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I just watched France 24 news item piece about Ramadan. A standard introduction piece as they quickly take us through the Muslim world  explaining its significance, you can watch here.. The report only took  41 seconds before the voiceover said “At the West bank  these faithful will travel to East Jerusalem ” We cut to a  man  inside a bus , he  says along with nice shot of  the bus along the security Wall “God willing I will pray at Al Asqa Mosque…”   The reports tails off with less dramatic pictures of other Muslims praying  and from countries like Malaysia,  Indonesia , yep those wonderful tolerant Muslim countries  ..

So out of all the Islamic countries and the millions of Muslims who now live around the world France News 24 station decides to view the Ramadan through the eyes of a West Banker wanting to go to the Al Asqa Mosque, and consquently though the prism of occupation.  Like a black person who can sense when politicians are not quite what they seem when going on Tv and giving social platitudes about the positives of the black community, a Jewish person can also sense when someone is Jew baiting.

But Oh no!  we don’t bother to mention countless Syrians being murdered on Ramadan or in Libya today!  Or dare question Muslim people in the Arab world to see if this is right?as this would be too inappropriate and close to the bone. But sadly not, despite News24 attempt to educate audiences about  Ramadan as a cleansing experience , to make the person closer to God and think about fellow Muslim suffering, Israel was used a backdrop for Muslim struggling with their faith. When an innocuous story about Ramadan like this becomes an attempt to bash Israel by inadvertently allowing Palestinians to express their joys of Ramadan as they go through the West Bank and then travel into  “East Jerusalem” Doesn’t this make the journey to Al Asqa Mosque  more holier deed than the actual religiousity of the festive time called Ramadan? well to paraphrase John Pilger’ it really is an attempt to make Palestine the forever issue I guess.

The need to keep fetishizing the conflict is a real sickness  and left in the hands of news broadcasters like France 24 (who incidentally broadcast in Arabic and have many Arabic / French audience to satisfy and may have many arabic journalist in house themselves??)   Journalists trained in a continuous culture environment of anti-Zionism will always try to include hidden messages like this..

I believe one of the reasons the conflict attracts a high level of educated media bods in first place apart from indoctrination from Univerisities and student socities,  Israel is by far the easiest country and safest country in the Middle East to report and ironically happened to be the most sexy of them all. Aid workers in Palestine use this environment as a kind of Aid Industry Disney Land, read here:

Why sexy? Because it guarantees top ratings. Like I said its a sad vicious circle, the more you report and hide these messages in other stories the more the public expects to hear from Israel from time to time or lets just say EVERYTIME to be accurate, and the more prominence Israel becomes in the Lexicon of life and thus Statesman like Blair go around the world telling everyone the ultimate falsity ‘if we solve this , we solve the worlds problems’ or words damn near close to it!

If you also add the little factor of the  conflict being complex to understand  due its shifting players, competing narratives, victim-hood, multiple identities, the people it attracts are naturally going to be educated and most probably in the media. I seriously do believe either Palestinians themselves or more notably it’s supporters actually ‘want a continuation in the conflict and occupation’ because it really gives them meaning to their lives – especially when we  dont have South Africa. And sorry to sound crass but they also seem to enjoy baiting Jews they seem to get off on it, and becomes like a fetish for them.  (We witness this everyday on campus here in the UK and in the US)

However the difference between them and us couldn’t be more opaque for the Pro-Palestinians.. We Jews are so low in numbers  we have no choice but to always think about peace in some shape or form ,  obviously they would never believe us I suggest spend one month in Israel proper and you ll see just how mainstream and accepted the two-state solution is.

Now back to this report.  Until journalists are taken to task and challenged openly about editorial processes  that led to this I’m afraid we cannot trust the media to tell the Israeli narrative because of the innate bias at work.  FranceNews 24 is further evidence. no other country is consistently abused like this, none i tell you.

In closing.

The sad fact apart from the bloggers and organizations such as JustJournalism & HonestReporting,reports  will come and go keeping the ground fertile for the next generation of Anti-Zionists who sadly will  never form ideas or opinion without  being infected from the very very beginning..