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I  always like to take a moment of reflection and become one with  Malcolm Gladwell..please take a look at these figures.

this is a way to analyze the relationship between the state and it’s . a-h he mentions all this in book ‘outliers’ (I will neeedless to say go-on about him in the weeks.years to come) It basically statistical research on how people accept the status quo in society or have a healthy discourse with it. ie. whether they accept certain standards of law and order or not. Now you will see usual suspects mixed between South American banana republics and Arab states (+Iran) take up prime position. But notice how Israel is way at the bottom , suggests Israelis tend to criticise to state authority – and proof of democratic values. something the internationalist left often distrusts, are envious of, or simply believe its a damn right lie. “just how dare so-called little old Israel be a democracy” its not fair i say. well mock away because empirical research says it is, so there!

it’s a real DIY state but don’t ask them to say sorry. and that’s not the Israelis hehe


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