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Oh what will Daddy buy you from beyond the grave? Just WHO will come and make a surprise appearance and serenade you as you finally get your hands on dad’s bling-bling keffiyeh? And what about your family, just which of the Arafats will turn up? Suha your mom didn’t exactly like the couture-surroundings in Gaza did she?   We have so many questions for the next Arafat in line. So stay tuned to these pages for all news about Zahwa’s coming of age birthday bash as we  “Keep up with the Arafats”

Remember that on the 24th July of Zahwa turns sweet 16 and we will send out explosive invites for everyone!!

TV’s Mr Grumpy Charlie Brooker has something to say about being 16..

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into dead sea water.. In a colony far and distant from here (Malta in fact) a second coming is near.. This progeny of alien life form called SN1995Arafat reaches her first planetary alignment  and a first visual sighting will occur. This star will turn into humanoid woman lifeform.  And she becomes 16 years old and legal..

The countdown clock to July 24th is approaching and this blog will do something special in the build-up..SO stay tuned..!!!!

We have so many questions for this new star?