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In taking the iconography of man who wanted a whole people exterminated and allowed those to act out his orders and ‘enjoy’ murdering Jews one finds it difficult to  use him as a figure of fun for any satire. But needless to say in a democracy  we must challenge all sorts of weird fantasies and wannabe hipsters.

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Hitler Hipster attempt on one hand can be seen as brave, progressive and way to lessen the horrid legacy of the Nazis, u-m right…But to end up making him look chic and cool in an ironic way is intellectually and morally bankrupt. We really don’t have to feed any border-line facist, whether reading mein kampf in Cairo  or  Strasbourg and give any sense of legitimacy..

P.S. For the record those crying out saying  ‘well aren’t u doing the same with equating Hipsters and Pro-Palestinians’ with your blog’. The difference my dear man is nice and simple; Israel and it’s people are not acting out genocide to the Palestinian people. FACT. They are not committing mass murder on thousands and thousands scale every single day; sending their woman and children to death showers, turning a whole population of a nation into permanent slaves and finally trying to eliminate a whole people via their legally elected state apparatus. Do I have to go on? To prove how misguided and idiotic this venture is you only have to look the satisfaction of REAL NAZIS by reading their comments.

More analysis on when its really worth bothering about..

I was doing my daily ablutions when discovered this nasty Hitler loving website

As I’m always one to peek into lives of those who follow the rantings of a lunatic, I scrolled down and picked up this rather classic comment by random.

IamGodforall (2 days ago)
Fuck the Zog, for the sake of humanity

Oh the humanity, so I clicked his page

His account is full of  videos of cultural ethnic dances crossed between Nazi esque sentiments and a touch of  holocaust denial.

He advertised his website

The 300 is a website devoted to the glory of Greece and Sparta and its battles. They also promote to schools and put together re-enactments for the general public. The worrying thing for us is, if  this person is connected in any shape or form to previous sites mentioned then  it exposes a school educator and legitimate historian (look at the sites credits) Then the sites harbours under the banner of modern-day educators, good old fashion dirty Anti-Semites/ Nazi Sympathizers.

If people connected to them subscribed to such youtubers as THELINDRENN then it’s now time for Warner Bros take an interest as they certainly use 300film to plug it..

I couldn’t find the Spartan Army giving a Nazi Salute so we have to make do with other soldiers (of God) from the Mediterranean seas..