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If it wasn’t for the unusual occurrence this wouldn’t be so newsworthy, the fact Al Arabiya English posted this sums up what we didn’t need to hear. coz we know already…

IF indeed true WHY has it taken so long for a person of Arabic heritage to be part of thousands if not tens of thousands of human beings from all around the globe to have completed this challenge. Usually may I say for charity – um be very interesting to see whether this guy has done in the same spirit?

If we really break it down it goes like this; celebrities, disabled people , even bloody animals have all done this but because i suspect doing something of an endurance nature, bettering yourself, showing curiosity for the wonders of the World, is not exactly an Arabic trait. Look, I have spoken to many Arabs over  the years and one of the reoccurring themes they always tell me in no-matter how much money and privilege Arabic wealth has in the world, the fact they choose to spend endless petrol dollars selfishly combined with inability to stop in-fighting between themselves makes them weak. So not exactly surprising is it to us seasoned observers of Arabic culture that  ‘Arab’s have never walked this part of Earth – not really on their radar is it??

So a belated welcome my Semitic brothers to the North Pole and stepping out of your comfort zone , don’t let the fact its taken you this long despite a population  of lets say 500+ million…I just  thank you for being curious about the world.

now stop acting greedy and change the world for good!!!

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