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There isn’t room for any doubt about “The Independent’s” obsession with the Palestinian narrative and how driven they are to portray the conflict through their limited lens. The owners son, Evgeny-Lebedev confirms all our fears by choosing his first interview subject with none other than “The Prime Minister of Gaza”. So any thoughts of feeling slightly apprehensive when using his formal diplomatic title despite Hamas’s appalling human rights record, and without seemingly looking as if they’re championing him in the court public opinion are completely out of question. As the Independent is a card carrying member of every aspect Palestinian cause no matter how brutal and morally corrupt he so-called resistance is.

There’s no mention of  Hamas being a theocratic dictatorship who stone women on public beaches and throw political opponents off rooftops regardless being bed-ridden in hospitals. Perhaps its too   much detail for our Evgeny and his excitement in having access to controversial figures wont allow him to cast a critical eye.

Little Evengy  thanks to Daddy has much wealth but no class and imagination and  the interview is full of the party line where in the end you wonder why Hamas weren’t given the noble peace prize years ago.

The fact the owner of The Independent makes his first formal appointment with the “Prime Minister of Gaza” is all you need to know him and the politics of the Independent newspaper. Absolutely  no mention of Hamas racist charter calling for Israels elimination (Which guys is still fucking important to include) Plus the indiscriminate acts of mass killings on women and children inside Israel well  the list goes on and on and on….

So here’s the bullshit interview in full view and photos of the cuddly Haniyeh.

History will not judge the Independent newspaper favorably and when Russian oligarchs tire of losing money and not needing trophy assets such as running a British newspaper, these journalists who act as usefuls will have a lot of time perhaps to regret how allowing murderers and abuses of women, human rights were portrayed so positive and easily so.

Most seasoned observers both left and right recognize Christians have a hard time to express themselves openly within Islamic countries. The quite brilliant Tom Gross gives countless examples on his site. But this fact-on-the-ground doesn’t bold well for Arabist and Palestinian apologists who find any means to curtail and discourage negative reports from Palestinian territories about the growing threats to Palestinian Christians living here. Stuart Littlewood who writes for Redress explained that he was so dissatisfied with the Guardians report on Hamas crackdown on Christmas, he felt it was hurting the Palestinian cause so contacted her directly. Now correct me if I m wrong most if not all Israel activists wouldn’t use that moralizing tone despite angry retorts by Pro-Israel feelings, its if “how dare the Guardian ever suggest the wonderful Palestinians could possibility think of such a thing”.. Guardian article here:

Littlewood says, “Is Hamas being beastly to Gaza’s Christians? Has Phoebe Greenwood got her story straight? I wrote to her at the Guardian, pointing out that revelations of this kind in the popular British press undo the hard work activists put in to help the Palestinian cause. Could she please throw more light onto it? I’ve had no reply. I’m in England and unable to contact Hamas. Phoebe Greenwood is on the spot. Shouldn’t someone from Haniyeh’s office be given a chance to comment?”

Look it’s this sanctimonious moralistic conviction crap of “always being in the right” and bloody ignorant of  facts-on-the-ground which has always fascinated me about the Pro-Palestinian cause. Their agenda is so-fanatically hatred towards Israel that they will change day into night to suit how and how others should see the conflict.

Critically,  this is the main difference between  (supporters of Israel) and  how they  see it.  Within in the Jewish world we have the capacity of debate and self inquiry – sometimes to our detriment.  Again the proof is so overly abundant in our culture its very obvious for every one to see, if not read the bloody JC letter page for the past  ten years and YOU’LL see  for differing opinions (do it I dare ya Stuart!!).  I do think in the end ,  fanatics like Stuart will always lose because the very people they’re trying to win over and hoodwink will eventually bore and suss them out. The fact he says Greenwood didn’t bite to his charges of “unfairness” is indicative of a growing trend i notice since the beeb finally admitted coverage of being too keen of taking the Palestinian view and slap down for well respected Jeremy Bowen – a very unusual admission indeed.  BBC and middle east shtick

For links on Palestinian Christians and yes even-handed accounts look here: Yes there’s even criticism of Israel as it should be when talking about democracies.

But really do you own research as I genuine believe  people should find out the  truth for themselves, something the likes of Stuart Littlewood cannot ever comprehend! Stuart likes to write moralistic  blackmailing letters because like all supporters of Palestinian cause it has become very personal and a sick obsession. He cannot see dark from light and will never allow himself to create a space for criticism despite the overwhelming evidence.

