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Baroness Tongue (  is the latest piece of sh*T because of her obsession with Israel and failing to understand that Israel is not the centre of the world for evil and destruction of mankind ever!

So we describe her  as the “The second wave sh&t” Go to the page at the bottom to find out what that means..

Tongue only a few days ago stormed out of the House of Lord because people basically had enough of her constant irrationally Israel-bashing.

Baroness Tonge, a prominent anti-Israel activist, accused those who supported the bill of destroying a safeguard against political interference by the Government. She denied that the current rules on magistrates issuing arrest warrants for foreign dignitaries, which prompted Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni to cancel a trip to Britain in 2009, had ever been abused in the past. The Liberal Democrat peer then used the opportunity to complain about Ms Livni, at which point another of the party’s peer, Lord Carlisle, noted: “What my noble friend is saying is out of order, inappropriate and not related to the amendment. She is having a rant at Mrs Livni.”  His complaint was supported by Lord Wallace, who said he comments were ranging from the subject “much more widely than is normal”. Baroness Tonge responded that she refused “to be silenced”, and when Lord Wallace repeated the fact that she was going off topic, she interrupted him again. Lord Carlisle called for order but she persisted: “I am not going to give way again. I must finish.” She was only silenced when another peer moved to demand that she no longer be heard. When the motion was agreed, she ran out of the chamber”

She also  made headlines for expressing concerns that Israel was collecting human organs during the Haiti earthquake, thankfully she was sacked from the Lib Dem Cabinet.

She promoted the demented Palestine Telegraph online paper. Harry’s place does a nice piece here:

So loved by the P.T they released a statement condemning the dismissal

For the record the soure of the story about Haiti organ harvesting came from insane out called AfriSynergy and Mr T.West.

The report apparently used some of this CNN report, here is the raw copy.

But to get a REAL feel of her qualifications just look how much time she devotes talking about Israel in the House of Lords. its quite staggering

For Tongue Israel is a such an obsession we need her to just calm down.

Cameron says it:

and Michael

Nick Cohen reports in the Jewish Chronicle

‘In my last column I wrote that Labour is taking a huge risk in running the tired and seedy figure of Ken Livingstone as its candidate in next year’s London mayoral elections. No sooner had I filed the copy than a delegation of Iranian leftists came to see me. They had been sickened by the sight of Livingstone taking the money of Press TV, the propaganda station of the Iranian government that has murdered thousands of their comrades, and tortured and raped tens of thousands more. The Iranians intend to picket him at every stage of the way in the campaign and force the British media to ask two questions which few apart from Martin Bright, Andrew Gilligan and your humble correspondent have raised before.’ So it takes Iranian citizens of Britain to remind the political classes and the Police how we should treat backers of the Iranian thug-eoracy.

Will his PressTV days finally catch up with him?