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Most seasoned observers both left and right recognize Christians have a hard time to express themselves openly within Islamic countries. The quite brilliant Tom Gross gives countless examples on his site. But this fact-on-the-ground doesn’t bold well for Arabist and Palestinian apologists who find any means to curtail and discourage negative reports from Palestinian territories about the growing threats to Palestinian Christians living here. Stuart Littlewood who writes for Redress explained that he was so dissatisfied with the Guardians report on Hamas crackdown on Christmas, he felt it was hurting the Palestinian cause so contacted her directly. Now correct me if I m wrong most if not all Israel activists wouldn’t use that moralizing tone despite angry retorts by Pro-Israel feelings, its if “how dare the Guardian ever suggest the wonderful Palestinians could possibility think of such a thing”.. Guardian article here:

Littlewood says, “Is Hamas being beastly to Gaza’s Christians? Has Phoebe Greenwood got her story straight? I wrote to her at the Guardian, pointing out that revelations of this kind in the popular British press undo the hard work activists put in to help the Palestinian cause. Could she please throw more light onto it? I’ve had no reply. I’m in England and unable to contact Hamas. Phoebe Greenwood is on the spot. Shouldn’t someone from Haniyeh’s office be given a chance to comment?”

Look it’s this sanctimonious moralistic conviction crap of “always being in the right” and bloody ignorant of  facts-on-the-ground which has always fascinated me about the Pro-Palestinian cause. Their agenda is so-fanatically hatred towards Israel that they will change day into night to suit how and how others should see the conflict.

Critically,  this is the main difference between  (supporters of Israel) and  how they  see it.  Within in the Jewish world we have the capacity of debate and self inquiry – sometimes to our detriment.  Again the proof is so overly abundant in our culture its very obvious for every one to see, if not read the bloody JC letter page for the past  ten years and YOU’LL see  for differing opinions (do it I dare ya Stuart!!).  I do think in the end ,  fanatics like Stuart will always lose because the very people they’re trying to win over and hoodwink will eventually bore and suss them out. The fact he says Greenwood didn’t bite to his charges of “unfairness” is indicative of a growing trend i notice since the beeb finally admitted coverage of being too keen of taking the Palestinian view and slap down for well respected Jeremy Bowen – a very unusual admission indeed.  BBC and middle east shtick

For links on Palestinian Christians and yes even-handed accounts look here: Yes there’s even criticism of Israel as it should be when talking about democracies.

But really do you own research as I genuine believe  people should find out the  truth for themselves, something the likes of Stuart Littlewood cannot ever comprehend! Stuart likes to write moralistic  blackmailing letters because like all supporters of Palestinian cause it has become very personal and a sick obsession. He cannot see dark from light and will never allow himself to create a space for criticism despite the overwhelming evidence.

Palestinians and their supporters want everything, we know this to be true, study the official maps and symbols of their respected Government institutions and UN-sponsored UNRWA , you can see the whole country filled in with the flag of Palestine. They want it all, we now this, every Israeli knows this, Knesset members all this, the diplomatic community knows this, journalist deep down knows and so do Arab Politicians, but we continue the game of the ‘peace process’ as if no-body knows this. Melaine Phillips in her excellent cause célèbre on the Western myth-making of Mahmoud Abbas, (I personally like to call him by his proper name Abu Mazen / Mahmoud Abbas seems too user friendly) Says:

To Western eyes Abbas, the Fatah-backed President of the Palestinian Authority, is a moderate. It is, however, simply astounding that he should be viewed in this way. It is even more astounding that Western liberals should endorse him and give him a free pass for his behaviour.

Both he and the Palestinian establishment he controls repeatedly say they will never accept Israel as a Jewish state. So his aim remains the destruction of Israel. He and his people repeatedly say that not one Jew would be allowed to live in Palestine. Such a state would therefore be a racist entity ethnically cleansed of Jews.

