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Yep, after some much deserved break this particular Jewhican is on the warpath.

In fashionably Brooklyn, the Liberal blinded Jews are being seduced of false promises as they excite themselves and others brownstoner’s dwellings to ditch Israeli goods..

Me and Mike Leigh are now officially a double act… He’s known around the world as film-director making realism films characterized as “kitchen-sink-dramas”

But when you throw the kitchen sink at him and question his decision & motives about boycotting Israel, well he’s as silent as downtown Jerusalem over the last few years since implementing major security measures..

Mike is very vocal critic of Israel, yet produces work inspired by this country  Yet crucially has never visited seen 1990! Like most countries on the planet Israel has changed and like most countries with a democratic heart they usually change on a whole for the better yet suffer follow the usual ebbs and flows of such nation. Democratic nations simply will not function otherwise, and that’s more or less the bottom line when looking for indicators of a democratic state. Mike who hasn’t bothered to set foot not once on Israel’s land refuses to see the truth for himself and has now officially boycotted it. Though what prevented him not to announce it publicity we will never know.

And before you all yell at once, yes HE IS JEWISH,  very..  A few weeks ago I jumped onto the same train as him and this Jewhican couldn’t resist to ask him a few questions in a very public place. A fair place don’t you think considering he’s made his  Israel intolerance very public for all.. Here you can listen to it

ME: Are you still boycotting Israel?
Mike Leigh ML: inaudible (he said something like I m not willing to have discussion here)

ME: I would like to have a discussion because you have gone public with it Mike Leigh

ME: I am asking you a question, are you still going to be boycott Israel?
and why are you boycotting Israel?
ML : (Again not that audible sorry but I remember him saying I don’t want you filming me which I wasn’t only audio)
E: No this is as good as time as any to have a discussion, I think it’s an absolute disgrace you ‘re boycotting Israel.. you decided to sign up…people like Ken Loach who is very naive about the politics what’s going on inside Israel.

ME : You don’t have any comment?
ML: Not to you..
ME: Why not?
ML:Because I don’t want to.
ME: You dont want to?
ML: Not to you nought!


ME: Why don’t you want to go to Israel Mike Leigh?
Big Silence
ME: Why you embarrassed?
ML: No.
ME: I think it’s shameful, Ithink its very shameful you have signed up to the boycott
Train door open he gets up but he just misses it and off we go again . I gently  move again towards him

ME: Now is a good as time as ever, I would like to know why indeed you have decided to boycott Israel?

Train announcer: This train goes to West Ruislip

ML: You gather that I m not going to talk about it , you gather that?

ME: Israel is the only democracy in the middle east, why don’t you boycott many of the Arab  states ? Syria? why haven’t you come clean ?

Train departs platform and surprisingly he still stands by the closing door.

ME: Israel is the only democracy in the middle east, why don’t you boycott many of the arab states , Syria? Why havent you come clean ?

train departs platform

ME: I m surprised you haven’t gone on the flotilla?

trains moving fast now

ME: Israel is the only country to allow gay arabs to live in secure safety…

..I think everyone would like to know why have you singled out Israel beyond all the other countries…

…Israel the most evil country?

..Why haven’t you singled out other countries?

..Why not china? who commit the vile of human abuses? train moving ..


ME: thankyou for talking to me Mike Leigh that really explains everything.

Approaching holborm station. train packed and silent as i continued to interorgate him in the most public of  places.

ME: Again i ll ask u one last time to give you the chance, why are you boycotting Israel? I’d like to know?

train slows down doors about to open and he is standing right next to it.

ME: You don’t have an answer because you really DONT have an answer…

it’s diffucult to explain when you know the truth

Doors open

ME: It is not the most evil country in the world, thank you Mike Leigh  he then hops off train at holdborn and scurries down the platform pathetically  looking backhind to see if I m following, which obvioously i m not.

The carriage still shock say nothign  for a stop and I get off. interestingly no-one interferred or leaped to the defense of Mike. I was surprised by this in fact a few nodding heads I noticed from some older men busnesss man who seemed to agree..

(some crappy photos taken on my phone as evidence for those of you who disbelieve)