If it wasn’t for the unusual occurrence this wouldn’t be so newsworthy, the fact Al Arabiya English posted this sums up what we didn’t need to hear. coz we know already…

IF indeed true WHY has it taken so long for a person of Arabic heritage to be part of thousands if not tens of thousands of human beings from all around the globe to have completed this challenge. Usually may I say for charity – um be very interesting to see whether this guy has done in the same spirit?

If we really break it down it goes like this; celebrities, disabled people , even bloody animals have all done this but because i suspect doing something of an endurance nature, bettering yourself, showing curiosity for the wonders of the World, is not exactly an Arabic trait. Look, I have spoken to many Arabs over  the years and one of the reoccurring themes they always tell me in no-matter how much money and privilege Arabic wealth has in the world, the fact they choose to spend endless petrol dollars selfishly combined with inability to stop in-fighting between themselves makes them weak. So not exactly surprising is it to us seasoned observers of Arabic culture that  ‘Arab’s have never walked this part of Earth – not really on their radar is it??

So a belated welcome my Semitic brothers to the North Pole and stepping out of your comfort zone , don’t let the fact its taken you this long despite a population  of lets say 500+ million…I just  thank you for being curious about the world.

now stop acting greedy and change the world for good!!!

To understand what Ken Livingstone really thinks about his autobiography tally up keywords like “Jew” , “Zionism” etc

Here’s a tally of selected keywords (mentions in text only, excluding index):

Jew/ Jews/ Jewish 80

Israel/ Israeli 64

Racism/ racist 43

Wadley [Veronica Wadley, former editor of the Evening Standard] 33

Zionist/ Zionists/ Zionism  32

Transport for London/ TfL 30

Nazi/ Nazis/ Nazism 23

NHS/ National Health Service 17

Hitler 16

Lee Jasper 16

Routemaster 16

Sorry 7

Socialist Action 1

Bendy bus 0

if you listen to this clip with the always excellent Nigel Farage of UKIP debating the Burqa with “Lord Haw Haw” himself George Galloway the thought occurred to me… Galloway as ever – like useful idiots such as Lauren Booth – will disingenuously use the freedom argument and say the wearing of the full Burqa is expression of freedom so surely this is what British values is all about. Well no,  its more or less the same as Holocaust deniers claiming the interest in downgrading the horrors of the Holocaust to just a few thousand in the name of freedom of speech and expression.  (note how this site uses free dom of speech)

One of the best arguments against came ironically enough on Russia Today News channel on the hideous Peter Lavelle show Crossfire. Just watch the French woman completely destroy the English woman claiming and moaning about her human rights being eroded by the possibility of a Europe wide  ban.

You got to hand to the Iranians they come up with all sorts of ideas to distinguish the flames from the West. This attempt to again, unify the Muslim world around them by advocating for a single Islamic Press Union is quite unique, but obviously it will fail faster than you can say ‘Arab spring’.. check out the lame photo Fars Agency use. The camera looks to be top-of-the range maybe in the 1960s..

The Beeb ran a story highlighting the increase of private security firms in Lebanon.

The report claims the country’s instability caused since the 2005 assassinations, bombings & mass protests has led to MP’s, Businessman, celebrities paying for their services. Another factor also mentioned is the general perception that Syria have pulled all their troops from the country leaving vulnerable or exposed. This obviously is a lazy conclusion you only have to read Lebanon’s Daily Star to find Syria has not quite left this particular arena, certainly their intelligence arm is still operating at high levels. But  is the BBC somehow suggesting life was perhaps better off with the Syrians there? and now with them go anarchy reins.. oh dear oh dear. Can somebody  re-train these monkeys who report for them ?

I m pretty sure it’s all a fad and fashion necessity for the élite of Beirut. I’ve spent enough time with them over here in London  and Europe to realize the Lebanese are very materialistic in the extreme and hate to miss out on something, but hey how should I know when the Beeb refuses to believe the obvious and paint a picture of calm Lebanon when the Syrians are in control.

If nothing else, at least the Lebanese will have a little hint of what Israelis and Jews have to suffer daily when going about their business., as security is indeed paramount. t

Gilad Atzmon has written a book, I wont bother now to mention it, and if you want to have a quick introduction into the obsessive psychotics who follow the Palestinian cause as a drug and refuse to accept any hint of sanity please look at the first three minutes of this clip to see Gilad trying to defuse negativity about his book from pro-Palestinians.

