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conspiracy theories often take shape after the event,  one of which has been doing the rounds since Gaddifi’s death is the idea of Wag The Dog. The war was simply manufactured to make it look like a war. For instance, images of rebel gunman shooting into endless vistas are evidence according to a whole string of youtube videos dedicated to show the truth. Here’s one example.

Those of us still horrified by the way Gaddifi  was seemingly sodomized moments before his execution and aghast by the timing and sheer openness of doing it, I found this Howard Stern clip..

It may seem innocuous and off-topic  but watch closely. i DO THINK it has some genuine insight into this particular piece of Arabic tribal custom where one can sodomize the enemy without any hint of homo-eroticism.

In the interview Howard Stern does his best to wind up former wrestler “the iron sheik” by baiting him about hulk hogan which leads the iron sheik into expressing sexually explicit descriptions abut how he will “fuck hulk hogan in the ass” . it all gets very personal and he repeats the fact he’s Shiite Muslim so its not a sexual thing which he reiterate time and again to Robin Givers, Howard Sterns co-host.

Whether you believe I can possibly use this seemingly piece of Schlock TV as somewhat evidence of a cultural norm I will say it again, I believe there’s some small truth displayed here especially about Arabic honor and tribal paybacks exposing something usually hidden from view in the Western world. The fact Gaddifi was so shockingly sodomized in full view of the world before his death is a reminder of the horrific nature of desert justice(regardless of what you may think about Gaddifi) and more to the point, how doing business with the new state of Libya will be very very difficult road if traditions like this are tolerated.

Images of Gaddifi sodomized are here. But very disturbing.