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The first piece of sh*t featured is the ‘THE RITUAL SHIT’. Often described as:  “This shit occurs at the same time each day and is accomplished with the aid of a newspaper.”   We believe this particular piece of sh*t resembles Ms Roseanne Barr as her syndicated sitcom is still a shitty daily ritual for all of u since the very first space shuttle launched.. Any more candidates please comment at bottom and we’ll match them with a piece of sh*t!!

She describes being Jewish like this:

On being a jew and not supporting israel…

I think the zionists made a huge mistake when they factioned the left in germany. They ended up trading jewish lives for land, instead of standing together with the socialist factions that opposed hitler. Zionism was the last nail in the casket of European jewry. The arab’s protection is the only reason any holy site remains in israel. The jews line up to stone women who try to access those sites. I saw it with my own eyes. The arabs do not invade other countries. The israelis do. I am sick of israel and I am sick of zionists. They are propped up by evangelical christians who cannot wait for the arabs to kill them so that their genocidal war god whom they misname jesus can come back.

In their twisted logic, the jews call that support for israel. In the christian’s form of suicidal insanity, all the jews need to die in israel so that “peace” can be attained there. The koran is the exact same book as the torah and Mohammed is just like Paul of tarses. The jews are raised to be suicide bombers too, and that abusive cult-programming that is done to jewish children, beginning with genital torture, remains strong even after the religion itself is abandoned. There is no israel really, and there will soon be no jews, I fear, unless the promise of the covenant comes to pass.. the covenant states that free thought will allow the jews to abandon their need for separatism, their obsolete and archaic woman hating religion and join the struggle for human rights first, before any other cult indoctrinated group, because the jews will have had access to higher learning and science and therefore give birth to the rational mind therefore transforming religion by re translating the torah into science.  Mouthfuls came out!!!

What a self manufactured load of nonsense.. Thank god she only makes television appearances from the 1980s to mid 90s. Anything current and regular and we’d all shit ourselves

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