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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Me and Mike Leigh are now officially a double act… He’s known around the world as film-director making realism films characterized as “kitchen-sink-dramas”

But when you throw the kitchen sink at him and question his decision & motives about boycotting Israel, well he’s as silent as downtown Jerusalem over the last few years since implementing major security measures..

Mike is very vocal critic of Israel, yet produces work inspired by this country  Yet crucially has never visited seen 1990! Like most countries on the planet Israel has changed and like most countries with a democratic heart they usually change on a whole for the better yet suffer follow the usual ebbs and flows of such nation. Democratic nations simply will not function otherwise, and that’s more or less the bottom line when looking for indicators of a democratic state. Mike who hasn’t bothered to set foot not once on Israel’s land refuses to see the truth for himself and has now officially boycotted it. Though what prevented him not to announce it publicity we will never know.

And before you all yell at once, yes HE IS JEWISH,  very..  A few weeks ago I jumped onto the same train as him and this Jewhican couldn’t resist to ask him a few questions in a very public place. A fair place don’t you think considering he’s made his  Israel intolerance very public for all.. Here you can listen to it

ME: Are you still boycotting Israel?
Mike Leigh ML: inaudible (he said something like I m not willing to have discussion here)

ME: I would like to have a discussion because you have gone public with it Mike Leigh

ME: I am asking you a question, are you still going to be boycott Israel?
and why are you boycotting Israel?
ML : (Again not that audible sorry but I remember him saying I don’t want you filming me which I wasn’t only audio)
E: No this is as good as time as any to have a discussion, I think it’s an absolute disgrace you ‘re boycotting Israel.. you decided to sign up…people like Ken Loach who is very naive about the politics what’s going on inside Israel.

ME : You don’t have any comment?
ML: Not to you..
ME: Why not?
ML:Because I don’t want to.
ME: You dont want to?
ML: Not to you nought!


ME: Why don’t you want to go to Israel Mike Leigh?
Big Silence
ME: Why you embarrassed?
ML: No.
ME: I think it’s shameful, Ithink its very shameful you have signed up to the boycott
Train door open he gets up but he just misses it and off we go again . I gently  move again towards him

ME: Now is a good as time as ever, I would like to know why indeed you have decided to boycott Israel?

Train announcer: This train goes to West Ruislip

ML: You gather that I m not going to talk about it , you gather that?

ME: Israel is the only democracy in the middle east, why don’t you boycott many of the Arab  states ? Syria? why haven’t you come clean ?

Train departs platform and surprisingly he still stands by the closing door.

ME: Israel is the only democracy in the middle east, why don’t you boycott many of the arab states , Syria? Why havent you come clean ?

train departs platform

ME: I m surprised you haven’t gone on the flotilla?

trains moving fast now

ME: Israel is the only country to allow gay arabs to live in secure safety…

..I think everyone would like to know why have you singled out Israel beyond all the other countries…

…Israel the most evil country?

..Why haven’t you singled out other countries?

..Why not china? who commit the vile of human abuses? train moving ..


ME: thankyou for talking to me Mike Leigh that really explains everything.

Approaching holborm station. train packed and silent as i continued to interorgate him in the most public of  places.

ME: Again i ll ask u one last time to give you the chance, why are you boycotting Israel? I’d like to know?

train slows down doors about to open and he is standing right next to it.

ME: You don’t have an answer because you really DONT have an answer…

it’s diffucult to explain when you know the truth

Doors open

ME: It is not the most evil country in the world, thank you Mike Leigh  he then hops off train at holdborn and scurries down the platform pathetically  looking backhind to see if I m following, which obvioously i m not.

The carriage still shock say nothign  for a stop and I get off. interestingly no-one interferred or leaped to the defense of Mike. I was surprised by this in fact a few nodding heads I noticed from some older men busnesss man who seemed to agree..

(some crappy photos taken on my phone as evidence for those of you who disbelieve)

Baroness Tongue (  is the latest piece of sh*T because of her obsession with Israel and failing to understand that Israel is not the centre of the world for evil and destruction of mankind ever!

So we describe her  as the “The second wave sh&t” Go to the page at the bottom to find out what that means..

Tongue only a few days ago stormed out of the House of Lord because people basically had enough of her constant irrationally Israel-bashing.

