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Gilad Atzmon has written a book, I wont bother now to mention it, and if you want to have a quick introduction into the obsessive psychotics who follow the Palestinian cause as a drug and refuse to accept any hint of sanity please look at the first three minutes of this clip to see Gilad trying to defuse negativity about his book from pro-Palestinians.

In the first three minutes we  see an inquisitive Arabic looking woman trying to Fisk Gilad (The term fisking is blogosphere slang describing a point-by-point criticism that highlights perceived errors, or disputes the analysis in a statement, article, or essay.[1]F

She along with others challenges him  for not using the right words when accusing Israel , in this case she believes Gilad somehow excuses them by not calling them  a typical colonizer state – Gilad obviously has other more nasty words for Israel – but regardless of his attempt to reassure her he still has to quieten them down by reaffirming his Palestinian supporting credentials. Watching this extraordinary piece of footage , well,   I didn’t  know whether to laugh or cry but at the same time its very revealing.

Like I ve always said about Islamists and their obsession  over Israel and Jews, whilst they cannot face the awful truth about their own prejudices and hatred,  by spouting out lies and growing in confidence will all  eventually collide and  overlap to confront itself to the very  people supporting them. And I see exactly the same thing going on here… for the biggest supplier of Antisemitism and Holocaust revision this side of the Atlantic to be called a Zionist stooge makes me believe this could be the beginning of the end for the Palestinian movement..?

Okay I admit we tend to be a bit resigned at the thought of anti-zionism  activities in the UK but I for one honestly believe their over confidence will destroy them,  ironically in the same way Atzmon’s loves to purport abut Zionism for the Jews . The ebullience and belligerency in the way pro-Palestinian movements in the UK act without impunity ; to  disrupt Israel Orchestras; to walk free from court  after smashing up Israeli businesses; to carry out racial attacks on campus; to spoil products in Tescos or Waitrose in broad daylight has began to intoxicate them to excess and like I mentioned before, they will simply  implode. Tony Greensteins on-going campaign is tantamount to this.

They have become so confident and s-o open about winning the public relation wars, now they want everything, they want to change even their own unbelievable narratives and more perniciously  completely close down any hint, any small humanizing feel for the Israelis . I m afraid in the area of freedom of speech this comes with a price.

To protest against Gilad Atzmon, the leading exponent of the most dangerous Antisemitism in the UK and Europe (his latest book “The wandering Jew” is described)

Alan Dershowitz argues that the book depicts Jews as being evil and a menace to humanity, since the book states “[T]o be a Jew is a deep commitment that goes far beyond any legal or moral order” (p.20) and this commitment “pulls more and more Jews into an obscure, dangerous and unethical fellowship” (p.21) and that “If Iran and Israel fight a nuclear war that kills tens of millions of people, “some may be bold enough to argue that ‘Hitler might have been right after all'” (p.179). The book also states that “The history of Jewish persecution is a myth, and if there was any persecution the Jews brought it on themselves.” (p.175, 182)[82

This really is ultimateproof  of their growing cultish actions and Mafioso branding tactics which in the end will win them with no friends and fragment the left-pally world …

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