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just found this clip.. Its a fascinating Michael Moore to camera schtick appealing to the Syrian government to give up. This was shot back in May. Needless to say he begins by apologizing for the Bush Administration and the West involvement meddling in the Middle East,  when he finally gets down asking Assad to stop the killing, one still has the impression he doesn’t quite go far enough. The fact the man sees himself as someone of importance is grating enough but for him to seriously think his words in appealing for Assad  to go in the same manner as Botha’s South African is again,  – to avoid the cliche –  making more moral equivalence, a symptom of the Left.

Let there be no doubt, Assad is brutally murdering people in full view of the world and the UN, exactly where are the likes of Mssrs Moore and others protesting on the streets and world condemnation. Where is Chomsky?

Jpost reports a man has been charged in the US for collecting names and addresses of Anti- Syrian Regime activists. A few months ago I went to the Syrian Embassy protest in Hyde Park Corner to find out myself the full-scale of anger against Assad. I was surprised to learn by one activist all people present were being filmed by o mysterious Embassy officials and other odd characters lurking around. one man  also told me the rival but smaller pro-Assad protest next door to them were mainly made up of Syrian students studying in the Uk and told by party officials to turn up. Blackmail of course.!

What’s more alarming unlike our American cousins we still allow Syrian surveillance and intelligence  to work overtime right in the front of the Police.  If the Americans can do it then it’s about bloody time the British cops pul their finger out.