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Daily Archives: October 3rd, 2011

for anyone doubting the Guardian’s obsession with Israel which goes beyond rational thought& reason – thus turning it into the spotlight of everything wrong with the West. please count how many poststhe subject Israel on Comment Is Free section. By my reckoning it’s over 2012 articles, way more than  subject such as Islam and even Al Qaeda!!! bloody fools..

oh check here if you don’t believe

Browsing through the Guardian online I find this nugget Samer Allawi, the Arab TV network’s Kabul bureau chief seems to have admitted to working for Hamas

” Under interrogation, Allawi admitted he had been recruited by Hamas in Pakistan in 1993. A military court convicted Allawi of “conspiracy to provide a service for an outlawed organisation”.

Shin Bet, Israel‘s intelligence agency, said Allawi had agreed “to carry out military or organisational activity as required by Hamas”. This included “criticising American actions in Afghanistan and voicing support for the Palestinian ‘resistance'”, the agency said in a statement”

Strangely the rest of the article is more befitting the Guardians world view and stubbornness to ever agree with anything Israel says, giving ample opportunity to revise the article and even quote the Guardian Editorial Code as their version of something akin to a  UN resolution. Whatever the truth of the story yet again the Guardian’s eagerness to cross examine everything coming from Israeli authorities and not applying the same standards to unsubstantiated deaths and injuries from say Gaza City is quite astounding.