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Yep, after some much deserved break this particular Jewhican is on the warpath.

In fashionably Brooklyn, the Liberal blinded Jews are being seduced of false promises as they excite themselves and others brownstoner’s dwellings to ditch Israeli goods..

I had bit of chuckle this afternoon as I meandered through Haggerston Park, watching what I thought was a normal 5-a-side event only to be confronted by wall-to-wall, or i should say box-to-box hipsters playing football. it wasn’t too much of a sporting occasion as the teams predominately made up of friendsters, sceney kids and unemployable media types with long hobo beards to match were enjoying the loud music and free beer (thank god the stupid gulliable Red-Stripes of this world still think Hipsters are someone useful marketing tool)

Part of me was thankful that hipsters were finally getting fit and stopped washing down everything with monmouth coffee but another part was cursing the most camp announcer who was taking too much pleasure in pronouncing teams and gentleman’s name. Yep  you can’t have a hipster event without the obligatory gays-in-control I suppose.

So the event went on regardless of the shitty weather and made for funny fare for my hipster-anger . here are the highlights or ‘footlights from my rather wet phone’ (you geddit!!)

In taking the iconography of man who wanted a whole people exterminated and allowed those to act out his orders and ‘enjoy’ murdering Jews one finds it difficult to  use him as a figure of fun for any satire. But needless to say in a democracy  we must challenge all sorts of weird fantasies and wannabe hipsters.

Here’s the sites disclaimer. is strictly a parody, satire and humor site, all content herein should be treated as such.
None of the views expressed on this page should be confused with the actual views of the authors, advertisers, the hosting company, any service providers or the owner of this domain name. Everything on this site is intended to spoof, parody and satirize. We make no claims as to the accuracy of our uses the names of public figures for purposes of satire only. Any other names are invented and any similarity to real names is accidental and coincidental. The content of this web site should in no way be construed as factual. It is a work of fiction and all content on this site are for the purposes of satiric criticism and comment.

Hitler Hipster attempt on one hand can be seen as brave, progressive and way to lessen the horrid legacy of the Nazis, u-m right…But to end up making him look chic and cool in an ironic way is intellectually and morally bankrupt. We really don’t have to feed any border-line facist, whether reading mein kampf in Cairo  or  Strasbourg and give any sense of legitimacy..

P.S. For the record those crying out saying  ‘well aren’t u doing the same with equating Hipsters and Pro-Palestinians’ with your blog’. The difference my dear man is nice and simple; Israel and it’s people are not acting out genocide to the Palestinian people. FACT. They are not committing mass murder on thousands and thousands scale every single day; sending their woman and children to death showers, turning a whole population of a nation into permanent slaves and finally trying to eliminate a whole people via their legally elected state apparatus. Do I have to go on? To prove how misguided and idiotic this venture is you only have to look the satisfaction of REAL NAZIS by reading their comments.

More analysis on when its really worth bothering about..

First rule of thumb, hipsters are too busy on purpose with that stinking attitude acting like they don’t want to be part of society, SO THEREFORE do not encourage them to make coffee. Going to coffee shop is a necessary part of a functioning society that interacts. Hipsters don’t interact on purpose. so fuck em. So I tried at that Holy of holies coffee shop called ALLPRESS along Redchurch Street, near Brick Lane. AH joy, no long pompous night club queue but the schmuck serving me had that studiously look; whether I was worth serving or not. So I held my breathe and ordered my poison, and in fine dinning style he put the order slip onto the needle thingie.

“how many before me?” I said in hope of getting a much needed caffeine hit.”um, 5-6 ” he said sarcastically, knowing that I had been suckered here by the word of mouth of the mighty ALLPRESS chain, yea right..

I then tabulated for him in real time (something hipsters cannot do) how long exactly it would take and by my reckoning it was something like 2-3 mins per coffee. Judging by the way he was frolicking around it could have been more. Why do fucking hipsters look as they think we’re kinda not working here because its like, ironic.

“so that’ll be 15minutes?” I stated.  A startled face emerged and he didn’t know what to say..I went on “um, it’s a bit long especially sitting on your uncomfortable wooden chairs ” “well we like ’em” he said of course.

With that I walked away and explained that in the real world of commerce 15minutes is f-ar too long for a coffee to be made, in fact by that rate a factory of prepubescent filipinos could put together Alexander McQueens Winter and Summer collections in fine fettle.