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What happens when Palestinian’s politicians give interviews only for Israeli TV, well they tend to speak more succinct and less with the bullshit knowing there’s no place to hide and certainly no softballs questions from eager Western journalists who rejoice in their sufferance. Maan Agency reports:

JERUSALEM (Reuters) — Arabs made a “mistake” by rejecting a 1947 UN proposal that would have created a Palestinian state alongside the nascent Israel, President Mahmoud Abbas said in an interview aired Friday.

Palestinian leaders have always insisted that General Assembly Resolution 181, which paved the way for Israel in parts of then British-ruled Palestine, must be resisted by Arabs who went to war over it.

Decades of regional fighting have hinged on challenges to Israel’s existence and expansion. By describing historical fault on the Arab side, Abbas appeared to be offering Israel an olive branch while promoting his own bid to sidestep stalled peace talks by winning UN recognition for a sovereign Palestine.

“At that time, 1947, there was Resolution 181, the partition plan, Palestine and Israel. Israel existed. Palestine diminished. Why?” he told Israel’s top-rated Channel Two television, speaking in English.

When the interviewer suggested the reason was Jewish leaders’ acceptance of the plan and its rejection by the Arabs, Abbas said: “I know, I know. It was our mistake. It was our mistake. It was an Arab mistake as a whole. But do they punish us for this mistake (for) 64 years?”

This clear cut admission by Abu Mazen is surprising not as historical fact or coming from a Palestinian leader because its the type of things us Israelis & Jewish people around the world hear from Palestinians and Arabs all the time after all shouting is done. They whisper it quietly in our ears, yes we should have taken the UN offer back then..

But Netanyahu’s sleight of hand by negotiating with Hamas for Gilad Shalit, and now noisily promoting the quartet of sorts, has completely nullified Mazen back into his usual position of political paralysis in  front of his own supporters  – who probably now more than ever – liken him to  the Arab strongman era who probably should go now.

In short something interesting is about to happen I reckon not in terms of the middle east agreement but the status of Abu Mazen and the old PLO.–Sabotage—And-More.html?soid=1102296472970&aid=pRs8NIIefHk

Claims of sabotage to Gaza Flotilla maybe too early to call, even Turkish Newspapers cast major doubts..

O dear I’d really like to tell the makers of this film how wonderfully wrong and naive they are. I’ve met many Eritrean and Sudanese people around the Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv and Levinski Street who describe in utter horror the treatment they received by Egyptians and by other Arabic peoples of lighter skin. The Egyptians and the Sinai Bedouins are especially cruel as they regard them as ‘poisoned by God’.  One man told me how children in Cairo would call him names and run away from him because of fear from the ‘Jiin’.. (small devil)

But we don’t consider this do we now MR Scottish Palestinian solidarity movement do we..? where’s me Galloway!