Baroness Tonge, a prominent anti-Israel activist, accused those who supported the bill of destroying a safeguard against political interference by the Government. She denied that the current rules on magistrates issuing arrest warrants for foreign dignitaries, which prompted Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni to cancel a trip to Britain in 2009, had ever been abused in the past. The Liberal Democrat peer then used the opportunity to complain about Ms Livni, at which point another of the party’s peer, Lord Carlisle, noted: “What my noble friend is saying is out of order, inappropriate and not related to the amendment. She is having a rant at Mrs Livni.”  His complaint was supported by Lord Wallace, who said he comments were ranging from the subject “much more widely than is normal”. Baroness Tonge responded that she refused “to be silenced”, and when Lord Wallace repeated the fact that she was going off topic, she interrupted him again. Lord Carlisle called for order but she persisted: “I am not going to give way again. I must finish.” She was only silenced when another peer moved to demand that she no longer be heard. When the motion was agreed, she ran out of the chamber”

She also  made headlines for expressing concerns that Israel was collecting human organs during the Haiti earthquake, thankfully she was sacked from the Lib Dem Cabinet.

She promoted the demented Palestine Telegraph online paper. Harry’s place does a nice piece here:

So loved by the P.T they released a statement condemning the dismissal

For the record the soure of the story about Haiti organ harvesting came from insane out called AfriSynergy and Mr T.West.

The report apparently used some of this CNN report, here is the raw copy.

But to get a REAL feel of her qualifications just look how much time she devotes talking about Israel in the House of Lords. its quite staggering

For Tongue Israel is a such an obsession we need her to just calm down.

Cameron says it:

and Michael

Nick Cohen reports in the Jewish Chronicle

‘In my last column I wrote that Labour is taking a huge risk in running the tired and seedy figure of Ken Livingstone as its candidate in next year’s London mayoral elections. No sooner had I filed the copy than a delegation of Iranian leftists came to see me. They had been sickened by the sight of Livingstone taking the money of Press TV, the propaganda station of the Iranian government that has murdered thousands of their comrades, and tortured and raped tens of thousands more. The Iranians intend to picket him at every stage of the way in the campaign and force the British media to ask two questions which few apart from Martin Bright, Andrew Gilligan and your humble correspondent have raised before.’ So it takes Iranian citizens of Britain to remind the political classes and the Police how we should treat backers of the Iranian thug-eoracy.

Will his PressTV days finally catch up with him?

As the Norwegian Tragedy unfolds and a clearer picture of what happened unravels guess who’s being blamed. Yep, it’s the Zionists..

Take the  Far Right and Far Left’s favorite channel “Press TV .” In their top of the hour report at 10pm on the 23rd July they relegated the terrorist attack to a mid-ranking story but when they bothered to feature it they reminded viewers  Anders Behring Breivik the man apprehended for the murders in Olso and Utoeya island that his favorite political party are big supporters of Israel. Great insight guys. Um, but what exactly has that got to do with it all apart from trying to insinuate the Far Rights love of Israel. Well Press TV has a history of shit stirring especially during these fog of war type breaking news and the biggest stirrer of shit George Galloway will never leave the Iranian Television compound as long as he can get away with broadcasting crap from a crap station. At some point in the future i will talk about the Sea of Galloway. Back to this post, according to Reuters  a video made by Anderss Breivik is on Youtube. I just managed to see before it was pulled off minutes ago and from this one viewing it seemed like it was made   in the style of “Fitna”. Very essayist and montage based diatribe look at Cultural Marxism and how Europe will be Islamified over the next 50years unless the days of the crusades return. Obviously mad, however the only interesting thing is right at the end where Anders features in various poses as reported here in Reuters including him in full Freemasonry regalia. From what I can tell and judging from the quality, Breivik has indeed used digitally manipulation and simply pasted his face onto a body wearing an apron. The other poses of him look too action packed as well; him in aqua suit and holding different rifles all seem fake. He probably done all this so can feel part of something bigger and prove he’s the real thing. Unfortunately like i said youtube has just removed it so people who believe he s  a Freemason and Zionist will still believe..

It’s a sad indictment when only 300+ people viewed this Ander Brievik material ( not to justify its right to exist in the the first place) but more than 14,000 have now watched it in the last 24hours rather than finding out about the real evil.  This particular video implies he’s a freemason thus proving he’s a  Zionist your honor.

This my friends is where we’re at and until people start to understand that Israel and Zionist is not at the bottom of every dastardly deed on Earth, AND realise this tactic is useful sleight of hand trick from haters of Israel and Jews by Iranian paid propoganda & others we cannot even begin to solve the middle east conflict or indeed the on-going investigation into the tragedy which sadly  might be contaminated already with Freemasonry / Zionist links.

