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Once in a while us Jews do mix in the EastEnd of London. It either tends to be a right old knees up or a Pinter-esque silence. Where families who may live on opposite end of the streets do not ever speak to each other or live in extreme silence and cold nature.  Mike Leigh (considered by many as England’s greatest living film director and darling of left- liberal classes)  happened to be on the same carriage on the underground yesterday evening. Oh, I should change that, I meant I ran down the escalator ater like a shlemiel  on crack herring to get into the same train as him.. Before I go on, ME and MIKE have often clashed in the past, I told him once for God’s sake smile go make a funny film when he was stuck at a traffic light over in Hackney, “he told me to f**K off” But he did make ‘Happy Go Lucky” not long after. hehe

Last year I lobbed some free Blacks chocolate bars in his direction at the London Film Festival before a film about the Polar Expedition.  Yes we  like to clash before a major film festival in front of a nice looking audience…  “why boycott Israel when you never been” I said  “it’s not the point” He responded. “oh sit down” the audience shouted at me shocked how anyone could have the nerve and temerity to question someone so morally just.  Defiantly I said “Israeli students make better films then you’ll ever make” and with that  the light dimmed and the film started..  2-0 to me I think! ”

Today he was reading no-surprises the Guardian Newspaper o how cliched and I just couldn’t resist to question him about his lame stance towards Israel and his support to culturally boycott it. Yes, Mike IS Joo’ish for those scoring points here.. Needless to say he didn’t like it one bit my questions but I did try to mention my Arab buffet if he answered correctly.

More to follow about this incident very very sschnoon…

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