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Daily Archives: October 12th, 2011

Palestinians and their supporters want everything, we know this to be true, study the official maps and symbols of their respected Government institutions and UN-sponsored UNRWA , you can see the whole country filled in with the flag of Palestine. They want it all, we now this, every Israeli knows this, Knesset members all this, the diplomatic community knows this, journalist deep down knows and so do Arab Politicians, but we continue the game of the ‘peace process’ as if no-body knows this. Melaine Phillips in her excellent cause célèbre on the Western myth-making of Mahmoud Abbas, (I personally like to call him by his proper name Abu Mazen / Mahmoud Abbas seems too user friendly) Says:

To Western eyes Abbas, the Fatah-backed President of the Palestinian Authority, is a moderate. It is, however, simply astounding that he should be viewed in this way. It is even more astounding that Western liberals should endorse him and give him a free pass for his behaviour.

Both he and the Palestinian establishment he controls repeatedly say they will never accept Israel as a Jewish state. So his aim remains the destruction of Israel. He and his people repeatedly say that not one Jew would be allowed to live in Palestine. Such a state would therefore be a racist entity ethnically cleansed of Jews.

Crucially she remind us about his doublespeak:

Once again, he speaks out of both sides of his mouth in English and Arabic. In a recent interview with Israeli TV, he condemned the Palestinians’ naming of a square after Dalal Mughrabi, the terrorist who perpetrated an atrocity in 1978 when nearly 40 Israeli civilians were burned alive in a hijacked bus.

However, when speaking to Palestinians in 2010, Abbas said: “Of course we want to name a square after her…We carried out a military action. Can I then later renounce all that we have done?”

Its easy for Abu Mazen to operate in world which chooses to turn a blind eye to facts on the ground, however when it goes against especially by the forces who should be sympathetic they tend to go ballistic as if how dare you even question our version of reality. The Jewish Chronicle reports: The broadcast regulator, Ofcom, has rejected a complaint of unfairness made by chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat against the Al Jazeera news channel.

Saed Erekat can’t  handle the truth, and when exposed by one of their own supposedly friendlier broadcasters gives the story even more semblance of truth. The main crux of his ‘broiges’ is a comment he made by the release by Wikileaks of the now dead news story revolving around the  Palestine Papers, which probably portrayed the duplicity and double speak of Palestine diplomacy than looking for holes in the Israeli camp.

“Dr Erekat said a comment allegedly made by him during the negotiations, which referred to an offer to the Israelis of “the biggest Yerushalem [sic] in history”, had been “inaccurately attributed to him” and that Al Jazeera had not verified the quote prior to broadcasting it.”

I always LOVE seeing the old PLO guard backtrack and have to resort to meaningless empty  fighting talk.

OH Boo ho Dr Erekat it’s not fair he cries. only because your not-fair answer to everything will overlap with  the truth eventually  – so gotcha!!!!

Eyes on the ground in East Jerusalem is an Israeli activist blog, the writers describe the blog as:

East Jerusalem has become a no man’s land, visited only by its residents (mostly Palestinian), diplomats, and ideologically motivated Israeli settlers.  I have been recognized as Israel’s foremost expert on West Bank and East Jerusalem settlements, and am is responsible for monitoring, scrutinizing and analyzing of Israeli construction and planning of settlements in the West Bank.

Blah blah blah. Now before I do any more research on this blog I feel confident enough to test the waters after reading a comment by a Japanese Journalist apparently requesting the bloggers to show her around East Jerusalem back in April 2010:

Yoji Hanaokasays:

hi! I’m a journalist working for one of the major newspapers of Japan, The Mainichi Newspapers. I’ve been posted to Jerusalem this April. I’m looking forward to receiving all your information and meeting you in the near future.

Seems all very nice and helpful

So over the next few days I will invite readers to try and  find any articles written by Yoji Hanaoka for Mainchi Newspapers and see if they are negative right from the beginning? I will also post anything I find. Ideally it’ll be interesting to find all Yoji’s articles when he/she was given the assignement. Why do this ,  well its a perfect opportunity to find out whether meeting activists from the off has any effect on the stories you may write.

Please use google translate if you don’t read Japanese 😉