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it’s fun to point fingers and act all piously and think you’re somehow untouchable knowing the world will never challenge nor question the sincerity or honesty because they’re be impressed by who you are and what you represent. Jihad El-Khazen is one such person, he is an established Arab journalist  columnist and editor emeritus for the rival pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat, The type of Arab commentator Western outlets would listen to if something bothered him and give him the license to express himself. In his latest diatribe he mouths off about Israel by concluding that the world has had enough of it and how even in America, (after spotting a banner on TV) during the Wall Street protest saying “stop giving aid to Israel, he concludes America is beginning to wake up and smell the coffee about Israel. oh yes he does.

He says :

No one likes Israel. In truth, Israeli newspapers write each day about Israel’s isolation around the world. Nevertheless, the fascist government of Israel continues its policy of settlement, killing and demolition for the reason that it enjoys full American protection at the expense of U.S. interests themselves. Every day, there is news about how the world hates Israel and what it represents.

Then he lists Sweden and Belgium as examples of countries who through government intuitions are leading the world in showing it how to make Israel feel isolated. (Um shame no one bothered to tell Jihad that not many countries be totally surprised by the likes of Sweden and ahem, Belgium  cheer leading for Palestine..

The big question is not so much how hysterical he sounds but  he mentions:

As I sat in the seats of the General Assembly of the United Nations with Abu Mazen delivering Palestine’s speech, and as more than half of the members were interrupting him with applause, standing ovations and even cheers sometimes, I estimated that half of the members were with Palestine, while the other half was against Israel.

So was he part of the Abbas band wagon to the UN? Does he double up as  a PA Statesman, in an advisory role?

If you read his blog ( a place where he can unleashed all his fantasies) he suggest the actual blood libel is more about Jews perpetuating  it against Arabs.

The campaign of Egypt’s Culture Minister Farouk Hosni to head UNESCO is encountering racist anti-Arab and anti-Muslim opposition on the level of the blood libel and from (mostly) Jewish sources that have always complained of anti-Semitism while practising what they preach against.
For Arab readers, the blood libel goes back centuries and refers to an egregious lie that Jews use the blood of Christian children in baking a cake, or matzoh, for some of their religious practices.

Doublespeak or using legitimate terms based on historical facts given to sum up (or try to) horrific events in Jewish history like the Holocaust  or ethnic cleansing and trying to  apply them to Palestinians suffering is devious shameful & totally dishonest.  But alas in a world where the likes of  Jihad collects Western awards for Journalism  yes believe or not he does

 The Main International Media Council Prize: Jihad al Khazen, Editor at Large, Al Hayat, for his significant contributions to informed and enlightened debate in the Arab media throughout a long and distinguished career.

I m afraid the career of Jihad the journalist will flourish as long as he snipes at Israel and writes politically correct articles for Al Arabiya English etc etc And like so many Arabs respected for their opinions on the conflict his real intent and hateful worlds will fall on deafen ears by a journalistic community who just want to be his friend, that’s right my best friend is Jihad….