In the first three minutes we  see an inquisitive Arabic looking woman trying to Fisk Gilad (The term fisking is blogosphere slang describing a point-by-point criticism that highlights perceived errors, or disputes the analysis in a statement, article, or essay.[1]F

She along with others challenges him  for not using the right words when accusing Israel , in this case she believes Gilad somehow excuses them by not calling them  a typical colonizer state – Gilad obviously has other more nasty words for Israel – but regardless of his attempt to reassure her he still has to quieten them down by reaffirming his Palestinian supporting credentials. Watching this extraordinary piece of footage , well,   I didn’t  know whether to laugh or cry but at the same time its very revealing.

Like I ve always said about Islamists and their obsession  over Israel and Jews, whilst they cannot face the awful truth about their own prejudices and hatred,  by spouting out lies and growing in confidence will all  eventually collide and  overlap to confront itself to the very  people supporting them. And I see exactly the same thing going on here… for the biggest supplier of Antisemitism and Holocaust revision this side of the Atlantic to be called a Zionist stooge makes me believe this could be the beginning of the end for the Palestinian movement..?

Okay I admit we tend to be a bit resigned at the thought of anti-zionism  activities in the UK but I for one honestly believe their over confidence will destroy them,  ironically in the same way Atzmon’s loves to purport abut Zionism for the Jews . The ebullience and belligerency in the way pro-Palestinian movements in the UK act without impunity ; to  disrupt Israel Orchestras; to walk free from court  after smashing up Israeli businesses; to carry out racial attacks on campus; to spoil products in Tescos or Waitrose in broad daylight has began to intoxicate them to excess and like I mentioned before, they will simply  implode. Tony Greensteins on-going campaign is tantamount to this.

They have become so confident and s-o open about winning the public relation wars, now they want everything, they want to change even their own unbelievable narratives and more perniciously  completely close down any hint, any small humanizing feel for the Israelis . I m afraid in the area of freedom of speech this comes with a price.

To protest against Gilad Atzmon, the leading exponent of the most dangerous Antisemitism in the UK and Europe (his latest book “The wandering Jew” is described)

Alan Dershowitz argues that the book depicts Jews as being evil and a menace to humanity, since the book states “[T]o be a Jew is a deep commitment that goes far beyond any legal or moral order” (p.20) and this commitment “pulls more and more Jews into an obscure, dangerous and unethical fellowship” (p.21) and that “If Iran and Israel fight a nuclear war that kills tens of millions of people, “some may be bold enough to argue that ‘Hitler might have been right after all'” (p.179). The book also states that “The history of Jewish persecution is a myth, and if there was any persecution the Jews brought it on themselves.” (p.175, 182)[82

This really is ultimateproof  of their growing cultish actions and Mafioso branding tactics which in the end will win them with no friends and fragment the left-pally world …

conspiracy theories often take shape after the event,  one of which has been doing the rounds since Gaddifi’s death is the idea of Wag The Dog. The war was simply manufactured to make it look like a war. For instance, images of rebel gunman shooting into endless vistas are evidence according to a whole string of youtube videos dedicated to show the truth. Here’s one example.

What is it with Cartoons that Arabs and those who wave pointy fingers at Israel cannot take. Its bad enough Israel and Jews have to tolerate a daily diet of insults and abuses, stereotypes, evil Auschwitz comparisons like this:

Or endangering Jewish people’s lives by claiming Jewish control of the US

So when an Israeli newspaper – just every free newspaper is allowed and should do – makes a satirical point using a cartoon this is the inevitable  result..

Fars reports:

The UN’s Paris-based cultural arm called in Israel’s ambassador, Nimrod Barkan, on Wednesday and handed him a protest note saying the cartoon “endangers the lives of unarmed diplomats”.

The note came from the organization’s director-general, Irina Bokova.

The cartoon was published last week in the Zionist daily Haaretz. It depicts Zionist regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his defense minister briefing pilots before a hypothetical attack on Iran, telling them to target UNESCO’s office in the West Bank on their way back. in today’s ha’atez

Ambassador Nimrod Barkan was stunned to be handed a copy of this cartoon and an official letter of protest from UNESCO’s director general, Irina Bokova. Falt told Barkan the cartoon constituted incitement.

“A cartoon like this endangers the lives of unarmed diplomats, and you have an obligation to protect them,” Falt said, according to an Israeli source. “We understand that there is freedom of the press in Israel, but the government must prevent attacks on UNESCO.”

The Ambassador wonderfully replied:

Barkan pointed out that the government has no control over editorial cartoons printed in the papers. “Ask yourselves what you did to make a moderate paper with a deeply internationalist bent publish such a cartoon,” he suggested. “Perhaps the problem is with you.

The problem is with you the UN who put Israel on trial in front of the world daily. Shame. (And Ha’aretz a Zionist paper if only!!)