Crucially she remind us about his doublespeak:

Once again, he speaks out of both sides of his mouth in English and Arabic. In a recent interview with Israeli TV, he condemned the Palestinians’ naming of a square after Dalal Mughrabi, the terrorist who perpetrated an atrocity in 1978 when nearly 40 Israeli civilians were burned alive in a hijacked bus.

However, when speaking to Palestinians in 2010, Abbas said: “Of course we want to name a square after her…We carried out a military action. Can I then later renounce all that we have done?”

Its easy for Abu Mazen to operate in world which chooses to turn a blind eye to facts on the ground, however when it goes against especially by the forces who should be sympathetic they tend to go ballistic as if how dare you even question our version of reality. The Jewish Chronicle reports: The broadcast regulator, Ofcom, has rejected a complaint of unfairness made by chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat against the Al Jazeera news channel.

Saed Erekat can’t  handle the truth, and when exposed by one of their own supposedly friendlier broadcasters gives the story even more semblance of truth. The main crux of his ‘broiges’ is a comment he made by the release by Wikileaks of the now dead news story revolving around the  Palestine Papers, which probably portrayed the duplicity and double speak of Palestine diplomacy than looking for holes in the Israeli camp.

“Dr Erekat said a comment allegedly made by him during the negotiations, which referred to an offer to the Israelis of “the biggest Yerushalem [sic] in history”, had been “inaccurately attributed to him” and that Al Jazeera had not verified the quote prior to broadcasting it.”

I always LOVE seeing the old PLO guard backtrack and have to resort to meaningless empty  fighting talk.

OH Boo ho Dr Erekat it’s not fair he cries. only because your not-fair answer to everything will overlap with  the truth eventually  – so gotcha!!!!

it’s fun to point fingers and act all piously and think you’re somehow untouchable knowing the world will never challenge nor question the sincerity or honesty because they’re be impressed by who you are and what you represent. Jihad El-Khazen is one such person, he is an established Arab journalist  columnist and editor emeritus for the rival pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat, The type of Arab commentator Western outlets would listen to if something bothered him and give him the license to express himself. In his latest diatribe he mouths off about Israel by concluding that the world has had enough of it and how even in America, (after spotting a banner on TV) during the Wall Street protest saying “stop giving aid to Israel, he concludes America is beginning to wake up and smell the coffee about Israel. oh yes he does.

He says :

No one likes Israel. In truth, Israeli newspapers write each day about Israel’s isolation around the world. Nevertheless, the fascist government of Israel continues its policy of settlement, killing and demolition for the reason that it enjoys full American protection at the expense of U.S. interests themselves. Every day, there is news about how the world hates Israel and what it represents.

Then he lists Sweden and Belgium as examples of countries who through government intuitions are leading the world in showing it how to make Israel feel isolated. (Um shame no one bothered to tell Jihad that not many countries be totally surprised by the likes of Sweden and ahem, Belgium  cheer leading for Palestine..

The big question is not so much how hysterical he sounds but  he mentions:

As I sat in the seats of the General Assembly of the United Nations with Abu Mazen delivering Palestine’s speech, and as more than half of the members were interrupting him with applause, standing ovations and even cheers sometimes, I estimated that half of the members were with Palestine, while the other half was against Israel.

So was he part of the Abbas band wagon to the UN? Does he double up as  a PA Statesman, in an advisory role?

If you read his blog ( a place where he can unleashed all his fantasies) he suggest the actual blood libel is more about Jews perpetuating  it against Arabs.

The campaign of Egypt’s Culture Minister Farouk Hosni to head UNESCO is encountering racist anti-Arab and anti-Muslim opposition on the level of the blood libel and from (mostly) Jewish sources that have always complained of anti-Semitism while practising what they preach against.
For Arab readers, the blood libel goes back centuries and refers to an egregious lie that Jews use the blood of Christian children in baking a cake, or matzoh, for some of their religious practices.

