a student.

The only hope for us when faced with so many journalists and broadcasters who want to tell the conflict through a particular one-sided lens is to catch them out. the only way to do this is to  i am afraid , analyze and contextualize every story and challenge every fact.  long laborious painful work and the rewards are not great and when published  who will bother to read it?  JustJournalism has found out to their disaste (JJ are  a leading UK Israel Media monitoring organization but due to lack of funding they are now no-longer on the scene)

So is their any  hope? well I ve always thought people who tend to hate Israel are an irrational lot and remind me of political Islamists, and let me go a bit further on this line.. Haters of Israel tend to go over the top all the time with their accusations and wagging fingers seeping into an over-confidence. Islamists for example when at the brink of winning over some sectors of the Western world  pointing out the corruptions of Western thought and capitalism will suddenly  revert back into  intolerance mode,  totally forgetting who they’re talking to as they become too comfortable. i believe the left when it comes to Israel make the same mistakes and we can catch them out… CNN, like a over-rabid Islamist hater of Israel slipped up right at the end of this story. they thought by adding the bit about Joseph’s tomb maybe they gave the story some kind of balance but instead revealed the thought processes and attitudes pervading Western Journalists and their agenda. Western journalists don’t have the guts and temerity to reverse this trend so we need to empower the audience and embarrass journalists and make them aware that we know. Like I said earlier in my piece the attack on the tomb is a far greater story in terms of prestige and gravitas in respects of civilization and history  but for some reason upsetting Palestinians and not Jews IS the bigger story. Remember this Holy site is even revered in Islam and Christendom but CNN and its editorial chose to lead with the Palestinian graves story. God knows what the world would have said if the Israelis done the equivalent.

So there you have proof of the endemic problem we are facing , however this will never satisfy the nutters who still cry wolf about Israel and how the Western media are controlled by the Zionists.. Phff!

Chickens don’t have a good life in general. First they’re born inside controlled conditions, once hatched its separated from their mother then raised in crowded green houses where they sometimes forced to eat their own legs to move. All fatten up next comes the day of slaughter where suddenly in the middle of the night they’re stuffed in boxes in preparation for their demise.

Yesterday ended Judaism Holiest of days “Yom Kippur” and one of the very odd customs is called   “Kaparot” which goes back over 800 years and involves swinging the  poor creature back and forth around one’s head before before praying. If you thought this was bizarre behavior well according to  LA Times the Neturei Karta Movement  are championing themselves are something of animal rights campaigners, yes that’s the same friendly neighborhood Anti-Zionist Neturei Karta who seek attention from the likes of  George Galloway and Ahmadinejad. The ultimate Uncle Tom’s of the Jewish World!!

see this disturbing video:,0,4716752.story

 Rabbi Meir Hirsch began having second thoughts about the practice, known as kaparot, or atonement in Hebrew, when he noticed chickens squawking in distress in plastic cages near his house.
Butchers “bring the chickens from the farm at night, and they spend all day in the sun without food or drink,” said Hirsch, a member of the Neturei Karta ultra-Orthodox sect in Jerusalem. “You cannot perform a commandment by committing a sin.”

If only the Neturei Karat could rethink their insane denial of Israel, but I suppose they prefer the company of  chickens.. We wonder why..?

The ISM specialize in so-called non-violent activism against Israel. Clicking through their online application forms you can tell how much they’ll convince themselves by self aggrandizing propaganda and excusing cases of sexual harassment in-house. Unbelievably  their online application informs our starry eyed pupils “you have to watch out for sexual predators in Ramallah” but its normal according to them and are common just like any country in the world.(I wish they could apply the same kind of standards to Israelis who have to deal with terrorists who NEVER EVER distinguished between military and civilian targets.)

The ISM say; Sexual Harassment and Assault

Sexual harassment and assault happens all over the world and can happen to anyone. Unfortunately we have heard about a lot of sexual harassment and assault specifically towards women in the West Bank recently. We have included this section to address how women can hopefully avoid sexual assault and harassment, what to do in case it happens, and how we can all help to stop this and support people that it has happened to.

For the discerning eyes amongst you , isn’t it just interesting in the first place to learn about this remarkable admission? It begs the fundamental  questions how many times have women participants been harassed or abused for the ISM management to include this into their course as thing to learn?

They may dress this up by writing about it in  a very universal way by suggesting it happens all around the world so its somewhat ok, well no it bloody well isn’t ISM, and coming from the ISM who specialize in non-violent action  its all a bit rich.. The ISM paint a different picture about the loving and caring Palestinians but this slip  has exposed the gaping holes between fact and fiction when it comes from the left-wing – this admission is further proof about what they say in public is  certainly not what they say to themselves and within their community in private. ironically aping typical Arab-Arafat like performances to the world’s press who say one thing in English but speaking a whole different tone in Arabic.

