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Daily Archives: July 5th, 2011

Yep this blog celebrates its 2nd day now and for those who missed the launch  let me describe it. THELASTOFTHEJEWHICANS is a bloggie  for those who reckon there are far too many Palestinian and Hipster lovers in digital orbit who believe the world revolves them, oh yes you do!!

So this antidote of mine is a space to chill and feel peace, love & sanity!

This picture I took in 2009 is 100% Palestine Debunker proof! Pure and simple co-existence, and guess what, it’s always been there lurking in the background.

Lebanon has a proud tradition of  playing musical chairs. One minute its March 14th and then suddenly the music stops and it becomes  March 8th again..

Will the real Lebanon standup and shove the chair up the Nasrallah! It’s not fair boo hoo..

According to NYTimes he’s back from surgery, one brave soul commented on his home-coming, “I’ll be buying some antidepressants,” said José Manuel, 52.

For those of us who care and are rational human beings, we can bring scientific and fact based argument to the middle east problem unlike one of the darlings of the left Mr Atzmon – the wrong Gilad.  Who carefully mixes jazz and real politiks. He often calls Israeli’s crazed psychotics, but what about him? It’s very rare to hear him talking to Christian sympathizers so openly but when he doesn’t talk on BBC Radio 3 or play at the South Bank he reveals his obsessive hatred of Jews and Israel, all beyond science and logic. He simply spouts nothing more than out of date Christian anti-antisemitism. please listen and learn and start playing the blues for Gilad.

His agents are:

Please choose from these culinary delights and look at our menu:

I do love the Gazan Delmonico steak I do.. Mmmm