Doublespeak or using legitimate terms based on historical facts given to sum up (or try to) horrific events in Jewish history like the Holocaust  or ethnic cleansing and trying to  apply them to Palestinians suffering is devious shameful & totally dishonest.  But alas in a world where the likes of  Jihad collects Western awards for Journalism  yes believe or not he does

 The Main International Media Council Prize: Jihad al Khazen, Editor at Large, Al Hayat, for his significant contributions to informed and enlightened debate in the Arab media throughout a long and distinguished career.

I m afraid the career of Jihad the journalist will flourish as long as he snipes at Israel and writes politically correct articles for Al Arabiya English etc etc And like so many Arabs respected for their opinions on the conflict his real intent and hateful worlds will fall on deafen ears by a journalistic community who just want to be his friend, that’s right my best friend is Jihad….


In taking the iconography of man who wanted a whole people exterminated and allowed those to act out his orders and ‘enjoy’ murdering Jews one finds it difficult to  use him as a figure of fun for any satire. But needless to say in a democracy  we must challenge all sorts of weird fantasies and wannabe hipsters.

Here’s the sites disclaimer. is strictly a parody, satire and humor site, all content herein should be treated as such.
None of the views expressed on this page should be confused with the actual views of the authors, advertisers, the hosting company, any service providers or the owner of this domain name. Everything on this site is intended to spoof, parody and satirize. We make no claims as to the accuracy of our uses the names of public figures for purposes of satire only. Any other names are invented and any similarity to real names is accidental and coincidental. The content of this web site should in no way be construed as factual. It is a work of fiction and all content on this site are for the purposes of satiric criticism and comment.

Hitler Hipster attempt on one hand can be seen as brave, progressive and way to lessen the horrid legacy of the Nazis, u-m right…But to end up making him look chic and cool in an ironic way is intellectually and morally bankrupt. We really don’t have to feed any border-line facist, whether reading mein kampf in Cairo  or  Strasbourg and give any sense of legitimacy..

P.S. For the record those crying out saying  ‘well aren’t u doing the same with equating Hipsters and Pro-Palestinians’ with your blog’. The difference my dear man is nice and simple; Israel and it’s people are not acting out genocide to the Palestinian people. FACT. They are not committing mass murder on thousands and thousands scale every single day; sending their woman and children to death showers, turning a whole population of a nation into permanent slaves and finally trying to eliminate a whole people via their legally elected state apparatus. Do I have to go on? To prove how misguided and idiotic this venture is you only have to look the satisfaction of REAL NAZIS by reading their comments.

More analysis on when its really worth bothering about..

Once in a while us Jews do mix in the EastEnd of London. It either tends to be a right old knees up or a Pinter-esque silence. Where families who may live on opposite end of the streets do not ever speak to each other or live in extreme silence and cold nature.  Mike Leigh (considered by many as England’s greatest living film director and darling of left- liberal classes)  happened to be on the same carriage on the underground yesterday evening. Oh, I should change that, I meant I ran down the escalator ater like a shlemiel  on crack herring to get into the same train as him.. Before I go on, ME and MIKE have often clashed in the past, I told him once for God’s sake smile go make a funny film when he was stuck at a traffic light over in Hackney, “he told me to f**K off” But he did make ‘Happy Go Lucky” not long after. hehe

Last year I lobbed some free Blacks chocolate bars in his direction at the London Film Festival before a film about the Polar Expedition.  Yes we  like to clash before a major film festival in front of a nice looking audience…  “why boycott Israel when you never been” I said  “it’s not the point” He responded. “oh sit down” the audience shouted at me shocked how anyone could have the nerve and temerity to question someone so morally just.  Defiantly I said “Israeli students make better films then you’ll ever make” and with that  the light dimmed and the film started..  2-0 to me I think! ”

Today he was reading no-surprises the Guardian Newspaper o how cliched and I just couldn’t resist to question him about his lame stance towards Israel and his support to culturally boycott it. Yes, Mike IS Joo’ish for those scoring points here.. Needless to say he didn’t like it one bit my questions but I did try to mention my Arab buffet if he answered correctly.

More to follow about this incident very very sschnoon…