Foreign activists & international Aid workers are at best tolerated and exploited by any means necessary in the Arab world especially Palestine. Scenes of Hamas protesting against the UNRWA recently are rare examples of this weird paradoxically relationship. Th Arab world and the PA will publicly give a smiling face to anyone dumb enough to give them aid, (though one wonders  if Hamas continues to show discontent to the UN maybe  more people will start actually believing this. Look we all know this to be true –  that’s people like myself and others who care deeply about Israel and believe there is too much false info about this situation,however the complicit and willing double victims of the Palestinians  want to believe any lies from Palestine added to hatred of Israel which creates a toxic mix. so their view of the conflict will never ever be normal and rational. They even openly admit   its better to train would-be activists in Palestine as its not really war-zone and in fact its a good place to earn one’s spurs.

Palestine is a kinda  Disney-Land for the international left who just want to be doing something whether they think its worthy or not.  Should this not be exposed?? Where is the scrutiny here?

These activists Freudian slips  from the ISM are very fascinating and I wish more and more people including those fighting against the left’s utter hyprocisy against Israel would notice these, and arm themselves with nuggets of truth able to deconstruct and ridicule their  arguments and demented intolerant attitudes finally.

Its pretty tiring reading anything coming out of the mouth from Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, Jpost recently reports he wished Jewish Citizens of Turkey a happy Rosh Hashana. Though according to some figures approximately 5,000 Jews out of 23,000 living in Turkey have fled already. Stories of businessman being murdered and Jewish schoolgirls bullied in Schools are becoming a worrying trend in Erdogan’s wonderful progressive Turkey.

Erdogan  of late has become a master of all things anti-Israeli, and his finger waging speeches very much  blankets over Turkey’s own so-called defensive war against the Kurds on its borders. One of his comments could have been a lot worse if not for Hurriet Newspaper correction . Jpost reports.

“A Turkish transcript of the interview, provided by Turkish state news agency Anatolia, revealed that “Erdogan said hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of Palestinians were killed by Israelis,” Hurriyet reported

The fact it was mistranslated by a network so often enthusiastic  to paint Israel as the aggressor especially in an age when most news broadcasters pride themselves on experienced competent translations –  International networks like CNN run international stories with all sorts of languages interpreted all the time mishaps are exceedingly rare nowadays.

CNN’s failure to correct and update this report during and after broadcast shows this more than a Freudian slip but further evidence of a culture in journalism (embedded and the standard I say ) who cannot  and will  not accept Israel whether its right or wrong.

As long as Erdogan keeps making provocative speeches about Israel and news outlets misreporting we shall see no-end to this conflict and a peaceful conclusion, simply because we need truths and facts in order to make judgments and decision from..

for anyone doubting the Guardian’s obsession with Israel which goes beyond rational thought& reason – thus turning it into the spotlight of everything wrong with the West. please count how many poststhe subject Israel on Comment Is Free section. By my reckoning it’s over 2012 articles, way more than  subject such as Islam and even Al Qaeda!!! bloody fools..

oh check here if you don’t believe

Browsing through the Guardian online I find this nugget Samer Allawi, the Arab TV network’s Kabul bureau chief seems to have admitted to working for Hamas

” Under interrogation, Allawi admitted he had been recruited by Hamas in Pakistan in 1993. A military court convicted Allawi of “conspiracy to provide a service for an outlawed organisation”.

Shin Bet, Israel‘s intelligence agency, said Allawi had agreed “to carry out military or organisational activity as required by Hamas”. This included “criticising American actions in Afghanistan and voicing support for the Palestinian ‘resistance'”, the agency said in a statement”

Strangely the rest of the article is more befitting the Guardians world view and stubbornness to ever agree with anything Israel says, giving ample opportunity to revise the article and even quote the Guardian Editorial Code as their version of something akin to a  UN resolution. Whatever the truth of the story yet again the Guardian’s eagerness to cross examine everything coming from Israeli authorities and not applying the same standards to unsubstantiated deaths and injuries from say Gaza City is quite astounding.

As per- usual it takes a Muslim voice to point out the deafening silence from the Left and Islamic community here and in Europe,  note Ayaan Hirst Ali and Salman Rushdie as prime examples..Medi Islam’s short riposte against the Iranian decision to execute Youcef Nadarkhani in Iran, for simply being a Christian, is highlighted not only for its sheer brutality but its decision lacking of any Islamic authority.

Medi talks about the left’s silence as

“Pleas for clemency from the archbishop of Canterbury, the UK’s foreign secretary and Amnesty International, among others, have fallen on deaf ears in Tehran. Meanwhile the silence from the world’s Muslims – especially the UK’s usually voluble Muslim organisations and self-appointed “community leaders” – has been shameful. The irony is that I have yet to come across an ordinary Muslim who agrees that a fellow believer who loses, changes or abandons his or her faith should be hanged. Yet frustratingly few Muslims are willing to speak out against such medieval barbarism. We mumble excuses, avert our eyes.”

and on Islamic justice

“There is a misguided assumption among many Muslims that such an abhorrent punishment is divinely mandated. It isn’t. Classical Muslim jurists wrongly conflated apostasy with treason. The historical fact is that the prophet Muhammad never had anyone executed for apostasy alone. In one well-documented case, when a Bedouin man disowned his decision to convert to Islam and left the city of Medina, the prophet took no action against him, remarking only that, “Medina is like a pair of bellows: it expels its impurities and brightens and clears its good”.

