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By weedily asking the drone plane back last December, it allowed Iran to puff out its chest and have fun with tormenting its enemy. This is no leader of the US for me.

Iran wants to ban Samsung.  Iranians like Muslims haven’t progressed to satirical humor, pretty much sums it all up really.

This will be the new template for future Israeli/Jewish news services. I m not going to evoke usual cliche comparisons with Al Jazeera as AJ is extension of Qatars over-priced ego and its sister Arabic station still produces borderline anti-semitic stories. JN1 is welcomed and hopefully Jewish professionals within the media and investors can now imagine in realtime what happens when proper funding is funnelled into something truly global..

This excellent summary of all the shit my borough is going throughout lst few years post Galloway’s evil tenure. Though a tad too left its quite biting about honor politics playing out in the labours own back yard and my home, the eastend of london. for constant scrutiny about Eastend politics go to Ted Jeory’s blog :

Honour and shame in Tower Hamlets

by Dan McCurry

We used to be proud of spreading our ideas around the world. Now we are confused about how we explain our identity to the people who have settled here.

The problem is that we need to understand their culture and identity, before we can explain to them our own. With 3,000 honour crime complaints to the police last year, maybe this is the issue that we’re failing to comprehend.

It would help to understand what happened in Tower Hamlets last year, when the Labour party collapsed in on itself over the selection of Lutfur Rahman as candidate for mayor.

It started out as a conversation about secularism. But we didn’t know it was about secularism, because in school we learn everything there is to know about Martin Luther King, but nothing about Martin Luther. We know about the rights of minorities, but not about the separation of church and state.

This was in the days when Muslims were considered to be either moderates or extremists, with nothing in between. This perception was encouraged by the fact that the extremists got more airtime, but also due to the taboos about race and religion that suppressed debate about community, but allowed debate about terror.

The row was mostly, but not exclusively, between Cllr Helal Abbas and Cllr Lutfur Rahman. Abbas was not devoutly religious, but Lutfur apparently was, and this is where Lutfur’s increasing clout in the community came from. Including all places of prayer, there are about 40 mosques in Tower Hamlets and most of them see Lutfur as their man.

When Lutfur was first elected as a councillor, he was the apprentice of Abbas. Abbas didn’t complain that Lutfur brought the mosques’ vote with him, but when Lutfur struck out on his own, Abbas was furious. He denounced Lutfur’s religious connections, speaking of the global reaching tentacles of the Islamic forum for Europe, an organisation based at the east London mosque, and supportive of Lutfur.

In east London, all politicians of all parties, seek to tap into faith organisations. When the doors of one are shut, they go knocking on another. Those who condemn these organisations tend to be the ones who have run out of doors to knock on.

The scrutiny of Lutfur’s connections to the east London mosque began when a journalist called Ted Jeory arrived at the local paper. For years councillors had complained that they could never get anyone from the East London Advertiser to cover town hall meetings. Now they were complaining about this guy who kept turning up.

Rather like the way that Arab dictators began by condemning Al-Jazeera, Tower Hamlets councillors quickly switched from condemning, to briefing, Ted Jeory. According to Ted, the briefings came from anyone who was ambitious, and included every candidate who would later stand in the mayoral selection. Others, such as the MP, Jim Fitzpatrick, were fearful that Lutfur could muster enough Labour votes to replace an incumbent.

The fact is that Lutfur was on good terms with religious people across a spectrum of opinion, but he wasn’t a conduit for evil. He just didn’t realise that Labour people consider Islam to be authoritive, and not sharing the same values as us. In the fine line that a Muslim politician must walk, in a British political career, Lutfur was too far on the Bangladeshi side. However, this needs to be put into perspective. It’s not as if he was hanging out with suicide bombers.

The rumours about extremist connections continued and reached a high point when Ted’s reports were picked up by Andrew Gilligan and broadcast in a C4 Dispatches film, where Jim Fitzpatrick took the controversy to a new height by alleging a plot to infiltrate the Labour party with Muslim extremists, “rather like militant infiltrated Labour in the 70s and 80s”.

It sounds like a ridiculous now, but at the time the country was paranoid following the 7/7 bombings and ready to believe anything. Meanwhile, Labour head office was becoming increasingly nervous about what was happening in Tower Hamlets. The persistency of the rumours began to turn even rational minds.

In May 2010, Tower Hamlets had a referendum for a directly elected mayor, resulting in a mandatory six month time-frame for an election. Seeing an opportunity to bypass his isolation within the party, Lutfur ran in the open Labour party selection for mayoral candidate, and easily won, but a report attacking Lutfur, from Abbas, and also one from Cllr Bill Turner, was presented to the NEC and, without committee members having time to read them, a vote was taken to rule Lutfur out as candidate.

Although John Biggs came second in the selection vote, the NEC gave the slot to third place Abbas. They may have feared that they would have been labelled as racist, if they gave the candidacy to a white man.

