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The idea that both sides have no relationship apart from when the odd peace treaty comes around is totally absurd and plays right into the hands of the international left movement who now only want  a “one state solution”. Which means no place for Israel as a democratic Jewish State alongside the Palestinian state and the other 20+ Islamic States whom not so democratic..

So please be patient for this piece of content, as  it really does takes time to get things out there and with this particular page I want to do something honest and truthful.

It’s f-ar easier to flood the news, tv, web with lies and fake stories when you don’t have to abide by international law. You can say basically  whatever thought, feeling in your head without worrying that someone will vet this and take it through a process of checks and balances which on a whole, is the fundamental cement keeping democracy going.  Our tolerance and political correct values have been exploited by the Palestinian cause because we haven’t learn t to distinguished truth from fiction and in doing so allow every tom, dick &harry speaks for them . Without fact-checking and not the type that Palestinians use like NGO’s and specialist UN departments who have no other agenda or choice but to carry out the popular Palestinian narrative and validate every whim and fantasy of theirs, we  simply are going to wait many generations for its people to die out. Eventually only after then can they become immune from the politic malaise aided by the International left and the odd Neo-Facists and start engaging freely and with purpose.  When you start thinking in these terms, finally, you’ll understand why Israel is such a story very difficult to pitch in a part of the world where lies are its everyday currency, and Israels stock is going down. like our shared values.

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