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this latest posting by electronic intifadeh

highlights a common tactic to smear and accuse Israel of depriving Palestinian children of a future. a clever ploy to reach into the hearts and minds of the liberal classes brainwashed in thinking there’s no future for Gazan’s children unless the nasty Israelis pack their bags and leave their country.

apparently the US has decided to flow of funding to the UNRWA., um damn right i say. time after time we hear of intimidation by Hamas jihadist types  promote “western values”. but here the hypecrotyical palestinians are crying because, guess what, countires like the US want some kind of vindication and payback for giving aid to UNRWA. The irony is palpable.

this whole idea of spoiling tactics by the US and Israel depriving Gazan children of fun strikes a cord like I said at the beginning, with Western Liberal types. The photo of children on a infltable toy and the fact previous shows of fun have obviously happened before and very recent proves Gazan is not as wartorn as the Guardian would portray. again we have a massive blindspot in the eyes of journalists and decent sane people.



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