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if you listen to this clip with the always excellent Nigel Farage of UKIP debating the Burqa with “Lord Haw Haw” himself George Galloway the thought occurred to me… Galloway as ever – like useful idiots such as Lauren Booth – will disingenuously use the freedom argument and say the wearing of the full Burqa is expression of freedom so surely this is what British values is all about. Well no,  its more or less the same as Holocaust deniers claiming the interest in downgrading the horrors of the Holocaust to just a few thousand in the name of freedom of speech and expression.  (note how this site uses free dom of speech)

One of the best arguments against came ironically enough on Russia Today News channel on the hideous Peter Lavelle show Crossfire. Just watch the French woman completely destroy the English woman claiming and moaning about her human rights being eroded by the possibility of a Europe wide  ban.

As the Norwegian Tragedy unfolds and a clearer picture of what happened unravels guess who’s being blamed. Yep, it’s the Zionists..

Take the  Far Right and Far Left’s favorite channel “Press TV .” In their top of the hour report at 10pm on the 23rd July they relegated the terrorist attack to a mid-ranking story but when they bothered to feature it they reminded viewers  Anders Behring Breivik the man apprehended for the murders in Olso and Utoeya island that his favorite political party are big supporters of Israel. Great insight guys. Um, but what exactly has that got to do with it all apart from trying to insinuate the Far Rights love of Israel. Well Press TV has a history of shit stirring especially during these fog of war type breaking news and the biggest stirrer of shit George Galloway will never leave the Iranian Television compound as long as he can get away with broadcasting crap from a crap station. At some point in the future i will talk about the Sea of Galloway. Back to this post, according to Reuters  a video made by Anderss Breivik is on Youtube. I just managed to see before it was pulled off minutes ago and from this one viewing it seemed like it was made   in the style of “Fitna”. Very essayist and montage based diatribe look at Cultural Marxism and how Europe will be Islamified over the next 50years unless the days of the crusades return. Obviously mad, however the only interesting thing is right at the end where Anders features in various poses as reported here in Reuters including him in full Freemasonry regalia. From what I can tell and judging from the quality, Breivik has indeed used digitally manipulation and simply pasted his face onto a body wearing an apron. The other poses of him look too action packed as well; him in aqua suit and holding different rifles all seem fake. He probably done all this so can feel part of something bigger and prove he’s the real thing. Unfortunately like i said youtube has just removed it so people who believe he s  a Freemason and Zionist will still believe..

It’s a sad indictment when only 300+ people viewed this Ander Brievik material ( not to justify its right to exist in the the first place) but more than 14,000 have now watched it in the last 24hours rather than finding out about the real evil.  This particular video implies he’s a freemason thus proving he’s a  Zionist your honor.

This my friends is where we’re at and until people start to understand that Israel and Zionist is not at the bottom of every dastardly deed on Earth, AND realise this tactic is useful sleight of hand trick from haters of Israel and Jews by Iranian paid propoganda & others we cannot even begin to solve the middle east conflict or indeed the on-going investigation into the tragedy which sadly  might be contaminated already with Freemasonry / Zionist links.

UPDATE: More clearer photos of him holding a rifle in wet suit suggests photos could be real. Though doesn’t make difference to people’s online Zionistic frenzied habits.

A great cross post by Azarmehr who has cleverly picked apart Press TV and their choice of guest. Please read.

Those who still believe Press TV is some kind of antidote to the BNP and EDL as a trusted Channel for the latest news about Islamaphobia around the world are wrong. Press Tv simply allow anyone from both the extreme left and right wing to carry on their sh%t stirring propaganda directive from Tehran HQ.  Azarmehr debunks Peter Rushton mentioned in his blog , who is being used in a capacity of  ”historian” commenting on Eygpt and then finally analyzing the story by distorting  Israel and Egypt relations pre and post Mubarak. It’s classic way by Press TV to allow themselves poetic license to espouse anti-Israeli sentiments. Just look at any top of the hour news rundown and count the Israeli stories. For anyone new to Earth watching just Press TV it would give the impression that Israel is the most important country ever to existed and the worst.

So those of you who still believe in muslamic ray guns please empty them  now and don’t get too excited that Press TV are kinda cool because they sometimes do investigative pieces of the EDL and BNP. They aren’t. They’re Nazi lovers.

Here’s a satirical video done in a typical songify way using Press TV’s news item about the EDL which worryingly helps legitimise the journalism delivered by (O)Press TV ..

In the actual report they obviously try to mock them. But Azarmehr demonstrates Press TV will actually talk and give a stage to BNP types in an attempt to justify and validate pure and simple anti-Israeli agendas.

Pure hypocrisy. Now where’s that OfComs number again??

In taking the iconography of man who wanted a whole people exterminated and allowed those to act out his orders and ‘enjoy’ murdering Jews one finds it difficult to  use him as a figure of fun for any satire. But needless to say in a democracy  we must challenge all sorts of weird fantasies and wannabe hipsters.

Here’s the sites disclaimer. is strictly a parody, satire and humor site, all content herein should be treated as such.
None of the views expressed on this page should be confused with the actual views of the authors, advertisers, the hosting company, any service providers or the owner of this domain name. Everything on this site is intended to spoof, parody and satirize. We make no claims as to the accuracy of our uses the names of public figures for purposes of satire only. Any other names are invented and any similarity to real names is accidental and coincidental. The content of this web site should in no way be construed as factual. It is a work of fiction and all content on this site are for the purposes of satiric criticism and comment.

Hitler Hipster attempt on one hand can be seen as brave, progressive and way to lessen the horrid legacy of the Nazis, u-m right…But to end up making him look chic and cool in an ironic way is intellectually and morally bankrupt. We really don’t have to feed any border-line facist, whether reading mein kampf in Cairo  or  Strasbourg and give any sense of legitimacy..

P.S. For the record those crying out saying  ‘well aren’t u doing the same with equating Hipsters and Pro-Palestinians’ with your blog’. The difference my dear man is nice and simple; Israel and it’s people are not acting out genocide to the Palestinian people. FACT. They are not committing mass murder on thousands and thousands scale every single day; sending their woman and children to death showers, turning a whole population of a nation into permanent slaves and finally trying to eliminate a whole people via their legally elected state apparatus. Do I have to go on? To prove how misguided and idiotic this venture is you only have to look the satisfaction of REAL NAZIS by reading their comments.

More analysis on when its really worth bothering about..

I was doing my daily ablutions when discovered this nasty Hitler loving website

As I’m always one to peek into lives of those who follow the rantings of a lunatic, I scrolled down and picked up this rather classic comment by random.

IamGodforall (2 days ago)
Fuck the Zog, for the sake of humanity

Oh the humanity, so I clicked his page

His account is full of  videos of cultural ethnic dances crossed between Nazi esque sentiments and a touch of  holocaust denial.

He advertised his website

The 300 is a website devoted to the glory of Greece and Sparta and its battles. They also promote to schools and put together re-enactments for the general public. The worrying thing for us is, if  this person is connected in any shape or form to previous sites mentioned then  it exposes a school educator and legitimate historian (look at the sites credits) Then the sites harbours under the banner of modern-day educators, good old fashion dirty Anti-Semites/ Nazi Sympathizers.

If people connected to them subscribed to such youtubers as THELINDRENN then it’s now time for Warner Bros take an interest as they certainly use 300film to plug it..

I couldn’t find the Spartan Army giving a Nazi Salute so we have to make do with other soldiers (of God) from the Mediterranean seas..