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For those keeping scores Turkey has invaded Northern Iraq and continues to bomb parts of Kurdish controlled areas..and guess what, hardly nothing from the media and certainly no street protests or UN resolutions passed as per-usual.

To get a better overall view on Turkish ambitions there’s a telling interview with Professor İbrahim Kaboğlu, who visited Tunisia three times after the Jasmine Revolution. He describes the scene just before PM Erdogan’s visit to Tunisia …

“..the Turkish demand to send posters of the prime minister ahead of the visit in order for them to be hung on the street – all of this seems to have created resentment. And the fact that it was within the framework of his tour of the Middle East, it led to questions as to whether Ottomanism was being revived and whether Turkey had some imperial inclinations about spreading its influence to the region in an effort to dominate it.”

As the ArabSpring really unravels  and we now focus exclusively on Syria which throws into question Iran and its position as lead sponsor of terror and spoiler of stability, Turkish jockeying to be Arab’s answer to a perfect society will come into the spotlight. The views of the Professor, talking to a Turkish Newspaper, highlighting the growing threat of ‘ottomanism’ is a relief for those of us who feel nervous of  a confident Turkey and its ability to criticized itself. What he has mentioned if you read the piece is the bullish nature of Erdogan administration and the confusion of its ambition to an Arab world still sore from revolutions.

People have been banging on about how the Turks have managed to produced secure Governments and true economic  growth in a region not yet ready to embrace true democracy. The model of Turkey has been discussed in all the fashionable news bibles and think-tanks but for the real experts Morocco has always been the country with the most interesting record. Despite its heavy-handiness which cannot be justified ever  it still maneuvers herself favorable for those who believe in democracy unlike Turkey, who now after going to war with Israel via its own hasbara-flotillas of sorts, is slowing discovering what it really means to be regional player as they deal with their own Syrian refugee problem.