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For those keeping scores Turkey has invaded Northern Iraq and continues to bomb parts of Kurdish controlled areas..and guess what, hardly nothing from the media and certainly no street protests or UN resolutions passed as per-usual.

To get a better overall view on Turkish ambitions there’s a telling interview with Professor İbrahim Kaboğlu, who visited Tunisia three times after the Jasmine Revolution. He describes the scene just before PM Erdogan’s visit to Tunisia …

“..the Turkish demand to send posters of the prime minister ahead of the visit in order for them to be hung on the street – all of this seems to have created resentment. And the fact that it was within the framework of his tour of the Middle East, it led to questions as to whether Ottomanism was being revived and whether Turkey had some imperial inclinations about spreading its influence to the region in an effort to dominate it.”

As the ArabSpring really unravels  and we now focus exclusively on Syria which throws into question Iran and its position as lead sponsor of terror and spoiler of stability, Turkish jockeying to be Arab’s answer to a perfect society will come into the spotlight. The views of the Professor, talking to a Turkish Newspaper, highlighting the growing threat of ‘ottomanism’ is a relief for those of us who feel nervous of  a confident Turkey and its ability to criticized itself. What he has mentioned if you read the piece is the bullish nature of Erdogan administration and the confusion of its ambition to an Arab world still sore from revolutions.

S-oo  much has happened over the last 48 hours.. one of the most interesting footnotes to  Qaddafi’s bloody end is Venezuela’s own nutter saying

“They assassinated him. It is another outrage,” the Venezuelan leader told reporters in the town of La Grita.We shall remember Qaddafi our whole lives as a great fighter, a revolutionary and a martyr,” he said.


The so called Arab Spring has brought about new and strange equations and realities on the ground, as well as changing the political relationships of former alliances, Chavez remarks like Iran’s with the increasingly embarrassed situation of their own man Assad, has meant they may be on the wrong side of history and maybe more curiously, the Arab street….

Its pretty tiring reading anything coming out of the mouth from Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, Jpost recently reports he wished Jewish Citizens of Turkey a happy Rosh Hashana. Though according to some figures approximately 5,000 Jews out of 23,000 living in Turkey have fled already. Stories of businessman being murdered and Jewish schoolgirls bullied in Schools are becoming a worrying trend in Erdogan’s wonderful progressive Turkey.

Erdogan  of late has become a master of all things anti-Israeli, and his finger waging speeches very much  blankets over Turkey’s own so-called defensive war against the Kurds on its borders. One of his comments could have been a lot worse if not for Hurriet Newspaper correction . Jpost reports.

“A Turkish transcript of the interview, provided by Turkish state news agency Anatolia, revealed that “Erdogan said hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of Palestinians were killed by Israelis,” Hurriyet reported

The fact it was mistranslated by a network so often enthusiastic  to paint Israel as the aggressor especially in an age when most news broadcasters pride themselves on experienced competent translations –  International networks like CNN run international stories with all sorts of languages interpreted all the time mishaps are exceedingly rare nowadays.

CNN’s failure to correct and update this report during and after broadcast shows this more than a Freudian slip but further evidence of a culture in journalism (embedded and the standard I say ) who cannot  and will  not accept Israel whether its right or wrong.

As long as Erdogan keeps making provocative speeches about Israel and news outlets misreporting we shall see no-end to this conflict and a peaceful conclusion, simply because we need truths and facts in order to make judgments and decision from..

Browsing through the Guardian online I find this nugget Samer Allawi, the Arab TV network’s Kabul bureau chief seems to have admitted to working for Hamas

” Under interrogation, Allawi admitted he had been recruited by Hamas in Pakistan in 1993. A military court convicted Allawi of “conspiracy to provide a service for an outlawed organisation”.

Shin Bet, Israel‘s intelligence agency, said Allawi had agreed “to carry out military or organisational activity as required by Hamas”. This included “criticising American actions in Afghanistan and voicing support for the Palestinian ‘resistance'”, the agency said in a statement”

Strangely the rest of the article is more befitting the Guardians world view and stubbornness to ever agree with anything Israel says, giving ample opportunity to revise the article and even quote the Guardian Editorial Code as their version of something akin to a  UN resolution. Whatever the truth of the story yet again the Guardian’s eagerness to cross examine everything coming from Israeli authorities and not applying the same standards to unsubstantiated deaths and injuries from say Gaza City is quite astounding.

The real story of the day is not Abu Mazen’s deliberate ploy to start a Third Intifadeh but Hezbollah’s failure to deal with its own insurrection. It seems Arab countries are not the only “Entities” (as they loving say about the Zionist one) in trouble…

According to Asharq Alawsat, 5 senior Hezbollah agents have been charged for spying for the Israelis and one of which escaped! Whatever the truth judging by Al Manar’s quick reply on their site suggests they are worried and seems to have suggestion of truth. What price Nasrallah remaining in power next year I wonder…?

it pains me to listen to this..