UPDATE: More clearer photos of him holding a rifle in wet suit suggests photos could be real. Though doesn’t make difference to people’s online Zionistic frenzied habits.

A great cross post by Azarmehr who has cleverly picked apart Press TV and their choice of guest. Please read.

Those who still believe Press TV is some kind of antidote to the BNP and EDL as a trusted Channel for the latest news about Islamaphobia around the world are wrong. Press Tv simply allow anyone from both the extreme left and right wing to carry on their sh%t stirring propaganda directive from Tehran HQ.  Azarmehr debunks Peter Rushton mentioned in his blog , who is being used in a capacity of  ”historian” commenting on Eygpt and then finally analyzing the story by distorting  Israel and Egypt relations pre and post Mubarak. It’s classic way by Press TV to allow themselves poetic license to espouse anti-Israeli sentiments. Just look at any top of the hour news rundown and count the Israeli stories. For anyone new to Earth watching just Press TV it would give the impression that Israel is the most important country ever to existed and the worst.

So those of you who still believe in muslamic ray guns please empty them  now and don’t get too excited that Press TV are kinda cool because they sometimes do investigative pieces of the EDL and BNP. They aren’t. They’re Nazi lovers.

Here’s a satirical video done in a typical songify way using Press TV’s news item about the EDL which worryingly helps legitimise the journalism delivered by (O)Press TV ..

In the actual report they obviously try to mock them. But Azarmehr demonstrates Press TV will actually talk and give a stage to BNP types in an attempt to justify and validate pure and simple anti-Israeli agendas.

Pure hypocrisy. Now where’s that OfComs number again??

Jpost today reports about Grannies for Gaza

Two 69-year-old women, nicknamed “Grannies for Gaza,” were among those pro-Palestinian activists who successfully entered the country.

Sylvia Hale, a former member of the New South Wales Legislative Council, and Vivienne Porzsolt, a leader in Sydney’s Jews Against the Occupation group, had waited in Greece for three weeks for their ship to set sail for Gaza.

When they realized their vessel, the Tahrir, would not be permitted to leave Greece, the women bought tickets to Tel Aviv and arrived on Monday – two days after the biggest wave of activists came to Ben-Gurion Airport.

Because they arrived later than most activists, the pair had no problems at the airport, until they got to the passport desk.

“We told them: ‘We’re going to Palestine!’ That set off the red flags,” Hale recounted. “As they were taking us away, we called out ‘Free Palestine! Free Gaza!’” The women were immediately led into detention and went to court in Petah Tikva to be deported. But private lawyers appealed the deportation order and it was rescinded.

“They say we set a precedent,” Hale said proudly, adding that rescinded deportation orders are very rare in Israel.
The women are the only activists from the “Flytilla” to fight deportation and win. They are currently not allowed to visit the West Bank or the Gaza Strip, but are appealing that decision as well.

If helped the aged ever got involved with Palestine this is what it’ll look like “Raging Grannies'” Just no-body tell them about a good proportion of drugs they take to combat elderly diseases like Parkinson’s were probably designed inside Israels border. Phff.. It’s apartheid I tellya..

Am glad they were shipped back on EasyJet, be a shame to waste El AL Air Miles on these complete fools. Watch them speak out at nasty Israel, hmm we wonder IF they have the balls to go to Syria or Libya. Well do ya?? phfff..

WOW this is a great spot from Tom Gross   Apparently one Kieron Monks, the content manager at “This week in Palestine” has a bit of rant against the ‘aid industry’.  But just before he gets on his high horse HE can’t help himself to make  a comment how upsetting it was to be led like cattle and barked at from checkpoint guards. “I have never been treated this way” “Coming to Palestine from a relatively carefree background abroad often leads to a kind of awakening: A-ww bless his cotton-wool socks..  Firstly Keiron, since the first intifadeh most of ‘these’ checkpoints weren’t really around, I suppose you wont believe me but i’ll go on, and even more incredibly Gaza City up until the early 90s was very very open. How often I heard in Gush Katif that Jewish used to go to Gaza City to buy food and share dinners. Though not perfect there was a relationship right up until Hamas radicalized Gaza, much more than in the West Bank! The evidence is all around you Keiron just go and bloody talk to any Israelis and Arabs, but he will not as his stupid elitist and apartheid politiks  prohibits normalizing of relationships – yep we are dealing with school children.

Secondly mate, um try being Jewish  anywhere outside Israel or the US. In the UK & parts of Europe US Jews – that’s if you want to be Jewish and go to Jewish events – are searched, barked at, looked upon discourteously as if Osama is standing here himself! So take that up your proverbial aid ass..! you schmuckass.