In response, Lutfur tore up his Labour membership card and announced his intention to run as an independent against Abbas. The two old friends were now sworn enemies and it would be for the electorate to decide who would win. Lutfur did.

In Bangladeshi village society there is little in the way of transparent rule of law. The community is governed by honour and shame. As a system, it seems to work in Bangladesh, but when transferred to the UK, we see both the good and the bad.

We see a low crime rate, juxtaposed against a high perversion of the course of justice, as victims are pressured to drop charges. We see strong family life, juxtaposed with school girls disappearing from the roster, without notice or explanation. We see a moralistic society, where alcohol is shunned. Yet when youths gather in groups on street corners to drink alcohol, as an act of rebellion, they will eventually face severe and violent retribution, from the “community”.

The lack of transparency undermines the justice done by creating other injustices. This is brutally demonstrated when false rumours are spread against individuals who have displeased someone in the community. I first saw this phenomenon when Oona King backed the Iraq war and the community turned on her with the most astonishing slander. She was alleged to be a Mossad spy, who wanted to criminalise the veil and remove halal food from school menus.

The fact that such rumours are unbelievable is beside the point. This kind of attack is a referendum against an individual. If the rumours catch on, then the community consensus has turned against that person. If the rumours fail, then the individual has the respect of the community. However, the attack on Oona was less to do with Iraq and more to do with a consensus in the community that it was time for a Bangladeshi to be MP, and that the MP should be a man.

The allegations against Lutfur are different to the rumours about Oona, in that the target audience was the white community. The Labour party had unwittingly become a part of the system of honour and shame, and had no understanding of the issue to help them cope. The result was division and misery.

Today, Tower Hamlets politics is deeply divided. Every time the two sides of the council meet to agree on working together, the agreement is then sabotaged by Labour people who want to see Lutfur kept permanently out of the party. The bitterness amongst Lutfur’s people is plain and highly visible. They now attack the Labour councillors in return.

So deep are these divisions that Lutfur refuses to sit on the committee that will hire the new chief executive for the local authority. The Labour group has a majority on this committee, but no chief executive is going to take the job without the cooperation of the mayor. Catch 22.

Meanwhile, in the party, with Lutfur gone, there is a lack of good Bangladeshi activists who can make future councillors. It is unrealistic that any of the current Labour councillors would win against Lutfur at a future mayor election. The Bangladeshis see him as a victim, while the white people continue to see him as the Labour bloke.

The situation is bogged down and tragic. If Lutfur was to reapply to join the Labour party, it is likely that he would be readmitted, but he point blank refused to. As far as he’s concerned, he is a victim in all of this. Meanwhile, Ed Miliband has washed his hands of the situation with no explanation as to why.

Shakespeare described the battle scene in Macbeth: “As two spent swimmers that do cling together and choke their art.”

The image of both sides drowning is apt.

If it wasn’t for the unusual occurrence this wouldn’t be so newsworthy, the fact Al Arabiya English posted this sums up what we didn’t need to hear. coz we know already…

IF indeed true WHY has it taken so long for a person of Arabic heritage to be part of thousands if not tens of thousands of human beings from all around the globe to have completed this challenge. Usually may I say for charity – um be very interesting to see whether this guy has done in the same spirit?

If we really break it down it goes like this; celebrities, disabled people , even bloody animals have all done this but because i suspect doing something of an endurance nature, bettering yourself, showing curiosity for the wonders of the World, is not exactly an Arabic trait. Look, I have spoken to many Arabs over  the years and one of the reoccurring themes they always tell me in no-matter how much money and privilege Arabic wealth has in the world, the fact they choose to spend endless petrol dollars selfishly combined with inability to stop in-fighting between themselves makes them weak. So not exactly surprising is it to us seasoned observers of Arabic culture that  ‘Arab’s have never walked this part of Earth – not really on their radar is it??

So a belated welcome my Semitic brothers to the North Pole and stepping out of your comfort zone , don’t let the fact its taken you this long despite a population  of lets say 500+ million…I just  thank you for being curious about the world.

now stop acting greedy and change the world for good!!!

You got to hand to the Iranians they come up with all sorts of ideas to distinguish the flames from the West. This attempt to again, unify the Muslim world around them by advocating for a single Islamic Press Union is quite unique, but obviously it will fail faster than you can say ‘Arab spring’.. check out the lame photo Fars Agency use. The camera looks to be top-of-the range maybe in the 1960s..

Gilad Atzmon has written a book, I wont bother now to mention it, and if you want to have a quick introduction into the obsessive psychotics who follow the Palestinian cause as a drug and refuse to accept any hint of sanity please look at the first three minutes of this clip to see Gilad trying to defuse negativity about his book from pro-Palestinians.

