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Daily Archives: July 3rd, 2011

This photo was taken in Feb 2009 inside the canteen of Ben Gurion University. This is a very common scene  and one constantly not believed. wrongly!

I  always like to take a moment of reflection and become one with  Malcolm Gladwell..please take a look at these figures.

this is a way to analyze the relationship between the state and it’s . a-h he mentions all this in book ‘outliers’ (I will neeedless to say go-on about him in the weeks.years to come) It basically statistical research on how people accept the status quo in society or have a healthy discourse with it. ie. whether they accept certain standards of law and order or not. Now you will see usual suspects mixed between South American banana republics and Arab states (+Iran) take up prime position. But notice how Israel is way at the bottom , suggests Israelis tend to criticise to state authority – and proof of democratic values. something the internationalist left often distrusts, are envious of, or simply believe its a damn right lie. “just how dare so-called little old Israel be a democracy” its not fair i say. well mock away because empirical research says it is, so there!

it’s a real DIY state but don’t ask them to say sorry. and that’s not the Israelis hehe

To make it the right way please read more of Michael Totten. He’s really good for u. Think of it like a meaty layer of chopped liver in the inside of kosher hot dog! So big up to Michael Totten  Simply the best blogger to ever blog on the Middle East!!

I always like to walk around the vast greens of Hyde Park, much nicer and salubrious than London Fields, which in itself has become a cliche beyond repair. talkin of which notice lack of green grass in London Fields as it becomes hipster paradise. Back to Hyde Park. So I took this photo way back and published it because it reminded me how funny and upside down the world is. Here you have obvious Muslim Arab Women enjoying smoking hookah in peaceful surroundings but it couldn’t be the opposite in their own native lands. &


How things have changed, just look at broadway market in London’s Eastend. There was a time way before  hipsters took over this street , it ws famous for its Schmutter and toy shops. Today its full of third wave coffee and wannabe start-up restaurants. The problem for me is that I like a decent coffee and not the crap offered when the likes of Tony’s Cafe used to occupy this street. Oh how the hipsters and anarchists revolted when he no-longer served us dreary cappuccino under the guise of being Italian. they were protested for fucking ages as the council funnily got rid of him. “around 2mins you’ll see this once precious monument of how us Londoners were always sold a lie when it came to good coffee.`

But the occupation of hipsters along this street has left an indelibly mark on the  indigenous culture and begun to ethnically cleanse us of all that is good. Time for a Bi’lin like rally and out the fuckers. ok, back to the topic of my post. After carefully selecting a cafe to lose a few hours whilst reading my American Scientific I finally was content. how much effort it is now to find a comfortable spot and people spot which i like to do, especially here as its my way of realigning my gravity forces and feel just maybe its not so bad here after all , what with all the constant gentrification. now a man approached me and asked could sit down, i said of course in a wildly over the top manner because he seemed apologetic and there’s one thing i cannot stand is bloody englishmen saying sorry all the time. few minutes later his female friend sat down and took the extra seat. no problem again. then suddenly out of the blue an old lady known by both, smoking a fag and shaking her head in disease-like motion asked if i could move. she seemed the type who dwelled at Mecca more times than mohammad. and no, i m not talking about Saudi’s Mecca but the Bingo brand.  I ve seen her a few times at the cafe next door so she’s something of a regular known to this side of broadway market gossipers. so she wanted to sit down and be with her friends. what else could i do but to say of course and up i went and left.  the only real issue for me is there was no comment or polite acknowlegment from  her or her two friends who more importantly sat on the otherside of the table. didn’t any of them notice that i was there first and now homeless for table?!

now correct me if i m wrong but the right response after giving up my chair to allow the old dear to be with her two friends would be ‘why thanks for doing that’, but no i left the table in fact gave it up completely not to sound of thanks but to a sound of expectation. eventually i found a spare chair from inside the cafe and placed it outside so i could revisit my moment of one with broadway market. but it did make me think about the Eastender community. As much has its been decimated by the influx of trendies, have I become a bit complacent when reevaluating the EastEnder class? yes, they are a happy go lucky race of people and thankful what they have or lack of it, but there  can be an ugly Anglo-Saxon  superiority within the working classes, a sense of entitlement especially in the Eastend. i felt that maybe my Semitic looks could have contributed to this little interchange as her two friends – who were i guess in their 40s –  seemingly white english types and felt no need to give me the obligatory thankyou or ‘no you don’t have to move! you sit down and let me find a chair and we can all fit in” response which on form should have been the one.

outside on my chair i started to stare at the man, but he not onced looked at me. and for the old dear, well come to think of it i dont think she warrants me calling her an old dear as she seemed  determine like her friends to knock me off my proverbial perch!

i finished my coffee after listening to yet  another of these 30 something dull conversations. the only little nugget  of intel happened to be more confirmation that a lot of people here, more than you think, end up working as fundraisers for charities – usually green ones. i suppose its better than signing on.

i then passed the local local pie and mash shop   which turned into one these irritating ‘pop-up restaurant’ thingies.  unfortunately it seemed popular with hipsters today and pretty full, much more than the usual pie-days. as a veteran around the parts i knew the drill and thought how best to annoy the hipster running the show. So through window I ordered some pie and mash in a very honest but certain manner as if I expected it to be on the menu for a shop calling itself Pie&Mash. The rather eager looking man in his late 20s wearing a groomed broadway market-beard stood there not knowing what to say. I do love it when hipsters stand there thinking whether you ‘re worth talking to only to find out i can equally play at this game. so i said again, “one round of pie and mash please” He then went into a spiel  about the ‘pop up restaurant concept . I immediately cut him short and said “a-h that’s a shame i  only wanted pie and mash & not one of your brownies, so good day “ i carried off walking leaving him pie on the face and wondering how could it be that someone who dresses like them just wasn’t playing ball. i like to think so.

Hell, I’ve been meaning to do this for sometime. Strange never thought I should be the one penning stuff together, am always reading others blogs. So anyway, here it is.. time to let rip i guess. not sure what exactly be about, but Jewish stuff, hipster cracking down and points about urban living will suffice. oh and stinging criticisms about the lovely left wingers who cannot be rational.