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Daily Archives: July 20th, 2011

Jpost today reports about Grannies for Gaza

Two 69-year-old women, nicknamed “Grannies for Gaza,” were among those pro-Palestinian activists who successfully entered the country.

Sylvia Hale, a former member of the New South Wales Legislative Council, and Vivienne Porzsolt, a leader in Sydney’s Jews Against the Occupation group, had waited in Greece for three weeks for their ship to set sail for Gaza.

When they realized their vessel, the Tahrir, would not be permitted to leave Greece, the women bought tickets to Tel Aviv and arrived on Monday – two days after the biggest wave of activists came to Ben-Gurion Airport.

Because they arrived later than most activists, the pair had no problems at the airport, until they got to the passport desk.

“We told them: ‘We’re going to Palestine!’ That set off the red flags,” Hale recounted. “As they were taking us away, we called out ‘Free Palestine! Free Gaza!’” The women were immediately led into detention and went to court in Petah Tikva to be deported. But private lawyers appealed the deportation order and it was rescinded.

“They say we set a precedent,” Hale said proudly, adding that rescinded deportation orders are very rare in Israel.
The women are the only activists from the “Flytilla” to fight deportation and win. They are currently not allowed to visit the West Bank or the Gaza Strip, but are appealing that decision as well.

If helped the aged ever got involved with Palestine this is what it’ll look like “Raging Grannies'” Just no-body tell them about a good proportion of drugs they take to combat elderly diseases like Parkinson’s were probably designed inside Israels border. Phff.. It’s apartheid I tellya..