In the first three minutes we  see an inquisitive Arabic looking woman trying to Fisk Gilad (The term fisking is blogosphere slang describing a point-by-point criticism that highlights perceived errors, or disputes the analysis in a statement, article, or essay.[1]F

She along with others challenges him  for not using the right words when accusing Israel , in this case she believes Gilad somehow excuses them by not calling them  a typical colonizer state – Gilad obviously has other more nasty words for Israel – but regardless of his attempt to reassure her he still has to quieten them down by reaffirming his Palestinian supporting credentials. Watching this extraordinary piece of footage , well,   I didn’t  know whether to laugh or cry but at the same time its very revealing.

Like I ve always said about Islamists and their obsession  over Israel and Jews, whilst they cannot face the awful truth about their own prejudices and hatred,  by spouting out lies and growing in confidence will all  eventually collide and  overlap to confront itself to the very  people supporting them. And I see exactly the same thing going on here… for the biggest supplier of Antisemitism and Holocaust revision this side of the Atlantic to be called a Zionist stooge makes me believe this could be the beginning of the end for the Palestinian movement..?

Okay I admit we tend to be a bit resigned at the thought of anti-zionism  activities in the UK but I for one honestly believe their over confidence will destroy them,  ironically in the same way Atzmon’s loves to purport abut Zionism for the Jews . The ebullience and belligerency in the way pro-Palestinian movements in the UK act without impunity ; to  disrupt Israel Orchestras; to walk free from court  after smashing up Israeli businesses; to carry out racial attacks on campus; to spoil products in Tescos or Waitrose in broad daylight has began to intoxicate them to excess and like I mentioned before, they will simply  implode. Tony Greensteins on-going campaign is tantamount to this.

They have become so confident and s-o open about winning the public relation wars, now they want everything, they want to change even their own unbelievable narratives and more perniciously  completely close down any hint, any small humanizing feel for the Israelis . I m afraid in the area of freedom of speech this comes with a price.

To protest against Gilad Atzmon, the leading exponent of the most dangerous Antisemitism in the UK and Europe (his latest book “The wandering Jew” is described)

Alan Dershowitz argues that the book depicts Jews as being evil and a menace to humanity, since the book states “[T]o be a Jew is a deep commitment that goes far beyond any legal or moral order” (p.20) and this commitment “pulls more and more Jews into an obscure, dangerous and unethical fellowship” (p.21) and that “If Iran and Israel fight a nuclear war that kills tens of millions of people, “some may be bold enough to argue that ‘Hitler might have been right after all'” (p.179). The book also states that “The history of Jewish persecution is a myth, and if there was any persecution the Jews brought it on themselves.” (p.175, 182)[82

This really is ultimateproof  of their growing cultish actions and Mafioso branding tactics which in the end will win them with no friends and fragment the left-pally world …

Iran’s Fars News Agency propagandist machine is running overtime. Its quite fun to see how they respond to the civilized world about their clandestine nuclear A-Bomb plans.. The leader says;

“Iran is not a nation to sit still and just observe threats from fragile materialist powers which are being eaten by worms from inside,” Ayatollah Khamenei told students at a Tehran military college on Thursday

I m sure he’ll be sounding more like him when push comes to shove…

Mondoweiss is well known Anti-Zionist website. On their donate page:


Mondoweiss is only able to continue with the support of its readers. The website is part of The Center for Economic Research and Social Change, a 501(c)(3) organization, and contributions to which are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

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Centre for economic change:

Let’s click  one of their projects: Seems like they are well in with the occupy wall streets.

I m starting to come around to the idea maybe it’s really better to do business with Hamas than the duplicitous Fateh Movement who I believe their time is running out.

Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a senior advisor to PA President Mahmoud Abbas, warned that if Israel does not stop settlement construction and if the Quartet is unable to restart the peace process, the Palestinian Authority will take a decision that “will change the face of the region and the entire Middle East,” Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported, citing an interview with BBC radio.Abu Rudeineh did not expand on what steps the PA would implement but called them “serious and substantial,” according to the report.
Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a senior advisor to PA President Mahmoud Abbas, warned that if Israel does not stop settlement construction and if the Quartet is unable to restart the peace process, the Palestinian Authority will take a decision that “will change the face of the region and the entire Middle East,” Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported, citing an interview with BBC radio.Abu Rudeineh did not expand on what steps the PA would implement but called them “serious and substantial,” according to the report.

For too long they say one thing in Arabic and say another in English and now trying to blackmail Israel into a corner. Time for this old man of hatred to retire anyway. I smelt something fishy happening a few days ago which I posted and today’s threat is a continuation of this. Abbas (Abu Mazen) I think knows Netanyahu’s power and convictions is far too strong for Abbas’s UN posturing and with almost every Arab country repositioning themselves through the sandstorms of the Arab-Spring Abu Mazen has once again failed to deliver to his people and the reality on the ground, regardless of his UN declaration for statehood, is truly awful. Salam Fayyad almost ‘third way’  programme of how to deal with the Israelis pragmatically and from a business has created an economic boom in Ramalla.


In the end money talks and bullshiters like Mazen walk.