Now back to his spiel. here’s the juicy bit..

Our Keiron goes on to  frown upon this new class (of Aid Worker) as being bit decadent and negating the serious issue of palestinian suffering..  He says:

“Palestine is the best-kept secret in the aid industry,” I am told by Emily Williams, an American project manager at a medical NGO. “People need field experience and Palestine sounds cool and dangerous because it can be described as a war zone, but in reality it’s quite safe and has all the comforts that internationals want. Quality of life here is so much higher than somewhere like Afghanistan, but we don’t tell anyone so that we are not replaced or reassigned.”

What we have finally is a nice revelatory coup de grace.. We truly get to the bottom of why indeed Palestine (can I hear Mr Pilger from the back?) is still the f**king issue for people like Keiron..Asking  why o why the constant obsession with this particular cause…?

By inadvertently spilling the beans on the aid industry Keiron allows us a true glimpse into the foreign aid mechanisms / media professional at work. if there ever was a better example of shooting oneself in the foot Mr Monks is no detective.. He reveals:

 “Palestine has been a reliable source of news stories since the conflict began, and it receives forensic, albeit often misguided, analysis across the world. For Western students, Arabic language skills are becoming increasingly desirable and many English universities now arrange placements in exchange for volunteer work. Throw in a warmer climate, Palestine’s natural wonders and holy sites, lower crime rates, and a preposterously welcoming host population, and it’s little wonder that Bi’lin resembles a model United Nations on a Friday morning. “

Us seasoned M.E . observers have been crying how misleading International Aid for Palestine is.

For years and years AND FUCKING YEARS without a peep-squeak from curious journalists, who doubtless  enjoy a nice working jolly in Palestine whenever possible, simply will not address this.  Yep in the world of international development politics supporting the Palestinians is an easy way of feeling connected to the world of current affairs especially if you have burning desire to voice against oppression and injustice. The irony is lost amongst useful idiots like Monks  BY  supporting the Palestinian cause you are actually supporting the biggest sleight of hand trick going. It has and  never ever been  poor suffering Palestinians in the first place –  the purpose of UNWRA and other NGO’s is to keep the business of Palestinian suffering going and to do this they don’t ever want to upset or interfere  with their politics out of fear and lack of access to the source. Meanwhile all time we’re losing ground on the real issue of radical Isla..

For the record Keiron and because you’re afraid to state the obvious: RAMALLAH  IS  BOOMING and has been for years economically and somewhat politically but that fact on the ground might change as the countdown clock for new PA elections begin and that declaration. In between the Arab Spring there’s a political power   struggle between a man who used to shoot Jews ‘President Abu Mazen’ and Salaam Fayyad who didn’t. Fayyad is a rarest of rare species, a politician and nothing more. Fayyad is someone we can do business with, everyone in the political world knows this as a bona fide known known. “Fayyadism,” Fayyad’s political belief is that violence nor peaceful negotiations have brought the Palestinians any closer to an independent state. It sounds a bit fractured but its a classic third way brand of politics and the best we have at any point of the conflict.  He believes in 1) strong security, 2) good governance, and 3) economic opportunity. As long as the likes of Keiron Monks keep getting it so wrong and fooled into believing a lie, the Palestinians themselves will never change and Fayyad will lose badly, how can he win if the Israelis are backing him but that’s the thinking of fools. Only a few days ago the UNWRA threatened to downgrade its official name much to the anger and consternation of Palestinians of all denominations, yep you couldn’t make this up if you tried harder than making semtex stick to Nasrallah’s teflon beard.. Simply put the Palestinians see so many benefits in permanently playing up to the International Aid its unreal.

However this nugget of intel does show up something very telling.. just maybe , yes just maybe the economic success story of Ramallah has lulled their supporters into a false sense of security because in actual fact life here is pretty damn ok and when life is good, the evidence is too compelling to hide all the time – the truth really does prevail..!!!

It doesn’t pay off to be a peeping tom in Syrian.  This poor guy seems to be shot for filming a scene of complete horror nearby. The sounds emanating from houses is incredibly distressing and we need to pay attention to Syria now. If there ever was proof the Jan ArabSpring was a false start this is horrific evidence.

In response to Assad’s speech, the streets of Hama produced a dabke (line dance and song) to voice their anger and revolutionary spirit.  The singer “Ibrahim Qashoush” was reported to be killed in Hama on 3 July 2011 by regime. Sad news indeed..  This hopefully be the last dance for Bashar Al-Assad.