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The Beeb ran a story highlighting the increase of private security firms in Lebanon.

The report claims the country’s instability caused since the 2005 assassinations, bombings & mass protests has led to MP’s, Businessman, celebrities paying for their services. Another factor also mentioned is the general perception that Syria have pulled all their troops from the country leaving vulnerable or exposed. This obviously is a lazy conclusion you only have to read Lebanon’s Daily Star to find Syria has not quite left this particular arena, certainly their intelligence arm is still operating at high levels. But  is the BBC somehow suggesting life was perhaps better off with the Syrians there? and now with them go anarchy reins.. oh dear oh dear. Can somebody  re-train these monkeys who report for them ?

I m pretty sure it’s all a fad and fashion necessity for the élite of Beirut. I’ve spent enough time with them over here in London  and Europe to realize the Lebanese are very materialistic in the extreme and hate to miss out on something, but hey how should I know when the Beeb refuses to believe the obvious and paint a picture of calm Lebanon when the Syrians are in control.

If nothing else, at least the Lebanese will have a little hint of what Israelis and Jews have to suffer daily when going about their business., as security is indeed paramount. t

Jpost reports a man has been charged in the US for collecting names and addresses of Anti- Syrian Regime activists. A few months ago I went to the Syrian Embassy protest in Hyde Park Corner to find out myself the full-scale of anger against Assad. I was surprised to learn by one activist all people present were being filmed by o mysterious Embassy officials and other odd characters lurking around. one man  also told me the rival but smaller pro-Assad protest next door to them were mainly made up of Syrian students studying in the Uk and told by party officials to turn up. Blackmail of course.!

What’s more alarming unlike our American cousins we still allow Syrian surveillance and intelligence  to work overtime right in the front of the Police.  If the Americans can do it then it’s about bloody time the British cops pul their finger out.

The real story of the day is not Abu Mazen’s deliberate ploy to start a Third Intifadeh but Hezbollah’s failure to deal with its own insurrection. It seems Arab countries are not the only “Entities” (as they loving say about the Zionist one) in trouble…

According to Asharq Alawsat, 5 senior Hezbollah agents have been charged for spying for the Israelis and one of which escaped! Whatever the truth judging by Al Manar’s quick reply on their site suggests they are worried and seems to have suggestion of truth. What price Nasrallah remaining in power next year I wonder…?

Lebanon has a proud tradition of  playing musical chairs. One minute its March 14th and then suddenly the music stops and it becomes  March 8th again..

Will the real Lebanon standup and shove the chair up the Nasrallah! It’s not fair boo hoo..