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What do Hipsters and pro-Palestinians types have in common? Duh, they both have no sense of humor and can be fair game for criticism.Hence why I’m blogging now.

On a serious side, sadly pro-Palestinian groups have indeed infiltrated at the very heart of the human rights agenda and created its own brand of injustice politics, as to support the Palestinians equates to supporting the most indigenous of peoples ever known to man, so forget about all the other wars, conflicts, land disputes there’s simply nothing more important than supporting the Palestinians, ever…

For a better explanation of this neurological disease of the mind take a look at this. (I think its for fun but it could be serious) This clip deserves a page all of its little own. Whether a parody or not it sums up my mood of today..

Here is Adam Shapiro, arch king pin of the largest collection of useful idiots namely the ISM movement. won’t bother linking. This is the international leftist raison d’etre on why do what they do. note the use of words “ramp up the resistance”

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