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The ISM specialize in so-called non-violent activism against Israel. Clicking through their online application forms you can tell how much they’ll convince themselves by self aggrandizing propaganda and excusing cases of sexual harassment in-house. Unbelievably  their online application informs our starry eyed pupils “you have to watch out for sexual predators in Ramallah” but its normal according to them and are common just like any country in the world.(I wish they could apply the same kind of standards to Israelis who have to deal with terrorists who NEVER EVER distinguished between military and civilian targets.)

The ISM say; Sexual Harassment and Assault

Sexual harassment and assault happens all over the world and can happen to anyone. Unfortunately we have heard about a lot of sexual harassment and assault specifically towards women in the West Bank recently. We have included this section to address how women can hopefully avoid sexual assault and harassment, what to do in case it happens, and how we can all help to stop this and support people that it has happened to.

For the discerning eyes amongst you , isn’t it just interesting in the first place to learn about this remarkable admission? It begs the fundamental  questions how many times have women participants been harassed or abused for the ISM management to include this into their course as thing to learn?

They may dress this up by writing about it in  a very universal way by suggesting it happens all around the world so its somewhat ok, well no it bloody well isn’t ISM, and coming from the ISM who specialize in non-violent action  its all a bit rich.. The ISM paint a different picture about the loving and caring Palestinians but this slip  has exposed the gaping holes between fact and fiction when it comes from the left-wing – this admission is further proof about what they say in public is  certainly not what they say to themselves and within their community in private. ironically aping typical Arab-Arafat like performances to the world’s press who say one thing in English but speaking a whole different tone in Arabic.

Foreign activists & international Aid workers are at best tolerated and exploited by any means necessary in the Arab world especially Palestine. Scenes of Hamas protesting against the UNRWA recently are rare examples of this weird paradoxically relationship. Th Arab world and the PA will publicly give a smiling face to anyone dumb enough to give them aid, (though one wonders  if Hamas continues to show discontent to the UN maybe  more people will start actually believing this. Look we all know this to be true –  that’s people like myself and others who care deeply about Israel and believe there is too much false info about this situation,however the complicit and willing double victims of the Palestinians  want to believe any lies from Palestine added to hatred of Israel which creates a toxic mix. so their view of the conflict will never ever be normal and rational. They even openly admit   its better to train would-be activists in Palestine as its not really war-zone and in fact its a good place to earn one’s spurs.

Palestine is a kinda  Disney-Land for the international left who just want to be doing something whether they think its worthy or not.  Should this not be exposed?? Where is the scrutiny here?

These activists Freudian slips  from the ISM are very fascinating and I wish more and more people including those fighting against the left’s utter hyprocisy against Israel would notice these, and arm themselves with nuggets of truth able to deconstruct and ridicule their  arguments and demented intolerant attitudes finally.

WOW this is a great spot from Tom Gross   Apparently one Kieron Monks, the content manager at “This week in Palestine” has a bit of rant against the ‘aid industry’.  But just before he gets on his high horse HE can’t help himself to make  a comment how upsetting it was to be led like cattle and barked at from checkpoint guards. “I have never been treated this way” “Coming to Palestine from a relatively carefree background abroad often leads to a kind of awakening: A-ww bless his cotton-wool socks..  Firstly Keiron, since the first intifadeh most of ‘these’ checkpoints weren’t really around, I suppose you wont believe me but i’ll go on, and even more incredibly Gaza City up until the early 90s was very very open. How often I heard in Gush Katif that Jewish used to go to Gaza City to buy food and share dinners. Though not perfect there was a relationship right up until Hamas radicalized Gaza, much more than in the West Bank! The evidence is all around you Keiron just go and bloody talk to any Israelis and Arabs, but he will not as his stupid elitist and apartheid politiks  prohibits normalizing of relationships – yep we are dealing with school children.

Secondly mate, um try being Jewish  anywhere outside Israel or the US. In the UK & parts of Europe US Jews – that’s if you want to be Jewish and go to Jewish events – are searched, barked at, looked upon discourteously as if Osama is standing here himself! So take that up your proverbial aid ass..! you schmuckass.

