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Almost a perfect start to a day when the Independent and Robert Fisk has been caught out.

BBC Website reports:

On 15 April, the Independent published a feature headlined “A long time coming”, in which Mr Fisk gave his account of the so-called Arab Spring, a series of revolts in the Arab world. The article was reproduced on the newspaper’s website entitled: “The Arab awakening began not in Tunisia this year, but in Lebanon in 2005.”

In the article Mr Fisk said The Independent was in possession of the “extraordinary and outrageous” order from Prince Nayef and said it was “worthy of investigation by the International Criminal Court at The Hague”.

The allegation was not put to Prince Nayef, who is also second deputy prime minister and has been interior minister for more than 40 years, before publication, said Mr Earle.

It was reproduced in its entirety on various websites and paraphrased in numerous news stories published by leading Arabic language media, he said.

“In fact the ‘order’ was a fake and bore numerous features which any genuine orders issued by the Saudi Minister of the Interior would not bear,” said Mr Earle.

One wonders how many of Fisk’s reports have been products of his imagination?


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