Where are the vigils, the outrage and marches in support of this poor man?

The real story of the day is not Abu Mazen’s deliberate ploy to start a Third Intifadeh but Hezbollah’s failure to deal with its own insurrection. It seems Arab countries are not the only “Entities” (as they loving say about the Zionist one) in trouble…

According to Asharq Alawsat, 5 senior Hezbollah agents have been charged for spying for the Israelis and one of which escaped! Whatever the truth judging by Al Manar’s quick reply on their site suggests they are worried and seems to have suggestion of truth. What price Nasrallah remaining in power next year I wonder…?

IT’S difficult to assess these clips without thinking of Kristallnacht, a horrific pogrom full of violence and noted for over 7500 Jewish businesses being smashed to pieces… Watching this resonated only in the sense of the chaotic scenes after when Police were called in. The activist who seemed to be something out of MPAC’s brainwashed living dead screamed bloody murder outside naming and shaming the Muslim shopkeeper for selling Israeli dates. Unfortunately a combination of peer pressure and  lack of protection by the Police physically and morally, and definitively detained her and not being sucked in by her so-called Muslim calling to arms speech outside. but here lies the problem again, the old chestnut of  inadequate policing…. The policeman should have protected the rights of the shopkeeper to sell whatever he wants and challenge this woman in public and make an example of her. But no and like so many policeman instructed nowadays community cohesion comes first. This made painful viewing as it was soo obvious so by his weedy attitude to her.  He basically didn’t have the necessary skills to verbally challenge her and she knew this as her screams and people around her grew every second.

The fact the shopkeeper for so long  kept pointing out if you want to live in a Muslim country with ‘Haraam’ laws go live in one then was comforting for a while, his lack of expertise and inexperience in matters of moral conviction sadly ran out of stream. I suspect he’s never been confronted about this before  and the poor man probably never-ever been accused of being a proper Muslim. The part two video shows this side and I’ m afraid the Kristallnacht-esque shrieking from the woman was far too much and logic fell out of the window. The updated part two video is a strong indication of how Asian-Muslims here who do want to seek integration in a country they call home are slowly being blackmailed& harassed into a growing religiosity which seeks to take away any strain of free thinking or logic they may have. The channel promoting the video is called “freedom Films” well it isn’t , more like Fascist films.

There is no doubt British Muslims are being targeted more and more by the likes of  MPACUK  through direct action and emotional blackmail,  will this equate into violence as seen in the 1930s on actual Jewish businesses is to be seen..? For the most part the likes of MPACUK pick  and choose  their targets carefully and not to be on the wrong side of the  law. Tescos, Salisbury, have all been targets in the past from Muslim direct action groups

They also know the bigger shops are softer targets because they don’t like the publicity  and won’t press charges.  it’s the smaller one’s which are more interestng like this in green lanes because it shows their real hand and mindset and sofar incidents like  this are rarely caught on camera, the fact it is suggests it may get dirty. Thankfully gor the moment they do not dare attack Jewish shops who  sell Israeli goods.  This will be seen as racist  provocation by the general public and too much though at some point activists from this school of thought will do something stupid i m afraid, it is the most logical step for the deranged and obsessive political types.`

People like this guy who runs MPAC,


…wear suits and seems respectable but what they want is a Muslim population that doesn’t think for themselves and by telling them we are respecting your freedoms to protest but denying you from freedom of thought is Fascistic of the worse possible degree..


THEY, MPACUK, are the equivalent of professional legal-Jihadists in Europe they continually want to strike fear in the hearts of Muslims telling them to be good Muslims or else. I also found out they like to champion freedoms for non-Muslims in the UK. Take this recent example of someone who challenged Community CCTV. The likes of MPACUK seek legitimacy through engagement with non-Muslims interested in freedoms as an ideal but as  i pointed out its a tactic as old as time itself, Fascism needs to have people actually believing it to good for you for it to work.

In the end it needs the police to challenge these types on the streets and not cower into submission so easily. As much as this video will be circulated around the confines of MPACUK’s and sent off to instructor types, it should also be set directly to Scotland Yard.. But alas this is England and Jew baiting is alive and well. One wonders would Turkish shopkeepers be so easily converted and talked to in this manner ? well I very much doubt it as for all the differences in opinion regarding Israel and Turkish relations they are far too sure of their identity and know where to draw the line between. I also believe MPACUK would nt have the guts to try..

In fact I believe MPACUK like true cowards they are would not dare to….

By weedily asking the drone plane back last December, it allowed Iran to puff out its chest and have fun with tormenting its enemy. This is no leader of the US for me.