Now back to his spiel. here’s the juicy bit..

Our Keiron goes on to  frown upon this new class (of Aid Worker) as being bit decadent and negating the serious issue of palestinian suffering..  He says:

“Palestine is the best-kept secret in the aid industry,” I am told by Emily Williams, an American project manager at a medical NGO. “People need field experience and Palestine sounds cool and dangerous because it can be described as a war zone, but in reality it’s quite safe and has all the comforts that internationals want. Quality of life here is so much higher than somewhere like Afghanistan, but we don’t tell anyone so that we are not replaced or reassigned.”

What we have finally is a nice revelatory coup de grace.. We truly get to the bottom of why indeed Palestine (can I hear Mr Pilger from the back?) is still the f**king issue for people like Keiron..Asking  why o why the constant obsession with this particular cause…?

By inadvertently spilling the beans on the aid industry Keiron allows us a true glimpse into the foreign aid mechanisms / media professional at work. if there ever was a better example of shooting oneself in the foot Mr Monks is no detective.. He reveals:

 “Palestine has been a reliable source of news stories since the conflict began, and it receives forensic, albeit often misguided, analysis across the world. For Western students, Arabic language skills are becoming increasingly desirable and many English universities now arrange placements in exchange for volunteer work. Throw in a warmer climate, Palestine’s natural wonders and holy sites, lower crime rates, and a preposterously welcoming host population, and it’s little wonder that Bi’lin resembles a model United Nations on a Friday morning. “

Us seasoned M.E . observers have been crying how misleading International Aid for Palestine is.

For years and years AND FUCKING YEARS without a peep-squeak from curious journalists, who doubtless  enjoy a nice working jolly in Palestine whenever possible, simply will not address this.  Yep in the world of international development politics supporting the Palestinians is an easy way of feeling connected to the world of current affairs especially if you have burning desire to voice against oppression and injustice. The irony is lost amongst useful idiots like Monks  BY  supporting the Palestinian cause you are actually supporting the biggest sleight of hand trick going. It has and  never ever been  poor suffering Palestinians in the first place –  the purpose of UNWRA and other NGO’s is to keep the business of Palestinian suffering going and to do this they don’t ever want to upset or interfere  with their politics out of fear and lack of access to the source. Meanwhile all time we’re losing ground on the real issue of radical Isla..

For the record Keiron and because you’re afraid to state the obvious: RAMALLAH  IS  BOOMING and has been for years economically and somewhat politically but that fact on the ground might change as the countdown clock for new PA elections begin and that declaration. In between the Arab Spring there’s a political power   struggle between a man who used to shoot Jews ‘President Abu Mazen’ and Salaam Fayyad who didn’t. Fayyad is a rarest of rare species, a politician and nothing more. Fayyad is someone we can do business with, everyone in the political world knows this as a bona fide known known. “Fayyadism,” Fayyad’s political belief is that violence nor peaceful negotiations have brought the Palestinians any closer to an independent state. It sounds a bit fractured but its a classic third way brand of politics and the best we have at any point of the conflict.  He believes in 1) strong security, 2) good governance, and 3) economic opportunity. As long as the likes of Keiron Monks keep getting it so wrong and fooled into believing a lie, the Palestinians themselves will never change and Fayyad will lose badly, how can he win if the Israelis are backing him but that’s the thinking of fools. Only a few days ago the UNWRA threatened to downgrade its official name much to the anger and consternation of Palestinians of all denominations, yep you couldn’t make this up if you tried harder than making semtex stick to Nasrallah’s teflon beard.. Simply put the Palestinians see so many benefits in permanently playing up to the International Aid its unreal.

However this nugget of intel does show up something very telling.. just maybe , yes just maybe the economic success story of Ramallah has lulled their supporters into a false sense of security because in actual fact life here is pretty damn ok and when life is good, the evidence is too compelling to hide all the time – the truth really does prevail..!!!