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At the all too comfortable Gallery Cafe part of the St. Margaret House Settlements a smug world view has often been one its more offensive charms. This complex  houses so many charities and groups people  here staff at the cafe I ve asked don’t even know what’s going on! The cafe itself everything from vegan ism to fair trade and can be very confusing to decipher what it is they really believe in, and typical of its time I reckon. I much preferred it when nice Buddhists used to run the show and serve humble homemade food for the local community , nowadays people who came are those who take part in their world views and I myself refuse to talk any politics inside. The sight of self importance Hipsters and 50somethings who indulge in a knowing-ness all believing their world view is the norm doesn’t make this Jewhican a happy Mensch. More recently the Gallery think of itself as a showcase hub for all  English revival folk music evenings something the hipster ish  staff over eulogizes like a preacher in room full of newly baptized virgins. 

Over the last few weeks I noticed an increase in literature about the impending EDL march in the East End. There’s simply piles and piles of  leaflets and newspapers everywhere ( printed mostly by Hope Not Hate) warning its flock to attend and protest them. With grabbing headlines like “We’ve stopped them before”  and “Tower Hamlets Stands Strong Against Extremism” This is clearly a calling and coming together almost in religious-like stature. I can tell one tright now people here in the Eastend are wetting themselves with excitement as this is the first time  they can finally practice what they can preach, knowing that not much will really happen as the police will make sure the EDL be policed at a man per marcher which is the norm for the EDL policing.

UNWATCH’s Hillel Neuer often says “human rights has become the new religion of the left” and when a religion becomes a religion too quickly like those who will oppose the EDL, are they ever going to allow themselves to believe fascism also comes from the very people who will join and oppose the EDL.  Elton John once said during a Tel Aviv performance “I will not cherry pick my politics” in response to those who wanted him to boycott Israel, he clearly knew the dangers of aligning with a popular cause without clear processes.

With all this literature around me I left the Gallery Cafe to  the sound of easy listening light  and a crowd of 40-50 something creating fairtrade cupcakes and real ale who will never put two and two together and ask the big question about this whole affair? Why has there never EVER been a concerted effort to stop radical Islamic groups marching or holding hate-fest events in the Eastend since 9/11?

It depresses me the countless times I ve sat and watch the likes the Islam4uk or IslamicForumEurope hold racist views about Jews, Israelis, Gays and the unbelievers… “bomb bomb Tel Av” they chanted in the middle of BrickLane in 2006 I particular remember and will never forgot.

In the meantime we’ll keep moving the deckchairs on the Titanic to the sound of Wagner’s Valkyries


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