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Eyes on the ground in East Jerusalem is an Israeli activist blog, the writers describe the blog as:

East Jerusalem has become a no man’s land, visited only by its residents (mostly Palestinian), diplomats, and ideologically motivated Israeli settlers.  I have been recognized as Israel’s foremost expert on West Bank and East Jerusalem settlements, and am is responsible for monitoring, scrutinizing and analyzing of Israeli construction and planning of settlements in the West Bank.

Blah blah blah. Now before I do any more research on this blog I feel confident enough to test the waters after reading a comment by a Japanese Journalist apparently requesting the bloggers to show her around East Jerusalem back in April 2010:

Yoji Hanaokasays:

hi! I’m a journalist working for one of the major newspapers of Japan, The Mainichi Newspapers. I’ve been posted to Jerusalem this April. I’m looking forward to receiving all your information and meeting you in the near future.

Seems all very nice and helpful

So over the next few days I will invite readers to try and  find any articles written by Yoji Hanaoka for Mainchi Newspapers and see if they are negative right from the beginning? I will also post anything I find. Ideally it’ll be interesting to find all Yoji’s articles when he/she was given the assignement. Why do this ,  well its a perfect opportunity to find out whether meeting activists from the off has any effect on the stories you may write.

Please use google translate if you don’t read Japanese 😉